Selena Gomez naked on Instagram, the photo that shakes the web

Selena Gomez naked on Instagram, the photo that shakes the web


The snapshot appeared on celebrity photographer Mert Alas’ Instagram account yesterday. We see the very naked American singer Selena Gomez, in a golden thong, posing for him, a dressing gown covering his chest. The photo disappeared from her account, before resurfacing on several fan accounts of the singer, who were quick to take a screenshot. It is not known when the photo was taken, nor if it will be used for a magazine or perhaps an album cover. The singer, meanwhile, has not posted the photo, and was last posted five days ago, an image of herself putting on makeup. With 107 million followers on Instagram, Selena Gomez is the most followed personality on the social network dedicated to photos, despite her media retirement since the summer of 2016.


Selena Gomez has found love again. “E! News ”learned yesterday that the singer was in a relationship with The Weeknd. As proof, the site publishes photos of them hugging and kissing outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. Not happy to discover her ex in the arms of an acquaintance of her, Bella Hadid – who split from The Weeknd in October 2016 – hastened to unsubscribe from Selena Gomez’s account. But the latter doesn’t care. At the 2016 American Music Awards, when she returned to the stage after a break from her wellness, she said, “Now I don’t need to be approved by the eyes of others. ”

Selena Gomez nude, the sensual photos of the star

Selena Gomez has posed several times under the eyes of talented photographers. The young woman isn’t afraid to strip herself, literally. Very sensual shots that have panicked the Web.

Selena Gomez has grown up. The former Disney star has become a woman, and now she is daring everything. The image of the wise little girl is far behind her. The young woman keeps trying new things, especially on the professional side. In recent years, the performer of “We don’t talk anymore” has diversified in every way. On the cinema side, the actress has appeared in many films such as “Spring Breakers” and “The Dead don’t Die”. Selena Gomez also went behind the camera as a producer for the hit series, “13 reasons why”. Between her albums and her other pursuits, the singer has also ventured into modeling. On several occasions, the young woman stripped naked for the lens.

Selena Gomez strips off for her “Revival Tour”

Several years ago, Selena Gomez went on tour for her album “Revival”. This period of the young woman marks a turning point on a professional but above all personal side. The singer no longer wants to be seen as the nice girl of the “Wizards of Waverly Place”, but as a woman. And what better than an international tour to show off your new image? Fans of the star are following her transformation closely. But a moment particularly caught their attention. At a concert in Las Vegas, Selena Gomez left her audience speechless.

And for good reason, on stage she wears only flesh-colored panties. Still hiding her chest, the star remains very sensual and does not fall into the vulgar side. On the Web, the pictures of this famous show are relayed en masse. However, among Internet users opinions are divided. For some, it was time for the celebrity to step out of its Disney-imposed image for years. By showing the woman that she really is, she proves that she grew up with her audience. Others do not understand this fad of stars of wanting to take their clothes off at all costs. During this time, Selena Gomez feels more free than before. And even if she divides opinions, the young woman assumes who she is.

Selena Gomez, hot photos for Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez announces the color. Since promoting her album “Revival”, the singer has decided to be transparent with her fans. On several occasions, nude photos of the young woman are posted on her social networks. Always very sensual, the cliché remains rich and sober. Dressed as Eve, the “Taki Taki” performer sets the goal. The post has been loved by over 2 million internet users. Selena Gomez is no longer afraid of getting naked.

But that’s not the only photo that has thrown fans of the star into a panic. The ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber would have posted a photo to seduce him … Half hidden in linen curtains, the young woman mingles her body with the fabric for a photo that made the fans react. And for good reason, at this moment Selena Gomez is in a relationship with the interpreter of “Sorry”. For internet users, there is no doubt that this publication is aimed directly at him.


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Selena Gomez, behind the lens of famous Mario Testino

By being constantly watched, Internet users monitor Selena Gomez’s slightest deeds and gestures. Three years ago, the 27-year-old was subject to virulent criticism on social networks, in particular because of her weight gain. Fans are worried about his physical health, but also about his mental health. But the singer doesn’t stop living. She even decides to have her picture taken by the famous Mario Testino. The photographer is known worldwide for his shots of all kinds of personalities. For many stars, being chosen as a role model is a privilege.

Among them, Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss or Miley Cyrus have already lent themselves to the game. Regarding Selena Gomez, the young woman was part of the series “Towels / Serviettes”. The principle is simple, the mannequins are dressed only in towels, which hide certain parts of their anatomy. For Selena Gomez, one covers her hair, while the other covers her chest. In profile, the black and white shot highlights the singer’s shapes and curves.

Once again, Selena Gomez proves that she takes responsibility for her body, and above all that she feels good about herself. These are not the only photos where she appears naked. A few months before this famous shoot, the singer made the cover of “V Magazine”. Above, the young woman is only in shorts, and hides her upper body with her arms. In several years, Selena Gomez has fully asserted herself. Today, she took a step back from social media and the comments she might receive about her physique.


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