Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods


Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger Woods, born December 30, 1975 in California, is an American golfer. He is one of the greatest golfers of all time and one of the most popular sportsmen of the beginning of the 21st century. Winner of 15 major tournaments, he revolutionized the world of golf through his sporting results and by attracting a new audience.

Early, Tiger began golf at a very young age and achieved an exceptional course in all junior categories. An amateur scrutinized for his exceptional qualities, he turned professional at the end of the summer of 1996. Winner of the 1997 Masters, he became world number 1 less than a season after turning professional. Dominating most of the 2000s, various physical problems with the knees and back forced him to reinvent his game.

Commercial figure, headliner of Nike, Woods multiplies the lucrative contracts off the course, making him one of the richest sportsmen of the years 2000. Even when a scandal bursts on his tormented private life and the difficulties of his marriage in 2009, Woods continues to be one of the highest paid players in the world.

In April 2019, at the age of 43, he succeeded in Augusta with the feat of winning a 5th Masters and his 15th career major title, eleven years after his last major victory1,2. On May 6, 2019, he was decorated by Donald Trump with the highest American civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Eldrick Tont Woods was born December 30, 1975 at 11:50 p.m. in Cypress, California, Californiab 1. His father, Earl Woods (1932-2006), an African-American, was an American officer and Vietnam veteran. African American baseball from the Big 8 conference under the colors of the Kansas State Wildcats in the early 1950sl 2,3, he has three children from his first marriage to Barbara Hartl 3. Eldrick Woods’ two older half-brothers are firstly Earl Jr. (born 1955) and Kevin (born 1957) and his half-sister Royce (born 1958).

His mother, Kultida Punsawad, born in 1944, is of Thai origin4. Receptionist, she met military officer Woods in Bangkok in the mid-1960sl 4. After marrying Earl Woods, she moved to live with him in New York in the early 1970sl 4. The couple left New York for California in 1974 following the retirement of Earl Woods to be closer to his three children.1 4. The following year, they saw the birth of the only child of their marriage, Eldrick.

The first name of Eldrick starts from E of Earl to K of Kultida, the first names of his parentsb 1, l 5. From his birth, his father calls him Tiger in memory of the nickname of the Vietnamese lieutenant colonel Vuong Dang Phong, a friend who fought alongside him during the Vietnam War and is said to have saved his life twiceb 1, l 6.5. Woods became more widely known by this nickname from his junior period and throughout his amateur career. Unlike an urban legend, he hasn’t officially changed his first name from Eldrick to Tiger.

The origins of Tiger Woods are discussed in the United States. If he is mainly considered an African American, Tiger Woods is just as Asian. In 1994, his father details his origins: “Tiger is really half Thai, a quarter Chinese, an eighth white, a sixteenth chaouanon or Amerindian and a sixteenth black” note 2, Cit 1,7,8. Three years later, Tiger coined the neologism “Cablinasian” in The Oprah Winfrey Show to define the multiracial aspect of his heritage9,10,11. His mother calls him the “Universal Child”.


Tiger Woods grew up in California. Baby, his mother feeds him regularly with each golf stroke of his father, during which the young Tiger opens the bouchenote 3, b 2. Child prodigy, he has an exceptional balance from birth and copies his father’s swing at only eleven month4.

His father Earl is the most important person of his childhood. After retiring from the military, Earl played golf on a daily basis. Although he did not run a club until he was 42, he has a good level on the greens13, note 4. An amateur golfer with a handicap of 3, he introduced his son to golf at the age of 214. Earl is fully involved in training his son’s talent, even if it means leaving aside his coupleb 1. He pushes his training to familiarize him with interviews and public relations when he is only three years old4. In 1978, the young Tiger made a television appearance in The Mike Douglas Show and putt in front of comedian Bob Hope4, b 3.

Tiger spent most of his childhood hitting golf balls on a course or into a net in his garage. At 3, he scored 48 strokes on nine holes played on the Cypress Navy8 golf course. At this age, he trained from morning to night, even earning money against players much older than him until his father forbade him. Under the impetus of his father, Tiger is coached by Rudy Duran on the course from Heartwell to Long Beachb 4,15.

At 5, he appeared in Golf Digest magazine and in the That’s Incredible! of the chain ABC. He gets his first full set of golf clubs, including a 115 iron. Under the influence of his father, he spends his free time golfing in his garage and with retired military personnel and has no friends. of his age13. The young Tiger no longer has to be pushed by his father, obsessed with his scores, he motivates himself to play golf and is very competitive despite his young age. At 6, he had already completed two holes in one.

In 1984, he won the world junior championship in the category of boys 9-10 years. It was at this age that he first passed under the 80-stroke mark for an 18-hole course17. Two years later, Tiger watches Jack Nicklaus’ victory at the Masters on television and prints a list of his accomplishments which he sticks on his bedroom wallb 6. After six years of training with Rudy Duran, the young talent is coached by John Anselmo who improves his hand and balanceb. Earl Woods wrote that Tiger had beaten him at the age of 11 when he himself was doing his best. The child wins all the tournaments in which he participates at this age, ending the year with 36 successes18. At 12, Tiger plays a card in less than 70 moves19. He begins to work with sports psychologist Jay Brunza who uses hypnosis and visualizationb 8.3. The young golfer is able to concentrate at such a level that he forgets his shot.

Amateur career

Prodigious and precocious junior

Seen more and more as a prodigy, Woods dominates all players in his age categories. Helped by equipment of better quality than his opponents and the support of his parents, regularly dressed in T-Shirts with the inscription “Team Tiger”, Woods won the junior world championship six times including four consecutive times from 1988 to 1991b 8,21,22,23,24,25. Courted at the age of 12 by Stanford University, he responded to the letter from coach Wally Goodman, greatly assisted by his father 5, b 9. In the summer of 1989, he played in the Big I national championship between the best young players. Americansb 10. Isolated by his father, who does not want him to share the private accommodation provided for all golfers, the child surprises among the teenagersb 10. After easily passing the cut, Woods is associated with professional player John Daly during of the third round and dominates it until the 16th holeb 10. On entering Orangeview Junior High, he is the most talented athlete in the establishmentb 10. Secretly playing other sports behind his father’s back, he injures his knee in a game of American footballb 10.

High school student in Anaheim, the young golfer has three friends: his neighbor Mike Gout and his classmates Alfredo Arguello and Bryon Bell who push him to study through healthy competitionb 11. During the summer of 1989, he spends an average of ten hours a day. perfect his move and is able to send the ball to almost 300 yardsb 11. In May 1990, Woods dominated the California high school championships, beating all the players although they were older than Luib 12. During the following two months , he won the World Junior Championship in San Diego and the American Junior Amateur Golf Championshipb 12. The youngest and first African-American winner in the history of the American Junior Championship, his confidence grew and Woods continued to win.

Amateur career

Prodigious and precocious junior

Seen more and more as a prodigy, Woods dominates all players in his age categories. Helped by equipment of better quality than his opponents and the support of his parents, regularly dressed in T-Shirts with the inscription “Team Tiger”, Woods won the junior world championship six times including four consecutive times from 1988 to 1991b 8,21,22,23,24,25. Courted at the age of 12 by Stanford University, he responded to the letter from coach Wally Goodman, greatly assisted by his father 5, b 9. In the summer of 1989, he played in the Big I national championship between the best young players. Americansb 10. Isolated by his father, who does not want him to share the private accommodation provided for all golfers, the child surprises among the teenagersb 10. After easily passing the cut, Woods is associated with professional player John Daly during of the third round and dominates it until the 16th holeb 10. On entering Orangeview Junior High, he is the most talented athlete in the establishmentb 10. Secretly playing other sports behind his father’s back, he injures his knee in a game of American footballb 10.

High school student in Anaheim, the young golfer has three friends: his neighbor Mike Gout and his classmates Alfredo Arguello and Bryon Bell who push him to study through healthy competitionb 11. During the summer of 1989, he spends an average of ten hours a day. perfect his move and is able to send the ball to almost 300 yardsb 11. In May 1990, Woods dominated the California high school championships, beating all the players although they were older than Luib 12. During the following two months , he won the world junior championship in San Diego and the American junior amateur golf championshipb 12. The youngest and first African-American winner in the history of the American junior championship, his confidence grew and Woods continued to winb 12. All these tournaments entail significant costs that Earl Woodsb 13 cannot bear. Courted for several years by the IMG agency, the champion’s father accepts the help of the company which gives him a role of recruiting young talents and an annual salary of $ 50,000b 13. In his teenage years, Tiger Woods argued frequently with his father13. He particularly reproaches him for having cheated on his motherb 14,13. If his parents do not divorce, they only communicate around Tiger’s rise in the world of golf13. It is then that begins a superstitious rite agreed with his mother: to wear red on Sunday 1. In Thai tradition, each day is represented by a color and red is that of Sunday 1. According to the mother’s will, Tiger begins to wear red on the last day of junior tournaments.

On February 27, 1992, Tiger Woods became the youngest player to play in a PGA Tour tournament at 16 years and 2 months note 6, b 15. Followed by numerous spectators and television cameras, he was the attraction of the Nissan Los Angeles Openb 15. Tiger trains with professional players and impresses with the quality of his play from Byron Nelson to Jack Nicklausb 16.19. He won the American Junior Amateur Golf Championship two more times to achieve the treble, successes each time on the wire, once at the 18th hole and twice at the 19th26,27. If all the universities wish to recruit him, Woods considers only three universities, which have the color red as a common point, UNLV, Arizona State University and Stanfordb University 17, r 1. November 10, 1993 , Woods chooses the latter to continue his school careerb 18. Woods must find a new trainer after John Anselmo is diagnosed with colon cancerb 17. His father contacts Butch Harmon, Greg Norman’s swing trainer, the one of the most beautiful gestures on the professional circuit.

Sponsored by John Merchant, the first African-American member of the USGA board of directors, Woods won several tournaments on the amateur circuit in the first part of the 1994b season 14,28. Weeks before entering college, Woods won the US Amateur Golf Championshipb 19, b 20,29,30, landing his first shot within a yard of the flagpole on the penultimate hole of the course 31. Breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record for precociousness, he is on the cover of the New York Times and USA Todayb 20. United States President Bill Clinton sends him a congratulatory letter and the town of Cypress presents him with a key to the town.

University career at Stanford
When he entered Stanford University at the age of 18 in order to combine high performance sport and his studies, 31 Tiger Woods was an accomplished athlete and a studious student with an excellent GPA of 3.8, note 7, b 18, 32. Woods opted for a course in economics and a specialty in accounting before flying to Versailles in France where he won the world amateur team championshipb 21.33. Back at Stanford after nineteen days in France, he meets Bill Walsh, legendary American football coach who has returned to college with whom he shares long discussionsb 21. Youngest player and first African-American to win the college tournament of Shoal Greek, Woods breaks down barriers in the golf world although he tries to avoid any racial controversyb 22,34. In December, he was attacked with a knife on the Standfordb campus 23,35,36. Before the end of the year, he has an operation on his left kneeb 24. A few weeks later, the stitches are removed and the golfer must wear a braceb 24. This does not prevent him from training against the advice of its doctorsb 24.

In April 1995, Tiger Woods was ranked the second best varsity player in the countryb 24. Qualified automatically for the Masters following his success in the US amateur golf championshipb 24, he became the fourth African-American player to play. the tournoinote 8.3. He passed the cut, finished 44th and ended the week with the best drive average at 311.1 yardsb 24. The first amateur golfer since Jack Nicklaus to have national stature37, the 19-year-old Stanford student and athlete is the rookie golfer. the most followed in the history of university sport38. He wrote journals for Golf World and Golfweek magazines during the tournament, dispelling the NCAA’s suspicion of complying with amateur status rules. IMG having stopped funding Woods’ fees to comply with the rules of the NCAA, Earl Woods and John Merchant find a way around the rules by hosting events with the golfer and justifying the funds raised as Earl Woodsb 26 speech pay.

At the US Open, he impresses with drives that are 50 yards longer than Ernie Els or Nick Price39. Struggling with putting, he forfeited in the second round after a first day of four strokes over parb 27. Wounded in the wrist, Woods had a difficult timeb 27. After losing a lot of weight due to food poisoning , the golfer takes a warning at the university championships – which he finishes second – for having broken a club by leaving it on his bag 27. He ends his first year of university with an academic average of 3.0note 7.

The reigning winner, Woods retains his title as US Amateur Golf Champion in August at the Newportb 28,3,40,41 course. Woods dedicates his victory to Jay Brunza, the accompanying psychologist and now caddy, who lost his father a month earlierb 29. The joy of the Tiger’s victory is marred by his father who launches an embarrassing tirade in public full of resentment.

Back at university, Tiger Woods enjoys the calm and excellence of Stanfordb 30. The university is one of the first to offer e-mail addresses to its students, and professors enrich Woods’ knowledge with knowledge. on the digital revolutionb 30. The golfer is thinking more and more about the economics of golf and the links it could haveb 30. Invited to dinner by Arnold Palmer, the student is forced to send a check for 25 dollars to the legend to justify that his amateur status has not been compromised vis-à-vis the NCAAb 30. The golfer’s threats of ineligibility annoy him, while he enjoys his lessons and does not want to give them upb 30.

Unable to find the $ 27,170 needed to finance his son’s tournament fees for the 1996 season, Earl Woods again asks John Merchant for help who finds a patron against NCA rules Anote 9, b 31. In the spring 1996, Woods, varsity player of the year, draws a sizeable crowd of spectators and journalists for the NCAAb 31 championships. He breaks the course record by returning a card of 67 in the second round, concluding a completely dominated varsity seasonb 31 Under the eyes of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and the pressure of millions of dollars pledged, Tiger Woods impressively wins the United States Amateur Golf Championship for the third time, becoming the first to achieve it. exploit.

At the 1996 US Open, Woods commits three-putts on several occasions; he is nevertheless the only amateur to pass cut39. At 20, he has one of the longest drives on the circuit, impresses, but struggles on long putts and short approaches.

Professional career

Professional beginnings (1996-1998)

In August 1996, Tiger Woods became a professional golfer; he signed in the wake of a contract of 40 million dollars with the equipment manufacturer Nike and 20 million dollars with Titleist42. He announced it publicly at a press conference that introduced a Nike “Hello World” advertising campaign 43,44. He played his first tournament as a professional at the Greater Milwaukee Open where he impressed with a hole in one before finishing tied for 60th45. Over the next three months, he claimed his first two PGA Tour victories: the Las Vegas Invitational and the Disney World Classic46,47. During this last tournament, the attendance tripled compared to the previous edition, attracting to the course a young public coming especially to see it play46. If the young Woods distinguished himself from his debut, he was not satisfied with his putt46. His good results allowed him to qualify for the Tour Championship and obtain his card for the 1997 professional season. Outside the greens, Woods was caught playing blackjack when he was not yet old48. At the end of the year, he was voted Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated4 magazine and Rookie of the Year on the PGA Tour.

At the start of the 1997 season, his unique charisma and his debut on the circuit placed him as the “messiah” of golf49. If he tries to stay normal, playing combat video games, Woods has already changed status: he has a personal driver for his limousine and luxury cars are offered to him as tournament rewards. On April 13, 1997, Tiger Woods won the Masters, his first major tournament with twelve strokes ahead of the second and a final score of -1850.51.52. This performance transformed golf, Woods broke multiple records including the largest victory and the best score in tournament history53. The tournament is watched by the largest audience in golf history, with 43 million Americans watching the new phenomenon play50,54,55. After his title, Woods faces a racist remark from Fuzzy Zoellernote 10,56, who later apologizes. In the weeks following his first green jacket, Woods changes dimension. Called the “son of America” ​​by Oprah Winfrey58, the notoriety of the young 21-year-old player is immense and he must manage a world exposure59.

Woods won three other tournaments that same year and reached, on June 15, 1997, the place of world number 1. His rise to number one in the world after just 42 weeks as a professional is a speed record. The youngest world No. 1 in golf history, Woods was logically selected to compete in the 1997 Ryder Cup60. Before the start of the competition, European team captain Seve Ballesteros said: “Tiger Woods is a good player but we have 12 guys who can beat it ”Cit 3.60. Played for the first time on European soil, in Spain, the United States were beaten and Woods disappointed, winning only 11 of the 82 holes he played60. Voted PGA Tour player of the year, he became the first and only golfer to win this trophy in his second season on the tour.

The pressures of his fame put Tiger Woods in difficulty in the months following his Masters victory61. While expectations are very high, its results are declining. He spends less time in training and “puts too much pressure on himself” according to Michael Jordan, who advises him on how to manage his career61. Nevertheless, the Tiger is physically transformed, he gains 9 kg of muscles and modifies his swing with his trainer Butch Harmon to make it more precise61. Woods obtained only one victory, in Thailand in January 1998, and multiplied the disappointments throughout the rest of the year61. Tired, he struggles to make the cut at the Players Championship61. Before defending his Masters title, Woods said: “Golf makes you more humble every day, with every stroke, really. I know how hard this game is ”Cit 4.61. These hardships make Woods grow up who dismisses his agent, his caddy and puts an end to his celibacy and the escapades that go with it, thanks to a discreet student, Joanna Jagoda.

Hegemonic domination on the PGA Tour (1999-2002)

In June 1999, Tiger Woods won the Memorial Tournament, a victory that marked the start of the greatest period of domination in golf history. He concluded the year 1999 by winning four tournaments in a row, including the PGA Championship after a historic duel with debutant Sergio García62.63, bringing his number of victories over the season to 8, a performance that was not been carried out for over 25 years. Woods manages to reach 71% of the fairways in his season and manages to touch the green more often than any other player on the circuit63. He was voted PGA Tour Player of the Year for the second time in three years.

In 2000, Woods’ impact on his sport was immense: audiences exploded when he played 11, tournament bonuses had doubled just four years after his professional debut, and Nike’s golf department budget had dropped from $ 100 million to $ 250. million dollars63. Tiger only registers for tournaments at the last minute and the security of all golf tournaments is tight. Woods begins his season with a first victory at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am with a memorable comeback on the final lap to win his sixth consecutive tournament. Defeated by Hal Sutton at the Players Championship64, Woods recovered in the US Open, which he dominated and won with the largest victory in a major tournament, 15 strokes, and broke numerous records of the 12.65 test, 66. Sports Illustrated magazine defines this victory as the greatest achievement in golf history [ref. necessary]. Woods continued his dominance at the British Open, which he won with an 8-stroke lead over the St Andrews course67.68. He established the record for the lowest score compared to the par ever achieved in a Grand Slam tournament (-19) 67.68. At 24, he became the youngest player in history to have won all four majors. Woods went on to win the PGA play-off championship after a strong comeback to join Ben Hogan as the only players to have won three majors in the same season. In a record-breaking season in which he won nine of the twenty tournaments he played, Woods achieved the lowest scoring average in professional circuit history with 68.17 score 13. Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, he is the first to be honored twice.

The young golf prodigy became a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most accomplished sportsmen at the start of the 2001 season.70 The Monday following each game of Tiger, the Dow Jones increased, a “Woods effect” observed by financial analysts55, 71. With an aura that goes beyond golf, Tiger Woods continues his sporting domination70. His Masters victory gives him his fourth straight victory in major72,73. It marks the only time in the history of golf where a player holds all four Grand Slam titles at the same time72. This performance is referred to as Tiger Slamnote 14. Although not having shone in the next three majors, Tiger Woods ends the year with five wins, the most on the PGA Tour. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Tiger Woods canceled his participation in the Lancôme Trophy, questioning the holding of the tournament.

Tiger Woods started the 2002 season strong by winning the Masters again, joining Nick Faldo (1989-1990) and Jack Nicklaus (1965-1966) as the only players to have won the tournament two years in a row. Two months later, Tiger Woods is the only player under par at the US Open. He won his second US Open after that of 2000. All eyes then turned to the British Open and everyone started talking about the Grand Slam, but a score of 81 in the third round put an end to his hopes. At the PGA Championship he is set to repeat the performance of winning 3 major tournaments in one season, but bogeys on holes 13 and 14 cost him the victory for 1 stroke. Nonetheless, he won the earnings standings, the Vardon Trophy and the title of player of the year for the fourth year in a row.

Resurrection (2005-2007)

During the 2005 season, Tiger Woods quickly returned to victory. He won the Buick Invitational in January and then dominated Phil Mickelson on the Doral course to win the Ford Championship in March. After this success, he regained the place of world No. 1. A month later, Tiger ended his winless streak in major by winning the Masters, after a play-off with Chris Di Marco. On the 16th hole of the last round, Woods returned a long approach on this par 3 with an exceptional trajectory, the ball stopping at the edge of the hole before falling, an image which was then used by Nike in its advertisements80. This victory allows him to regain the place of world No. 1. In the months that follow, Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh are fighting for this place. By winning the British Open in July, Tiger Woods put an end to this duel to regain his place at the top of the world hierarchy for a long time. Tiger Woods ends his season with two tournaments won at the World Golf Championships and six in total. He won the PGA Tour earnings standings for the sixth time in his career.

The year 2006 started well for Tiger Woods who won the first two tournaments in which he participated. During the Masters, he is in the race to win a fifth green jacket, but must bow to Phil Mickelson81.

The death of his father, Earl Woods, on the night of May 3, after a long battle with prostate cancer, radically changed his life13,82. Tiger Woods puts his career on hold for six weeks to stay with his family78. When he returned to the US Open on the Winged Foot Golf Club course, he missed the cut for the first time in a major tournament83.

At the beginning of July, a second place at the Western Open shows that he is ready to defend his title at the British Open. There, he demonstrated his strength in managing the course, putting and the precision of his set of irons84. Using mostly only long irons on the teenote 15, only four fairways are missing over the week, or 92% accuracy. His total score of -18 – obtained with 3 eagles, 19 birdies, 43 pars for just 7 bogeys – is only one stroke away from the major record (-19) he set at St Andrews during the British Open. 2000. On the last green, Tiger Woods cannot hold back his tears, celebrating his first victory since the death of his father84.

Four weeks later, Tiger Woods dominated his subject at the USPGA and conceded just three bogeys, tying the record. He finished the tournament with a total score of -18 and equaled his record – shared with Bob May – set in 2000. In August, he became the youngest golfer in history to win his 50th tournament on the PGA Tour at the Buick Open at the age of 30 years and 7 months. He is named Sportsman of the Year by the Associated Press for the fourth time.

Tiger Woods begins the 2007 season with further victories at the Buick Invitational and the WGC-CA Championship. At the Masters, he played in the last game on Sunday for the thirteenth time in his career. But, unlike the previous 12 times, it does not win. He finished tied for 2nd two strokes behind the winner, Zach Johnson. Winner at Wachovia Championship, Woods still misses his chance at the US Open. Although he was again the last game on Sunday, he failed to win and finished 2nd.

Tiger is no better at the British Open than he finished in 12th place after posting a card of 75 on the second day of the event. In the following weeks, Woods announced that he had contracted an anterior cruciate ligament injury while running at Isleworthnote 16. Despite the injury, the player did not take a break and continued his season13. At the beginning of August, he won his fourteenth tournament of the World Golf Championships at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational with an 8-stroke lead, then his second USPGA in a row, tying the record for the lowest score ever achieved in a grand slam (63) in the second spinning 17.

Tiger Woods takes the 60th victory of his career at the BMW Championship, scoring 63 – course record – on the last lap. He then concluded his season by winning The Tour Championship. He becomes the first winner of the FedEx Cup. Of the 16 tournaments he played in the 2007 season, his adjusted score average is 67.79, tying his own record set in 2000.

Shattering fall from the top and scandal (2008-2009)

Tiger Woods started the 2008 season brilliantly with a clear victory at the Buick Invitational, 8 strokes ahead of his runner-up. He repeated the following week at the Dubai Desert Classic, winning the tournament after closing a four-stroke gap. Continuing on dazzling form, Woods lifted the trophy at the World Match-Play Championship after a final victory over Stewart Cink with a record score of 8 & 7. The Tiger managed to win his fifth tournament at the Arnold Palmer Invitational with a putt over 7 yards on the last hole.

Beaten at the WGC-CA Championship, second in the Masters, where he encountered recurring problems in putting but still finished second, Tiger Woods had to undergo another surgery on his left knee on April 15, 2008. This operation, the third of his career after 1994 and 2002, was held in Parck City, Utah, and kept it away from the fairways for two months.

The pain from his left knee persisted upon his return to the greens. Tiger Woods nevertheless won the 2008 US Open at the end of the suspense after a sudden death hole with Rocco Mediate85,86. After a difficult first round, he connects several eagles during the second and third rounds to play in the last part of Sunday. With a 4m putt on the 18, Tiger equalized and forced a play-off round with Mediate on 18 holes on Monday. After being 3 strokes ahead, Tiger Woods found himself once again forced to birdie on the 18 hole to equalize, which he did87. On the first sudden death hole, a par allowed him to win his third US Open and his fourteenth grand slam tournament85.

Two days later, Tiger Woods announced that he had to undergo another operation on his left knee to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament88,89, which ended his 2008 season88,89. Tiger Woods also reveals that he has been playing for 10 months despite a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and that he competed in the US Open with a double stress fracture in his left tibia78. The absence of Tiger Woods causes a sharp drop in TV audiences. The second half of 2008 shows a decrease of 46.8% compared to the second half of 2007.

Called “one of the most unexpected returns in the world of sport” by the Associated Press90, Tiger Woods returned to the PGA Tour in March 2009 during the World Match-Play Championship where he lost at the start of the match. second round against Tim Clark. Despite this, the American golfer proves he remains one of the best players in the world, winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational after starting the final day five strokes behind. Efficient, he finished sixth at the Masters, then fourth at the Quail Hollow Championship after a last missed hole. At The Players, he played in the top three on the last day but finished 8th. Woods wins his second tournament of the year at the Memorial Tournament with a score of 65 and two consecutive birdies on Sunday to win the tournament92, then his third at the AT&T National, an event he hosts93. Struggling at the British Open, he missed the cut for the second time in his professional career in a major tournament78.94.

Woods quickly recovered and conquered the Buick Open with a superb card of 63 on the second day of the tournament95. Again a winner the following week at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational96, Woods came into good shape in the final major of the season, the PGA Championship. Beaten only by Yang Yong-eun by three strokes, Tiger contented himself with second place and lost for the first time in a major which he led at the start of the last round97.98. For the first time since the 2004 season, Woods ended the season winless in a major.

Selected to compete in the Presidents Cup, Woods achieves the rare accomplishment of winning his five matches score 18.99. On the final day, Tiger takes revenge on Yang, dominating the one who had deprived him of the PGA Championship weeks earlier100,101. The following month, Woods was paid $ 3.3 million to play the Australian Masters, held at the Kingston Heath Golf Club in Melbourne. The American wins the event by a score of 14 under par and obtains his first victory on the PGA Tour of Australasia102.

After the season ends on November 25, the National Enquirer headlines Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal and develops the story of an extramarital affair between Woods and Rachel Uchitelb 33,103. The next day, Tiger Woods was involved in a traffic accident outside his Florida home.104,105. At 2:25 a.m., the golfer struck a fire hydrant and a tree. The accident necessitates a visit to the hospital for the golfer106. In the light of this incident, the personal problems of his couple are revealed107. His injuries are not related to the accident but to an argument with his wife Elin Nordegren after she learned of her husband’s extra-marital relationship from the newspaper and while rummaging through her husband’s cell phone103,108. After grabbing a golf club, Nordegren chases after the fleeing Woods by car and gets off the road103. Despite his personal problems, Tiger Woods is once again named PGA109 Tour Player of the Year.

Difficult reconstruction (2010-2013)

After his history of marital infidelity was revealed, Woods announced at the end of 2009 an indefinite hiatus from sports competitions110,111,112. The coverage of the case, notably by the New York Post, destroyed the image of Tiger Woods113. The sports icon, seen as the god of golf, loses his mythology and becomes human again114. On February 19, 2010, he made a public televised apology followed by more than 40 million Americans114 and announced that he would return “one day” to the circuit. In March, he announced his intention to play at the Masters115 before shooting a new commercial for Nike116 a few days later.

After a twenty week break, Woods started the Augusta Masters on April 8, 2010117 and finished the tournament in a tie for fourth place118. At the end of the month, he missed the Quail Hollow Championship cut by eight strokes after posting a 79 card in a tense atmosphere with hostile spectators119,120. Citing a neck injury, he retired on the seventh hole of the last round of the Players Championship121. Woods returned to competition four weeks later to defend his title at the Memorial Tournament. He passed the cut and finished 19th, his worst result in this tournament since 2002. He played his next tournament on June 17, 2010 at the US Open held at Pebble Beachnote 19. After an encouraging card of 66 on Saturday, Woods is getting back into position to run for the title. However, he was unable to worry leader Dustin Johnson, finishing the tournament three over par and tied for fourth place.

Anecdotal 46th at AT&T National123, Woods then flew to Ireland to prepare for the British Open. Changing his putter for this European major, in order to find more rolling on the slower British greens, note 20, Tiger remains in difficulty to conclude his holes. He even returned to his historic putter on the last day and finished far from the winner, 13 strokes behind Louis Oosthuizen124. Penultimate in the Bridgestone Invitational with a score of +18, he recorded his worst result as a professional golfer125. The following week, he finished nine strokes behind winner Martin Kaymer in the PGA Championship. Although his classification at the time did not allow him to directly integrate the American team for the Ryder Cup 2010, he was chosen by captain Corey Pavin126. During this competition, he is associated with Steve Stricker, a successful pair in the previous Presidents Cup. Victorious against the pairs formed by Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher, then Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Peter Hanson, the American pair then suffered a severe defeat 6 & 5note 21 against Lee Westwood and Luke Donald. Woods then won his single 4 & 3note 22 against the Italian Francesco Molinari. Europe ultimately wins the competition.

A few weeks later, Englishman Lee Westwood ended Woods’ streak of 281 consecutive weeks at the top of the world rankings127,128. During the last tournament of 2010, Woods was on his way to finally win a tournament but the Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell deprived him of the victory by dominating him in a jump-off, a first in the professional career of the American129,130 .

In April 2011, Tiger Woods finished fourth in the Augusta Masters with a score of -10 by signing two superb cards: 66 (-6) on Friday and 67 (-5) on Sunday. On July 20, 2011, he separated from his caddy Steve Williams, his partner for 12 years with whom he won 13 major titles131. On December 4, 2011, in Thousand Oaks, California, the Tiger won his first individual tournament in over two years the Chevron World Challenge, two weeks after helping the United States win the Presidents Cup in Australia.

Woods begins his 2012 season by finishing badly the last courses of his first two tournaments played. Defeated in the second round of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, Tiger revises his technique and action to finish second at the Honda Classic with the lowest score of his career in the last round of the PGA Tour. On March 25, 2012, he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida, his first PGA Tour victory since September 2009. Winner of the AT&T National and then third in the British Open, Tiger climbed to second place in the world rankings.

Tiger Woods contributed to the loss of the United States to Chicago in the Ryder Cup 2012132. Associated with Steve Stricker, he lost three times in foursomes and fourballs133. Placed in the twelfth and final singles game against the Italian Francesco Molinari, he did not go to the end of his meeting, the European team having ensured his victory in the competition133. He therefore shares the point with his opponent133. Woods brought no points to his team and lost for the sixth time in the Ryder Cup132,134.

At the start of 2013, Tiger Woods flew over the PGA Tour, winning three tournaments: the Farmers Insurance Open in January, then the WGC-Cadillac Championship and Arnold Palmer Invitational in March. Starting off on the basis of the year 2000, which remains his best golfing year to date, Tiger Woods regains the place of world No. 1 after falling beyond 50th place135. However, he declares to the media that he is “still under construction” and that he is not yet completely satisfied with his game136. At the Masters, he finished in fourth place after taking two penalty strokes for not replacing a ball in the right place after it fell into the water137.

By winning The Players Championship two strokes ahead in May 2013, Tiger confirmed his place as world No. 1 and approached the record of 82 PGA Tour wins held by Sam Snead. After a 32nd place at the US Open and a solid 6th place at the British Open, Tiger signed his 5th win of the season at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at the start of August at the Firestone CC course. He thus won his 79th success on the PGA Tour, three victories off Sam Snead’s record.

Back Operations and Medication Disorders (2014-2017)

On March 31, 2014, Tiger Woods had his back surgery for the first time. The discectomy is performed by Dr. Charles Rich in Utah138. His absence, from the Masters139 to the US Open in particular, is very costly for the golf industry140. After three months of rest and rehabilitation, Woods returns to the courses at Quicken Loans National where he misses the cut141. Selected for these tournaments, Woods entered the British Open, the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and the PGA Championship where he finished 69th, retired and missed the cut. At the end of the season, Tiger recruited Chris Como, one of the most prominent young coaches, to help him fluidize his swing78,142. In December, in a charity tournament organized for his foundation, Woods appeared ill, feverish and nauseous, vomiting on the course1.

After concluding a 2014 season in 25th position in the world golf hierarchy, Tiger begins the year 2015 with a participation in the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where he misses the cut after making a catastrophic card of 82144. The former number 1 global seems to be hit by yips at chipping78,145,146. The following week, he quits Farmers Insurance due to injury and decides to take a break144,147,148. The player declares: “My game and my scores are not acceptable. When I participate in a tournament, it is to evolve at the best level, so I will not come back until I feel ready ”149. He remained inactive for two months, but returned in time for the Masters, which he finished in 17th place. Woods continues disappointing results and falls in the world rankings. He misses the cut in three major tournaments. In contention for victory at the Wyndham Championship, he surrendered a 72 card on Sunday and finished in 10th position. Tiger Woods misses the FedEx Cup playoffs and ends the season winless. In September, the golfer has to undergo a second operation of the back by Dr. Charles Rich.

Absent during the 2016 and 2017 seasons because of this back pain, the American continues to be present by sharing his convalescence on social networks. While he is at the bottom, his former caddy Steve Williams settles his accounts with him in an autobiography in which he describes Woods’ bad character and the fact that he treated him like a “slave” 152,153,154,155. In April 2017, Tiger Woods underwent a fourth operation on his back, an arthrodesis to fuse his lumbar vertebrae L5 and S1156,157,158. At the end of May 2017, he was arrested at the wheel of his car, accused of driving while impaired159,160,161. The athlete is described as “adrift, stuffed with drugs” 162. If he doubts what the future holds, his physical pain diminishes in the months that follow. As the convulsions stop, Woods returns to sleep. At the start of the fall, he trained at the Medalist club in Jupiter, Florida, and worked alongside Justin Thomas, one of the best young players on the circuit.

New return (2017-2019)

On October 30, 2017, Tiger Woods announced his return to the Hero World Challenge, a tournament organized by his foundation at the end of November164. His first trips show that the American found himself again165,166. After claiming to feel “no pain”, he finished ninth in the tournament and made a successful comeback165,167,168. To prepare for his comeback on the PGA Tour, Woods trained in his backyard in Florida, where he had training greens built.

After long months of absence and great uncertainties, Tiger Woods made his return to the world stage at the Farmers Insurance Open where he obtained an encouraging 23rd place. In difficulty at the Genesis Open because of the narrowness of the fairways, he was present the following week at the Honda Classic to play two consecutive tournaments for the first time in many years. Tiger Woods signed four good cards and finished in 12th place 170.

The return to the forefront of world golf was confirmed during the Valspar Championship in Palm Harbor, where he finished in a resounding second place54. He hits hard and his swing speed places him among the best on the world circuit171. Woods is present at the Masters and if he does not win, he is already making a success of his media return with an accepted and recounted redemption172.

Selected by Jim Furyk for the Ryder Cup, he achieved one of his goals for the season, helped by his second place in the PGA Championship a few weeks earlier and a final eleventh place in the Ryder Cup standings score 23,173,174. Tiger Woods wins the last tournament of the season, the Tour Championship, with a -11 card, his first success since 2013.

On April 14, 2019, he returned to success in Major, and won the Augusta Masters for the fifth time in his career177, notably with a lead over Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka. He thus signs his fifteenth victory in major. He’s only three units away from legendary Jack Nicklaus. United States President Donald Trump presents him with the country’s highest civilian decoration, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, on May 6, 2019.

Accident of February 23, 2021

On the morning of Tuesday, February 23, 2021, as Tiger Woods took a county road, with a steep profile and wide lanes of traffic allowing a speed of 45 mph (72 km / h) 179, he lost control of his vehicle which crosses a central reservation, rolls over several times and ends its course in the vicinity of the 2 × 2 lanes it was taking. Luckily, no oncoming vehicle was struck.

The accident happened at around 7:12 a.m. (PST) at Rolling Hills Estates north of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County with a Genesis GV80 Courtesy Vehicle that he was driving alone and that he had available for the week180. The accident site is located at 26475 County Route N7 (33 ° 47’09 “N 118 ° 21’53” W).

The emergency services freed him from the vehicle, suffered serious leg injuries and had to be admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles181 for emergency surgery182,183. The severity of his injuries, in particular his multiple open leg fractures, could jeopardize his professional career184.

The trajectory of the vehicle was recorded by an accident data recorder185. This trajectory is considered to determine if a crime has taken place, but if the accident is considered an unintentional accident the information is kept secret / confidential and the case closed186.

The loss of vehicle control is questioned by some experts who believe that a vehicle going straight into a bend could be caused by a sleepy driver.

The Los Angeles police understood the cause of the accident but needed Tiger Woods’ consent to reveal it while protecting his privacy.

On March 16, three weeks after his accident, Woods announced on social networks that he was released from the hospital and that he is now continuing his recovery at home in Florida. The installation of a metal rod in the tibia of the right leg (as well as several screws at the level of his ankle) is necessary, in order to consolidate his injuries.

Gameplay style

Upon entering the professional circuit, Tiger Woods amazes with the exceptional length of his drive. His first shot gives him an advantage over his competition. He sends it so far that his drive eliminates all the difficulties of the courses planned to receive the first shots from 250 yards and not from 300 yards and more. For a decade, he largely dominated his opponents, stringing together victories with unparalleled confidence18,193. Physically, his body is perfect for his sport, from his height of 1.85 m to his balance between flexibility and musculature78. A workaholic, he hits 600 balls a day on the driving range before spending several hours on the small game and putting55.

His style, judged as “ultra-aggressive” in 1998, consists of hitting a first blow as far as possible to attack the flags with a second high and precise blow194. Physically demanding, this style of play is particularly effective in Augusta194. A total golfer, technically, physically and mentally, Woods dazzles with his ability to combine power and length.

His swing evolved several times during his career196. As early as 1997, his enormous rotation of the shoulders at high speed made sports therapists think that he was going to have back injuries. The day after his first victory in major, he made the first total overhaul of his mechanics until he obtained full control. Over the years, he shortened his movement and increased its speed, approaching the ball in 2007 and then moving away from it196. Each adjustment requires a new learning and a building of confidence in his new gesture198. However, Woods still has one of the fastest swings on the circuit, his clubhead consistently exceeding 200 km / h199,200.

Also in 2007, Woods also changed the position of his wrists on approaches and short play to save himself physically201.

From May 1999 to July 2010, Tiger Woods only used one putter in competition, the Titleist202 Scotty Cameron. In 2018, he looked for himself and tried three different putters.


Competitive from childhood, Woods distinguished himself when he first started out on the professional circuit for his attitude on the course, his way of celebrating his finest shots with an angry clenched fist and a warlike body language that reinforces the intimidation of others. -views of his opponents203. When he leads in a tournament, he is almost undefeated on the last day, keeping or consolidating his lead. On the contrary, he won few tournaments when he was led to the morning of the last day204. The Tiger is so dominant that his opponents expect him to win and tend to be worse than when he is absent205.

Introverted and shy by nature, Tiger Woods changes his personality when he has a golf club in hand, showing himself to be confident or even arrogantb 13. If he wishes to be alone to read books or play video games, fame and the money changes it; he tries to be the representation of a world star13,20. At the height of his popularity, only basketball legend Michael Jordan could compete on this court. He bought a Porsche Carrera GT but returned it quickly, after losing control on the lawn near his home13. Still traveling by private jet in his own Gulfstream G550 and owns a 47m yacht he named Privacynote 24 and a small diving boat named Solitude13,82.

Lonely like his motherb 34, he is in a sort of emotional desert82. Woods has a handful of friends including Rory McIlroy18, Michael Jordan and Notah Begay, his childhood friend and roommate at Stanford.

Politically, Woods is an independent207. In January 2009, after having publicly congratulated him on his “incredible” election208, he gave a speech on the theme of the army as part of a big public celebration organized by President-elect Barack Obama to celebrate his future inauguration. as President of the United States209. Three months later, he visited the White House and its tenant to promote the golf tournament that his foundation organized, the AT&T National210. In December 2016 and November 2017, Tiger Woods played golf with serving US President Donald Trump at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach211,212.

In 1999, Woods underwent laser eye surgery using the Lasik method to correct severe myopia213,214,215. The operation is successful, it is no longer necessary for the golfer to wear glasses or contact lenses, his vision is even 20/15 score 25,213. The golfer even becomes the spokesperson for the company that operates him216. In 2007, he had to be operated again following the deterioration of his vision217.

Woods is inspired by certain precepts of Buddhism, which comes to him from the Asian origins of his mother, helps him to control his impatience and his stubbornness.

Impact on golf

The rise of Tiger Woods in 1997 changed golf itself. It brings a physical dimension and proves that accuracy on the first try is not as essential as its length219. The first golfer to make weight training an indispensable element, he presented golf as a sport for real athletes. Phenomenon, he entered the pantheon of sport in a few seasons, aligning all the major tournaments at only 25 years old220. Tiger Woods embodies golf as few athletes have embodied an individual discipline55.

Like Arnold Palmer thirty years before him, Tiger Woods electrifies golf with his youth, his ardor and his twenties arrogance. At the end of his first year on the circuit, he was named by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential Americans. He takes golf out of country clubs and makes it “cool” 195. In the first country of golf, it made it popular in the black community and accelerated its development222. He inspires young golf players even if he recruits few223. The anticipation of a strong development of golf led to the construction of many golf courses on American soil in the late 1990s and early 2000s, leading to numerous bankruptcies a few years later223.

Of all the American sportsmen, only Michael Jordan and Mohamed Ali are better known than Tiger Woods224. Its presence in professional tournaments greatly increases television audiences225. An undisputed headliner, its media exposure benefits its sponsors, who benefit from greater visibility224. He is also the most followed and commented golfer on social networks224.

Tiger Woods is the idol of a generation of players a decade younger than him like Patrick Reednote 26, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau or Jason Day226,227,228.

Breaking down social barriers, it allows African-Americans to enter the Augusta National Golf Club229. However, he is criticized for not having had more impact on African Americans despite his importance and power. Two decades after his victory at the 1997 Masters, only two African-American players have secured a card on the PGA Tour Joseph Bramlett and Harold Varner III; the latter declares that the Tiger had no particular impact on its course231.

Off the pitch

Other activites

Golf remains the main passion of Tiger Woods who writes columns [unclear] for Golf Digest magazine from 1997 until the scandal of 2010232. The relationship between the golfer and the magazine is at an all-time low three years later when Dan Jenkins writes a fake interview233.

In 2014, Tiger Woods opened his first golf course in Mexico234. The following year, he opened his first golf course in the United States, in the suburbs of Houston. In 2016, he worked on various projects for new courses, notably one with Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani for the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai234.

In August 2015, Tiger Woods opened a restaurant in Florida, The Woods Jupiter, attracting golfers and other stars to an unpretentious family setting.

Relationship with his father

Earl is Tiger Woods’ father, trainer, best friend and confidant at the same time. A key figure from his childhood, he did everything to make him a sports champion, even using psychological warfare tactics learned in the army to strengthen him mentally58,114,236. Earl follows him around the world and shares his travels13. Smokerb 6, his father had to undergo a triple bypass surgery in February 1997 and his state of health was weakened58. After the 2004 Masters, they went together to Fort Bragg to visit the military base and parachute, the opportunity for the son to understand his father’s world13. In the winter of 2005, knowing his father’s declining health, Tiger took a hiatus of almost a month without touching a golf club13. Before the start of the 2006 season, he visited a SEAL13 base again. After the death of his father a few months later, Tiger Woods tested the SR-25 sniper rifle at a training base east of San Diego13. Young, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps in the army and become a SEAL13. He continued his travels in the military ranks between 2006 and 2007, talking more and more about his dream which became an obsession78,13. The Tiger gets involved in military culture, runs the 4 miles in combat shoes and trains for exercises when he cannot sleep13. After a meeting with his agent, Mark Steinberg, in August 2007, Tiger Woods abandoned his military objective.

Sentimental life

Bad dancer, strange speaker, introvert, teenager Tiger Woods doesn’t attract girlsb 35. His first girlfriend, Dina Gravell, is one of the prettiest girls in high schoolb 36. The young golfer stays with her for several years, passing most of her free time at home to avoid the atmosphere of her family homeb 37. If she is her confidante, Dina hides and does not like the media attentionb 18. In 1995, when she accompanies him on a college tournament, Tiger Woods, influenced by his parents, ends their relationship with a simple letter without her having the opportunity to speak to him or approach himb 38

During the 2001 British Open, Tiger Woods met Elin Nordegren, a former Swedish model turned au pair to fellow golfer Jesper Parnevik237. In November 2003, while Tiger competed in the Presidents Cup in South Africa, they officially became engaged in the Shamwari Nature Reserve, near Port Elizabeth. On October 5, 2004, Tiger and Elin got married near the 19th hole of the private Sandy Lane golf course in Barbados. This sumptuous wedding, which costs the couple nearly $ 1.5 million, counts among its guests Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates237,239.

On June 18, 2007, the day after Tiger Woods second place at the 2007 US Open, the couple announced the birth of their first daughter named Sam Alexis240. A month later, according to a tabloid, he brought in a pornographic star to meet her during a golf tournament13. The National Enquirer newspaper contacted Tiger Woods during the summer and negotiated with him an interview and exclusive coverage for Men’s Fitness so as not to reveal images with a mistress13,82. On February 8, 2009, Elin gave birth to a son named Charlie Axel241.

At the end of 2009, a scandal broke out in broad daylight on his infidelities with nineteen identified mistresses, one of whom was the pornographic actress Joslyn James242. All of them are Caucasian and for the most part blond, initiating a debate on Woods’ place in the African-American community78. On February 19, 2010, he made his public apologies and announced that he would return “one day” to the circuit243. As a result of this story, they divorced in August 2010244,245. As he had announced, on the following March 16, he made his return to the professional circuit during the 2010 edition of the Augusta Masters246. In March 2013, he announced that he was in a relationship with Lindsey Vonn247. On May 3, 2015, Lindsey Vonn announced on social networks that the two champions had decided to separate.

In 2015, the golfer got into a relationship with Kristin Smith, a blonde woman resembling Elin Nordegren. When the couple separated two years later, in a climate of potential deception249, Woods made Smith sign a confidentiality contract250. He does not stay alone for long since he was seen in September 2017 during the Presidents Cup with Erica Herman251. A former employee of The Woods Jupiter restaurant, Herman quits her job and follows the golfer on the courses throughout 2018.

In 2015, the golfer got into a relationship with Kristin Smith, a blonde woman resembling Elin Nordegren. When the couple separated two years later, in a climate of potential deception249, Woods made Smith sign a confidentiality contract250. He does not stay alone for long since he was seen in September 2017 during the Presidents Cup with Erica Herman251. A former employee of The Woods Jupiter restaurant, Herman quits her job and follows the golfer on the courses throughout 2018251.


In 1996, Tiger Woods and his father created the Tiger Woods Foundation or TGR Foundation with the objectives of promoting education and providing scholarships to young people252,253. Over the years and the successes of the golfer, the foundation multiplied its donations, grew and diversified its operations252. She organizes tournaments, collects important donations and helps golfers like the Nepalese sportswoman Pratima Sherpa to have their chance252,254. The main tournament organized is the AT&T National, held annually by invitation from 2007 to 2018, which allows the construction of three education centers255.

Financial aspects

Tiger Woods was the highest paid sportsman in the world in the 2000s. By the middle of the decade, the golfer was seen as every advertiser’s “dream ”256. Its partnership with the equipment supplier Nike is one of the most lucrative in the sport. After a first contract signed as soon as the young golfer passed through the professionals, the American brand renegotiated the agreement with Woods in 2000 for an amount of 105 million dollars256. In all of his public appearances, including advertising, the player wears comma256 branded products. Nike makes him a brand, reinforces his image as a “cool” athlete and makes him appear in an advertisement juggling a ball on his club for almost thirty seconds206. The American company supports him in his media scandal around his infidelities and uses the voice of his deceased father in a controversial advertisement to make him grow up257. Capitalizing on his successes in 2013258, she remained by his side when he was arrested haggard in 2017259.

American Express, Accenture, Buicknote 27, Electronic Arts and TAG Heuer are among the other brands with which Tiger Woods signs an advertising contract256. Gillette’s ambassador with Roger Federer and Thierry Henry from 2007, his contract was not renewed following the revelation of his infidelities260.

In October 2009, Forbes defined him as the first billionaire sportsman261, which the player denies262. The vast majority of golfer’s income comes from sponsorship contracts and off-course activities263. He is the first athlete to exceed $ 100 million in revenue over a year264. After the 2009 media scandal linked to the revelations of his infidelities, many companies, such as Accenture and AT&T, sever their contracts with the golfer over image issues264,265. As part of his divorce, he must pay 68 million euros in compensation to his ex-wife265. In 2016, his fortune was estimated at $ 740 million and his career income at more than $ 1.4 billion. This aspect of his career was developed by two French journalists in their book, Tiger Woods, the man with two faces.

In popular culture

In 1998, a telefilm looks back on the youth and the rise of Tiger Woods to the top of golf. Entitled The Tiger Woods Story, it focuses on the role of his father298. His career is the subject of multiple documentaries such as Tiger Woods: the Rise and Fall in 2010, Tiger Woods: Prodigy in 2012 or Tiger’s Six-Peat in 2015.

Reproduced in a painting by artist Rick Rush, the image of the golfer is at the center of a legal case involving many other celebrities.

In 2006, Tiger Woods was portrayed in the Million Dollar Grandpa episode of the animated television series The Simpsons. At the heart of the media attention following the scandal related to the golfer’s links, Woods is caricatured in the first episode of season 14 of the television series South Park or by the show Saturday Night Live300,301.

Equal to the fame of the American football video game series with John Madden, Tiger Woods is the figure in the PGA Tour302 golf video game series. In 2007, EA Sports had Tiger Woods play on Hollywood Boulevard303 before staging a year later an observed glitch on the game by making him walk on water to promote the new opus in the series304. Withdrawn from the cover of the game for version 12 following the extra-sporting escapades of the golfer305, he is back in the next two editions, ensuring the promotion by a short film with Arnold Palmer306, before being definitively replaced by Rory McIlroy307. Nearly 25 million games have been sold with the American player on the cover.

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