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Tucker Carlson, born May 16, 1969 in San Francisco, is an American columnist and television host on the conservative side. He has featured the Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News Channel since 2016, followed by around three million viewers daily, securing the channel’s # 1 spot in the early evening ahead of CNN and MSNBC

Tucker Carlson Biography

Early career

Son of Dick Carlson, former US Ambassador to Seychelles, Tucker Carlson made his print debut, including The Weekly Standard. He then hosted the news shows Crossfire on CNN with Robert Novak (2000-2005) and Tucker on MSNBC (2005-2008).

Featured media personality

In 2009, he joined the Fox News Channel, first as a commentator, then as host of the daily hour-long Tucker Carlson Tonight, which focused on political topics. He participates in the third season of the American show Dancing with the Stars on ABC with Elena Grinenko as a partner.

Political Views

He defends libertarian, climate-skeptic and conservative points of view, notably being critical of Grover Norquist, Rainbow Warrior I and the politics of Canada, among others, saying: “It’s like your belated cousin that see you at Thanksgiving […]. You know he’s nice, but you don’t take him seriously. This is Canada2 ”. Supporting Ron Paul during the presidential elections of 1988 and 2008, he did not vote in the presidential election of 2004, citing as reasons his disappointment with the first term George W. Bush, who is running again, as well as the war in Iraq .

In his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, he vigorously defends nationalist and non-interventionist views. He believes that the Democratic Party is abandoning its traditional popular electorate by defending illegal immigration, seeking to naturalize undocumented migrants to rely on their votes3. He would be appreciated by President Donald Trump. Some journalists report that in December 2019, Carlson would be one of the personalities who influenced Trump when he decided not to respond to the downing of an American drone by Iran in 2019 over the strait. of Ormuz4. On the other hand, he defends firmly anti-Chinese positions.

Tucker Carlson, the cathodic eminence of Donald Trump

The presenter of a 3 million-watched Fox News talk show, Tucker Carlson is not known for his sense of proportion and his inflammatory rhetoric is sure to please the President.

Watching Tucker Carlson’s talk show on the American channel Fox News is, every evening, plunging into the parallel universe of Trumpism, a world where Democrats are inevitably infrequent, where immigrants pose a vital risk to the United States. , where “chaos” and “terror” will befall the country if Donald Trump is not re-elected in November.

Alternating worried expressions, acting and wrinkled forehead, the presenter of the talk show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” holds his very large audience (around 3 million viewers) during sixty minutes of monologues, willingly aggressive interviews and commentaries on current political affairs. The tone is alternately solemn, alarmist or mocking. Taking a right-wing ideological line, more contradictory than an interviewer, this son of a good family castigates the elites and advocates an unconditional and nationalist “America first”.

John Bolton’s Dezincer

Among his followers, a viewer seems particularly attentive to his positions. It’s no secret that Donald Trump reveled in Fox News programming for a few hours a day. However, several of his advisers confirmed to the Associated Press on January 9: Tucker Carlson would have the ear of the American president to the point of influencing his decisions.

Thus, the recent changes of foot of Donald Trump on Iranian politics would not be foreign to the evening reflections of Mr. Carlson. The latter, a convinced non-interventionist, resistant to any military adventure led by the United States on the other side of the world, would have persuaded the president not to react to the attack of an American drone by the Iranians in June .

Likewise, after the assassination of Iranian Ghassem Soleimani on January 3 and Iranian reprisals against US military personnel based in Iraq, the Trump administration has renounced a retaliation. Carlson’s pleas for de-escalation and withdrawal from domestic politics, reflecting a sentiment shared by part of Trump’s electoral base, would have convinced the president.

“Such an influence of a media and a journalist on a president is unprecedented. »Matt Gertz, member of Media Matters.

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