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Virgin River


Virgin River: season 3 for Netflix’s romantic series?

While Netflix is ​​offering Season 2 of Virgin River, its romantic series starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson this Friday, November 27, fans are already going to want to know if there will be any new episodes.

Admittedly, TF1 and M6 offer their Christmas TV films every afternoon, and Netflix has also already posted many fictions of the genre, but this Friday, November 27, fans of romantic series should especially connect to the platform to discover the second unreleased season of Virgin River! Adapted from romance novels, this fiction with Alexandra Breckenridge (The Walking Dead, This is Us) and Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy) returns for new episodes, after the first season proposed in December 2019. And these chapters should delight you since you will discover if Mel and Jack will give each other a chance or not, or if on the contrary Charmaine’s pregnancy will constitute an insurmountable obstacle for the two heroes. But the plots and secondary characters are not forgotten in passing, starting with the couple formed by Hope and Doc, which gives rise to some tasty scenes.

Season 3 of Virgin River seems to be off to a good start …

If you like Virgin River, you’re no doubt going to devour all ten episodes of this second season and wonder if they’ll have a sequel, especially with the shocking cliffhanger the story ends on (shhh, we’re not telling you more) ! For now, we will have to wait for an official response, Netflix has not yet spoken on the subject and the platform generally waiting at least a month between the launch of a series and its renewal.

Still, there are signs that give us some optimism about the future of Virgin River. In July 2020, the American site What’s on Netflix announced that it had had access to a production list including season 3 of Virgin River, which would soon start filming. This is also confirmed by filming announcements spotted on Twitter:

More importantly, Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson currently seem to be together, on set … At least, according to one of their videos posted on social media to promote the series. The two actors, hair blowing in the wind (normal, if they’re in Canada where Virgin River is filming, it must not be very hot right now) announce the arrival of season 2 “in a week”. What to suggest that they are well on the set now. Finally, the last element, the success of Virgin River and its popularity with followers of the genre and, we recall, the cliffhanger of the final, which clearly calls for a sequel, suggest that the series will be back for a third season. We will of course keep you posted as soon as Netflix has formalized (or denied) the news! In the meantime, our Toudoum podcast, to be discovered in the video above, offers you not only a review of this season 2, but also a selection of romantic programs to discover on Netflix.

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