Naya Rivera Her sister in a relationship with her ex Ryan Dorsey I do not care at all

Naya Rivera: Her sister in a relationship with her ex Ryan Dorsey? “I do not care at all”


Without Naya Rivera, life is not the same. For Ryan Dorsey, the daily life has become an ordeal that he devotes entirely to the education of their son Josey. Fortunately, he can count on the help of Nickayla, the actress’s sister.

The ordeal of mourning, everyone goes through it as they can. And in the family of Naya Rivera, who died accidentally drowned in Lake Piru on July 8, 2020, we are particularly sticking together. Nickayla, the actress’s sister, is even said to be so close to her former brother-in-law that she moved with him to a three-bedroom house on the outskirts of the city of Los Angeles – according to information from the Daily Mail. The opportunity to help her raise little Josey … but also the opportunity, for many, to imagine a bit of anything.

“I don’t care how that can be interpreted”

On September 29, 2020, seeing that she was accused of having a romance with her sister’s ex, Nickayla Rivera spoke on her Instagram account. “In these difficult times, arguably the darkest times of my life, the only thing that matters to me is my family and friends,” she wrote. nephew, even if I can’t do it for myself. So I don’t really care how it is interpreted. Because no one is witnessing all these moments of agony that we go through. What matters really, it’s about showing compassion, not judging others. And most importantly, never to take life for granted. I hope you all can do the same. ”

“Josey is the only thing that exists for Ryan right now”

Ryan Dorsey was married to Naya Rivera from 2014 to 2018. Broken by the death of the actress, he has been seen on several occasions, hand in hand with Nickayla. “They seemed very comfortable together and undeniably help each other in this difficult time,” said a witness who had seen them together at the supermarket. It must be said that the ordeal is all the harder as the young man constantly sees his former companion in the eyes of Josey, the 5-year-old son they had together. As for the little boy, he accepts as best he can this new life without mom. “He’s adjusting well, ET’s reassured. Josey is the only thing that exists for Ryan right now. He’s still grieving and struggling to cope with the loss of Naya, but he remains strong and stands up for the welfare of his son. ” They are now two to take care of him …

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