Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame


Nikki Grahame born April 28, 19821 in Watford, England and died April 9, 20212, is a British television personality.


In 2003, she appeared as a guest on the BBC soap opera EastEnders and played a footballer’s wife in Sky One’s Dream Team. She is a candidate for the ITV dating show Blind Date. Additionally, Grahame, who has a National Vocational Qualification in Cosmetology, also took part in the 2004 Miss Hertfordshire pageant, where she placed fourth.

In 2006, she participated in Big Brother 77, where she was eliminated by the public on the 58th day.

When she leaves the house, she bursts into tears, she is unable to go out and down the stairs, she cries so much. Host Davina McCall has to force her down. On Day 83 the public votes for her and three other former contestants to reenter the game, but in a second home. On the 86th day, the last remaining candidates choose to take over Nikki. She finally finished in fifth position in the final.

During her adventure, she maintains a romantic relationship with the future winner Pete Bennett. In September 2006 they separate. There was a controversy because from the age of 12, she had psychiatric and anorexic problems, but she was still selected for the casting of Big Brother.

From 2007 to 2009, she presented various shows and Channel 4 offered her her own show, Princess Nikki.

On August 24, 2010, she entered the Big Brother House for the last time for the finale of the ending show, Ultimate Big Brother. On September 10, she arrives in the final, is finished second, behind the double winner (of the Ultimate and of season 2 of Big Brother) Brian Dowling.

In 2012, she participated in the show Celebrity Coach Trip in pairs with Aisleyne (Big Brother finalist).

Nikki Grahame moves to France in March 2014

On June 12, 2015, she participates again in Big Brother, but on the new channel, Channel 5. She joins the adventure on the 32nd day, with at her side Helen Wood (the winner of the previous season) and Brian Belo (the winner of season 8 in 2007). All three live in a secret room, with a falsely eliminated candidate from this 16th season: Marc. Friday June 26 Grahame and Wood leave the house (Belo having voluntarily left the house 3 days earlier).

In 2016, she was invited to participate in the 4th season of Big Brother Canada. She enters the game on Day 7, along with Tim Dormer (Big Brother Australia Season 10 winner). She is eliminated on the 63rd day, but is part of the final jury.

Nikki Grahame appears in Channel 5’s documentary In Therapy which aired on August 3, 2017.

In 2018, during the last season of Big Brother UK on Channel 5, she was once again invited alongside Josie Gibson (Big Brother 11 winner and Ultimate Big Brother candidate) and Kim Woodburn (Celebrity Big Brother finalist) 19). They entered on the 48th day, five days before the final28,29,30,31 which led to a controversy, 2700 spectators complaining by telephone to the ethics committee, ICSTIS.

Nikki Grahame dies on April 9, 2021 after undergoing treatment at a specialist clinic for anorexia.


  • 2003: EastEnders
  • 2003: Dream Team
  • 2003: Blind Date
  • 2006: Big Brother
  • 2006: Princess Nikki
  • 2006-2020: This Morning
  • 2010: Ultimate Big Brother
  • 2011–2018: Big Brother’s Bit on the Side
  • 2011–2018: Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side
  • 2012: Celebrity Coach Trip
  • 2015-2018: Big Brother
  • 2015: The Family Outing: Nina (Movie)
  • 2016: Big Brother Canada 4
  • 2017: In Therapy
  • 2018: Lorraine
  • 2019: Good Morning Britain
  • 2020: Big Brother: Best Shows Ever


  • 2006: National Television Awards: Most Popular TV Contender


  • Dying To Be Thin, John Blake, 2009 (ISBN 9781857826616)
  • Fragile, John Blake, 2012 (ISBN 9781857826616)

Death of Nikki Grahame: iconic Big Brother candidate dies at only 38

Reality TV star Nikki Grahame best known for appearing in the seventh season of Big Brother UK, has just passed away. She was only 38 years old.

The American reality TV world is in mourning: Nikki Grahame, known to be the star of the seventh season of the Big Brother reality TV, has just left this world at just 38 years old. It was the representative of the young woman who broke the sad news: “Nikki Grahame passed away in the wee hours of Friday, April 9, 2021,” the spokesperson wrote. “Please respect the privacy of Nikki’s friends and family at this tragic and difficult time.” Fans of the young woman will not know the origin of this tragedy, since no cause of death has been announced to the media. However, Nikki Grahame is known to have recently visited a specialist clinic to treat her eating disorders. His friends and his community of fans had indeed carried out an online fundraiser to be able to pay him this treatment. A statement was recently posted on her GoFundMe page: “Nikki has not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also her friends and family who will be sorely missed.”

Lifelong struggle against anorexia

In 2006, Nikki Grahame finished in fifth place in the seventh season of Big Brother, then in 2010, she was a finalist in the Ultimate Big Brother competition. Former show host Davina McCall said on Twitter that she was “hopelessly sad” when the news broke, adding that Nikki was “the funniest, bubbly [and] sweetest girl” . “My thoughts are with her friends and family,” she said. After Big Brother, Nikki Grahame had publicized her fight against anorexia, by publishing two books: Dying to be thin: the true story of my lifelong battle against anorexia published in 2009, and Fragile, released in 2012. In her first book, she reveals to have been affected by anorexia nervosa from the age of eight, being convinced to be overweight from an early age. A disorder which has unfortunately become more and more extreme over the years.

Nikki Grahame: anorexic, the Big Brother candidate died at 38

British reality TV star, best known for her participation in the seventh season of the Big Brother show in 2006, Nikki Grahame died on Friday April 9 at the age of 38.

British reality TV is in mourning. One of its iconic figures, Nikki Grahame, bowed out this Friday at the age of 38. “Nikki Grahame passed away in the wee hours of Friday, April 9, 2021,” her representative wrote in a statement. “Please respect the privacy of Nikki’s friends and family at this tragic and difficult time.” The young woman had suffered from anorexia for years and weighed only 35 kilos at the time of her disappearance. Nikki Grahame spoke about this mental illness that affected her since her youth through two autobiographical works, Dying too thin, released in 2009 and Fragile, published in 2012. In addition, she had made several suicide attempts. Recently, the young woman had been admitted to a specialized clinic to treat her eating disorders, which her friends had helped finance by launching an online fundraiser on March 10. “The basic treatment Nikki received just isn’t working for her, so her only option now is to undergo intensive treatment alongside meticulous private therapy,” the collection description read. A cure at a relatively high price, since the friends of Nikki Grahame have specified that the latter amounted to 25,000 pounds per month (or about 30,000 euros). The pot had managed to raise 70,000 pounds sterling (80,000 euros), which will ultimately be donated to an association that supports people with anorexia.

Tributes multiply

The fundraiser page administrator posted the following post after Nikki Grahame’s death: “Nikki has not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also her friends and family who will be sorely missed.” Davina McCall, the former host of the Big Brother show who revealed Nikki, meanwhile said on Twitter that she was “hopelessly sad”, adding that the missing young woman was “the funniest, most bubbly (and) the softer “there is.

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