Why Blizzard is giving up on releasing WoW Shadowlands on schedule?

Why Blizzard is giving up on releasing WoW Shadowlands on schedule?


Shadowlands will not be available on October 27. Blizzard has announced that the next expansion for World of Warcraft will arrive later this year, because it’s not fully ready.

There will be no new expansion for World of Warcraft on October 27. While Blizzard had promised this summer the arrival of Shadowlands on that date, the studio has admitted that this deadline will not be met. The US studio realized that it won’t be able to render a satisfactory copy on time, and so chose to postpone the launch to a later date – but still in 2020.

“It has become evident that we need a little more time to put the finishing touches on, and to balance and iterate on some game mechanics that are related – especially the high level ones. […] The challenge of getting the game to a high level was compounded by the fact that the team had to work from home, “due to the outbreak, said John Hight, executive producer of WoW, on October 1.


“We need this extra time so that Shadowlands can reach its full potential,” he adds, while ensuring that the game is overall ready, be it storytelling, zones, campaign, leveling, quests, and features specific to Shadowlands, such as congregations and Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, which offers bigger and bigger challenges.

John Hight adds that “Blizzard is committed to the quality” of its video games. There is a sort of informal motto that the studio releases a game when it’s ready to release (“it’s done when it’s done”), and therefore prefers not to give a release date too early. This philosophy, with which the company has been identified for years, is however questioned by some of its customers.

After John Hight’s announcement, no new date was given. The only indication is that the game is supposed to be released before the end of the year. As for the pre-patch that is to prepare the ground for Shadowlands, its release date is still maintained at October 13 (October 14 for Europe).


On the official forums as in the comments of fan sites, the reactions are obviously diverse and already calls for refunds are being heard, like requests for commercial gestures, when other messages complain that no new date is given. However, this would not be a guarantee and could even backfire against Blizzard.

In the case of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red had postponed the game’s release for the first time, from April to September. The studio then realized it needed more time, and announced a new date for November. And today, if the Polish studio has not announced a third delay, it has been forced to break a promise that it will no longer use the “crunch”, where the studios impose hellish rates on their employees to complete right in time.

Why Blizzard is giving up on releasing WoW Shadowlands on schedule?

Shadowlands: Expansion release delayed

The information has just fallen and it was first shared on social networks. We learn this Thursday, October 1 that the release date of the Shadowlands expansion is postponed to a later date.

Originally scheduled for October 27, 2020, the new expansion is set to take players to the heart of the Shadowlands. However, before that, another important update is planned and this is patch 9.0, the release date of which has still not been announced. We now know that it will be available on October 14th.

Even though this decision was hard for Blizzard to make, the developers believe it is a good decision for the game and the players. Find the summary of important information later in this article.

The release of Shadowlands is postponed a little later

  • Blizzard announces the postponement of the Shadowlands release. At the moment, they are in the process of determining the new launch date.
  • While the date has yet to be set, Blizzard felt it was important to notify this change as soon as possible.
  • It was an incredibly difficult decision for Blizzard, as the team are as eager to get the expansion into your hands as you are, but in the end, they believe it is the right decision for the game and for the players.
  • In the last few months of testing, the developers have made significant progress in iteration and improving the core features and gameplay for Shadowlands. They’re at a point where the areas, countryside, high-level quest experience, and story are all ready to be shared. They are also excited about the congregations, which are at the heart of the expansion, and it was a pleasure to see Torment, Tower of the Damned take shape as a new experience for World of Warcraft, in large part thanks to contributions from players.
  • However, with all the data gathered and player feedback through the comments, it has become clear that the developers need a little more time to polish the game.
  • Shadowlands is one of the more complex expansions the developers have had to create, and while they made great strides, the challenge turned out to be more complicated than expected as the team had to work from at home following the health crisis.
  • Blizzard prefers to play the quality card and thinks Shadowlands will be something special, and a lot of players feel the same way. For that, they need the extra time to make sure Shadowlands reaches its full potential.
  • Through the same announcement, Blizzard informs that the release date of patch 9.0 is set for Wednesday October 14, 2020 in Europe.

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