Richard marx satisfied song

Richard marx satisfied song


Satisfied (Richard Marx song) – Satisfied (Richard Marx song)

“Satisfied” is a hit song recorded by American rock singer Richard Marx for his second album, Recidivist. It was the second of three consecutive No. 1s for Richard on the Hot Billboard 100 Singles Chart.

List of tracks

All songs written by Richard Marx.

“Satisfied” – 3:58

“I should have known better” [Live] – 4:57
Track 1 produced by Richard Marx and David Cole.
Track 2 produced by Humberto Gatica.


“Satisfied” was Richard Marx’s debut single on Recidivist’s highly anticipated second album. Heavy attention to radio, video and retail led to the debut of the single # 39 Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, during the week of May 6, 1989. The single rose steadily to the top , reaching No. 1 the week of June 24, 1989. “Satisfied” was the first of five best singles from Marx’s second studio album, which kept the artist on the singles list consecutively for over a year in 1989 and 1990.

Weekly charts

Graphic (1989)Advanced position
Australia (ARIA)20
Canada Top Singles2
Germany (German official charts)42
Netherlands (Unique Top 100)25
UK Singles (OCC)52
US Hot Display Panel1
us Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks Billboard5

Year-end graphics

Graphic (1989)Position
Australie (ARIA)64
Canada Top Singles (RPM)32
États-Unis (Panneau d’affichage)54


Richard Marx: vocals and backing vocals
Cynthia Rhodes: backing vocals
Mike Baird: drums
Paulinho da Costa: percussion
Randy Jackson: bass guitar
Bruce Gaitsch: guitar
Michael Landau: guitar and guitar solo
C.J. Vanston: keyboards
Bill Payne: Hammond B3 Organ

Richard Marx – Satisfied Lyrics

– Yeah, yeah
– Whoa

– We work our bodies weary
– To stay alive
– There must be more to living
– Than nine to five

– Why should we wait for some better time?
– There may not even be a tomorrow
– Ain’t no sense in losing your mind
– I’m gonna make it worth the ride

– Don’t you know
– I won’t give up until I’m satisfied?
– Don’t you know
– Why should I stop until I’m satisfied?

– Ignore the hesitation
– That ties your hands
– Use your imagination
– And take a chance

–  Won’t let my moment of truth pass me by
– I’ve gotta make my move, now or never
– And if they turn me loose on this town
– They’re gonna have to hold me down

– Don’t you know
– I won’t give up until I’m satisfied?
– Don’t you know
– Why should I stop until I’m satisfied?
– Yeah

– Don’t you know
– Ain’t gonna stop up until we’re satisfied?
– Don’t you know
– We shouldn’t stop until we’re satisfied?
– Yeh, yeah

– Don’t you know
– Ain’t gonna stop until I’m satisfied? Yeah
– Don’t you know
– We won’t give up until we’re satisfied?
– Oh, oh, oh

– Why should I stop before I’m satisfied? Ow

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