Naya Rivera pregnant and totally naked

Naya Rivera pregnant and totally nude


Demi Moore hit the headlines in 1991 when she posed totally nude on the cover of Vanity Fair, immortalized by Annie Leibovitz. 24 years later, pregnancy nudes no longer shock anyone and all the pregnant celebrities have gone there for their photoshoots. glamor a few weeks before giving birth. Naya Rivera is one of them, and the alluring actress from the Glee series, in which she played cheerleader Santana Lopez, shared on Instagram a few snaps from her photoshoot in the simplest device. The 28-year-old starlet who is currently expecting her first child has posted several photos where she can be seen showing off her round belly and concealing her breast behind a fur stole. The actress in the air of Kim Kardashian also poses in a long black ultra-tight dress which underlines her generous curves of mother-to-be. On Twitter, Naya Rivera defended her choice by specifying that she was wearing a black shorty in the photo: ” I chose to share photos of my pregnancy because I think it’s a really beautiful time in my life, very special. And my belly is so big you can’t even see the black boyshorts I’m wearing! ! #illusion “. This is not the first time that the beautiful brunette, who is clearly experiencing a very fulfilling pregnancy, has displayed her luscious and sexy figure on social networks. Lately, the one who will give birth in less than two weeks gave her admirers a glimpse of her tanning session in the simplest device.

Naya Rivera, pregnant: she poses nude like Kim Kardashian

Pregnant with her first child, Naya Rivera has decided to reveal her baby bump completely nude. Compared to Kim Kardashian who has just done the same thing, the American actress discovered in “Glee” defends herself …

Naya Rivera has been accused of copying Kim Kardashian. The reason ? The two women both decided to pose nude while pregnant, and of course on the same day. Indeed, while Kanye West categorically refused that his wife appears nude again, Kim Kardashian could not help revealing her pregnant body to the world, in particular in order to silence all the rumors. surrounding her pregnancy.

Naya Rivera, who is also about to give birth to her first child, has also died. Obviously, the comparison between the two young women was obvious on social networks, which irritated Naya to the highest point. The “Glee” actress quickly got the ball rolling on Twitter: “I chose to share the photos of my pregnancy because I think it’s a special and beautiful time in my life. So give it a try. to make noise out of nothing based on stupid assumptions is horrible. What a shame! To write, to write, to write a story that is not one. ”


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Naya Rivera, radiant future mother

At the same time, Naya Rivera unveiled another exclusive photo from her shoot. Baby bump molded in a long black slit dress, the young mother is ultra glamorous to immortalize her last moments as a pregnant woman. For Yahoo Style, the beautiful brunette confided that she had gained weight but that she did not regret it: “I was very careful to give the baby, nutritionally speaking, everything he needed: vegetables and vitamins and all that sort of thing (…) But I clearly have my vices and it’s nice to be able to allow myself them for once. I’m paying the price, but it’s nice “.

Naya Rivera: very sexy bikini on Twitter and denial of her departure from Glee

What could be better than a vacation to get away from the daily grind? At the center of many rumors about her future in Glee and her musical career, Naya Rivera decided to take her mind off her head and flew to the sun. She shared her hot holiday snaps on Instagram. At the same time, the FOX channel has just responded to rumors of his dismissal.
As we know, stars love to show us their bikinis. Whether it’s Ashley Benson, Laury Thilleman or Emily Ratajkowski, all use their charms to make us jealous. And Naya Rivera has gone all out.

Naya Rivera on vacation

The bomba latina posted two very hot photos on her Instagram account. On the first, we can see it from behind facing the beach. On the second, we find her lying by the pool in a bikini to melt more than one. It must be said that the actress and singer has a dream body

Santana stays in Glee

If Big Sean’s ex can therefore enjoy the sun in all serenity, it is because his place in Glee is not in danger. If there were any rumors (denied by the actress’ agent) that Naya Rivera had been fired from Glee, nothing is true. This Sunday, FOX in turn denied these rumors in a press release unveiled by the Associated Press. “There is no truth to the rumor that Naya was fired from the show. She remains under contract for Glee.” The musical series, whose season 5 finale will be unveiled on May 13, will return next year for a final season.

Her hottest Instagram photos

To celebrate this announcement and the arrival of sunny days, we invite you to discover below the sexiest Instagram photos of the interpreter of Santana:


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Naya Rivera’s dad accuses Ryan Murphy of not keeping his promise for the actress’ son’s studies.

SCANDAL : The star passed away last July, leaving behind a child who is now 5 years old and the “Glee” producer promised to fund his education.

Naya Rivera’s dad  is angry with Ryan Murphy. After the death of the actress from Glee last summer, the producer of the cult series promised to create a fund to finance the studies of Josey, the son of the interpreter of Santana. Except that according to George Rivera, this is still not the case. And he made it known in a series of angry tweets.

“Everyone needs to know what Ryan Murphy really did… or didn’t do !!! I’m about to blow this story up… and make sure he knows that I know… When you’re part of the Hollywood elite, some people treat others like they’re “less than”… They talk about a good game, but it is as superficial as the settings they create on stage. Promises made in public, which only fade with time and apologies … even in an inexplicable tragedy … “he wrote on Tuesday, tweets noted by People.

Still on the program

A little less than an hour later, the information had already passed to Ryan Muprhy. He replied on the social network by taking stock of the situation. “Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and I are committed to creating an academic fund for Naya Rivera’s child, Josey, through the Naya Rivera Estate Trust. We have had repeated conversations with the appropriate executors of his estate, ”he wrote.

The important word in this statement is of course “appropriate”, with Ryan Murphy indicating that he believes George Rivera is not the right person to bring up this kind of topic. Asked by People, Ryan Murphy repeated the same statement.

Naya Rivera drowned while on a boat trip with Josey, now five, on Lake Piru, Calif., On July 8. His body was not found until five days later. After the investigation, authorities believe the actress died saving her baby boy after being swept away by the current.

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