Youtube down

Youtube down


Youtube allows millions of Internet users to discover, watch and share original videos. YouTube also offers a forum for users to meet, but also to inform and inspire others around the world. Youtube has just launched a paid video service.


The video platform has been dysfunctional for several hours around the world. Service has since been restored.
It will have lasted nearly an hour. During the night, YouTube was the victim of a global blackout which prevented its users from viewing its videos, reports the American media The Verge. According to the Downdetector site, such malfunctions have been detected not only in the United States but also in Europe and Australia. 280,000 fault reports were made on the site in less than an hour.

Once launched, videos would get stuck on a black download screen. An error message could also appear on the screen of visitors to the platform.

The outage will have affected all of YouTube’s services, including YouTube Music, its subscription music streaming service, and YouTube TV. Slowdowns on Google’s search engine as well as on its Google Play application store have also been observed.

A flaw resolved

On Twitter, YouTube said overnight that it became aware of these dysfunctions. “If you are unable to watch videos on YouTube right now, you are not alone – our team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. We will follow up here with any updates,” have thus made known the teams of the platform.

YouTube subsequently indicated that it was able to restore all of its services, regardless of the devices used. The origin of the failure is still unknown.

YouTube victim of a major outage

A major outage of the YouTube video streaming service affected several hundred thousand users on Wednesday evening.

The blackout spread in the early evening to YouTube’s website as well as mobile apps, affecting more than 275,000 subscribers at one point.

The California-based company said on its Twitter account that service was finally restored around 9:15 p.m.

“We’re back – sorry for the downtime. The situation has been restored on all devices and YouTube services, thank you for being patient, ”she wrote a little over an hour after sending a first message confirming the failure.

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