Robert ten Brink

Robert ten Brink


Robert ten Brink (Amsterdam, October 20, 1955) is a Dutch television presenter who once started as an actor. He is best known as the presenter of programs such as the Youth News, Lingo, All You Need Is Love, Let Them Laugh, (Weekend) Millionaires and Holland’s Got Talent. Ten Brink has been working at RTL 4 since 2006.


After HAVO, where he never learned to speak English well (‘where did you came from’), Ten Brink successfully completed the cabaret academy. In 1977 he joined theater group Splinter with Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh.

Ten Brink started at the KRO in 1979 as a radio DJ. Until 1982 he presented the Noenshow there together with Hubert van Hoof and Bram van Splunteren. From 1985 to 1995, he also voiced Sinterklaas in Frits Spits’ De Avondspits every 5 December, making fun of the saintly man.

In 1981 he switched to TV with the quiz Cijfers en Letters. Other programs followed, including the Jeugdjournaal at the NOS and Superfan and Wereldwijs for the VARA. The Youth News was his big breakthrough. In 1989 he became the first presenter of the popular games program Lingo.

In 1992 he left for Veronica, first a public broadcaster and from 1995 a commercial broadcaster, to present the extremely successful All You Need Is Love there. All You Need … attracted approximately four million viewers per episode in the first season, becoming the signature exponent of Dutch emotion TV. In addition, he presented the De Travestieshow from 1995 to 1997, which gave the show travesty national fame. [1]

In 1998 SBS6 offered Ten Brink a five-year contract, and he left for that broadcaster, taking All You Need Is Love with him. [2] In 1999 he started there with the presentation of the games program Lotto Weekend Millionaires. He also presented Big Diet, a Big Brother-like reality program, in which a group of overweight people was followed as they tried to lose weight.

When the Lotto, the main sponsor of the program, decided in February 2006 to transfer Weekend Millionaires to RTL 4, the SBS-bound Ten Brink threatened to lose his program. Because the program All You Need Is Love had also stopped, he thought that SBS had nothing more to offer him. He then decided to resign immediately. [3] He signed a three-year contract with RTL, where he could continue to present Weekend Millionaires. It was also announced that he would present a new Saturday evening program the following year.

In the 2006/2007 season, Ten Brink played a prominent role in the performance De Grote Arie & Silvester Spektakel Show by cabaret duo Arie and Silvester, where he gave assignments to the duo as presenter of a game show through a large video screen.

From the autumn of 2008 Ten Brink presented a game show called The Moment of Truth; the Dutch version of The Moment Of Truth, in which the candidates could earn money by speaking the truth. Weekend Millionaires had meanwhile stopped.

In 2008 Ten Brink was a civil registrar of Breda for two hours. He was allowed to marry people between 12:00 and 14:00. This also included a same-sex marriage.

In 2009 Ten Brink was a guest at the Toppers in Concert, in the ArenA.

From 28 November 2009, Ten Brink will also present the quiz Success Insured, previously presented by Carlo Boszhard.

For RTL 4 Ten Brink crawled in 2010 and 2011 in the role of Saint Nicholas for the Club of Sinterklaas Feest. Since 2012 Wilbert Gieske has taken over the role.

From 2015 to 2016 Ten Brink presented the quiz BankGiro Loterij The Big Picture on the Sunday evening of RTL 4. [4] In 2015 he was also the narrator in the major musical-Biblical Easter event The Passion in Enschede.

On May 25, 2019, Ten Brink returned as presenter of the quiz BankGiro Millionaires on RTL 4.


Ten Brink has been married to the half-Italian Roos Cialona (1956) since 1981. Together they have five daughters. A few years ago, he was featured in an advertisement for biscuit brand Liga with his whole family. Daughter Charlotte ten Brink participated in the second season of Popstars. Ten Brink has a black labrador named Coen, named after his late friend Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh.


1993: AVRO Gouden Televizier-Ring for the best television program;
2000: Silver Televizier star for best male television personality.
2013: Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau [5]
Broadcasters and stations

1979 – 1982KRO
1983 – 1989NOS
1986 – 1992VARA
1992 – 1995VOO
1995 – 1998Veronica
1998 – 2006SBS6
2006 – presentRTL

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