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Zion Williamson’s Girlfriend Tiana White: Relationship Status & Other Interesting Details

Zion Williamson's Girlfriend Tiana White: Relationship Status & Other Interesting Details

Zion Williamson isn’t the League’s Devin Booker who would get in his vintage car to watch an NBA game and show off a Hollywood-style personality. The New Orleans Pelicans star is more about his technical skills than soft. And yet the media thought he was hiding a dating ability somewhere around that dunk agility.

Whether it’s injuries or the Pelicans’ regular season failure, Zion has mostly stayed in the spotlight due to his inactivity over the past two seasons. However, that doesn’t stop the media from speculating on her love life.

Who is Zion Williamson dating?

Zion signifies a kingdom of heaven in Christianity. And in real life, a woman named Tiana White finds her heavenly home in the larger than life presence of Zion. The two met at the day school in Spartanburg, a name that totally resonates with the royal abilities of Zanos, SC. Apparently the star basketball player was a year superior to his sweetheart at Tiana White.

Now, just as Trae Young’s girlfriend was a cheerleader, Tiana was also an active volleyball player and was part of the school’s cheerleader team. We can best imagine it from Khalid’s Young, Dumb, and Broke video for thinking in visuals. There aren’t many images from the time to prove their relationship. However, there is one from prom night 2018 that speaks a thousand words for their youthful sweetheart.

Did they break up with each other?

Well, the attacker’s Instagram has no sign of his love for Tiana White. In fact, he only has 78 posts and one where he shared the frame with a woman. In February 2019, just after Valentine’s Day week, Zion dropped a message with American actress Peyton List to raise eyebrows.

However, the famous Cobra Kai has a long list of boyfriends and he’s not sure she’s ever dated the dangling hero. But that doesn’t speak to Zion’s current relationship with Tiana. Now a report suggests the two have unsubscribed on Twitter and the Pelicans player is single.

Also, Tiana’s private IG Profile reveals nothing more than the fact that she is a photographer. So what do you think, is the big guy and Drake’s former favorite dating someone? Help us find out if you have a lead for a worthy reveal.



Zion Williamson was one of the NBA’s best players last season at just 20 years old. As he entered his third professional season this year, there seemed to be no limit to what he could accomplish. While his New Orleans Pelicans were thought to have only one outside shot on a playoff berth, Williamson had a chance to win every individual accolade available: he felt likely to make his second team a back-to-back all-star, should have lobbied for All-NBA honors, had a chance to lead the league in scoring, and could even be considered a darkhorse MVP contender.

Instead, Williamson suffered a foot injury over the summer, underwent surgery and still hasn’t made his season debut. The Pelicans made the injury even more mysterious by not revealing it until the start of training camp, then giving several deadlines for its return. The first quarter of the season is now in the rear view mirror and New Orleans have been one of the worst teams in the league without Zion in the lineup.

Williamson moved closer to play again, but suffered another setback this week when foot pain delayed his full return to training. Still, the star forward showed up to the New Orleans game against the Houston Rockets on Sunday night and saw his team lose 118-108. Even when not playing, Williamson was still the biggest talking point after the game.

A photo of Zion Williamson walking through the tunnel sparked another discussion about his weight.

The worry about Williamson’s weight predates his college days at Duke. It feels like we have a shockingly large photo of Zion at least a few times a year. Before you worry about Williamson’s appearance, remember the following:

1. Zion has always been heavy. When we saw him at the USA Basketball junior minicamp in the fall of 2017, Williamson registered at 6’6, 272 pounds at the start of his senior year of high school. A year later, Duke enrolled him at 285 pounds as a true freshman. At the time, only 7’3 center Boban Marjanovic was a heavier NBA player. Zion’s weight didn’t stop him from having a dominant season for the Blue Devils to become the No.1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

2. Of course Zion is heavy at the moment. He’s still recovering from foot surgery! He has been unable to do serious cardio work for months at this point as New Orleans takes a cautious approach to his injury. He will get back in shape once he is cleared to play.

3. Zion’s weight is working to his advantage. He was the NBA’s top finisher last year on the rim, achieving 70 percent of his field goals within three feet. Opposing defenses know Williamson doesn’t have a consistent three-point shot or developed midrange play, but he’s so good at intimidating his way inside in part because no one can match his size and height. strength. Williamson’s weight is a key factor in his success.

The writer who originally tweeted Williamson’s photo on Sunday ended up deleting the tweet due to too many negative comments.

Don’t worry about Zion’s weight. He never looked like a typical basketball player. We think NBA stars are lanky and skinny, but that was never Zion’s physique. There’s a reason we once described it as a “fridge with wings”. Williamson is tall, strong and powerful, and has a body that no one in NBA history can really compare.

In his sophomore year in the league, Williamson averaged 27 points per game with 60% shooting from the field. He’s not a perfect player – injuries are a problem and his weight is holding him back defensively – but he’s really good once he’s healthy. Hopefully Zion can get back on the court soon and change the discussion of his weight to being arguably the brightest young star in the NBA when available.

This photo of Zion Williamson worries fans about his weight … how much does zion williamson weight ?

Zion Williamson made a cameo appearance on the sidelines of the game against Houston. The photo of this moment is not very reassuring …

Last week, the New Orleans Pelicans announced they were delaying Zion Williamson’s full return to the squad for at least a week. In question, a pain in the foot caused by the resumption of training for the All-Star, absent since the start of the season after his operation during the offseason. Zion made an appearance on the Houston side during the Pelicans ‘trip to the Rockets’ floor.

Sadly, it sparked more worries and questions than hype as his supposed comeback approached. We won’t do any fat shaming here, but the only shot of Zion Williamson taken by journalist Steve Helwick during the evening suggests that he is still not close to his form weight.

This may be an effect caused by the angle of the photo. Or the fact that Zion wore multiple layers of clothing. Most observers have taken the decision to simply consider that the No. 1 in the 2019 Draft was still overweight.

There are two schools in this Zion Williamson file. Those who advocate mercy and patience. And those, like Charles Barkley, who knows the issue of extra pounds at the start of his career, who want to be uncompromising with Zion and his entourage. This is what “Chuck” said last month.

     “Looks like Shaq and I have had a baby! Just kidding, but I’m also very serious. It’s worrying. I tell this story often. Moses Malone told me I        was fat and lazy. cried a little – mostly because I couldn’t kick his ass since it was Moses Malone – but it was a turning point in my career.

    Zion Williamson is already injured, so you shouldn’t be hurt when you’re young. Even when you are injured, you must learn to control                 what you eat. Putting so much pressure and weight on your knees and legs causes injuries over and over again.

    Someone needs to be grown up and tell them to get back in shape. They are afraid he is leaving. But if he stays while being injured all the            time, that is of no interest “.

If his return is indeed in a few days, we should quickly see if his physical form is suitable and sufficient to allow him to resume the course of his promising career without too many risks.

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