Michiel Vos

Michiel Vos


Michiel Vos (Groningen, December 19, 1970) is a lawyer, journalist and United States correspondent. He has both Dutch and American nationality.


Vos is originally a lawyer, but decided to change course and become a journalist. It started in 2000 with an internship with Max Westerman during the American presidential elections. From 2004 to 2015, Vos could be heard every week as America correspondent in Ruud de Wild’s program Ruuddewild.nl. He is also currently [(since) when?] Working as a correspondent for the VRT (Dutch-speaking public broadcaster for radio and television in Belgium), EenVandaag (NPO 1) and Goedemorgen Nederland (KRO, Radio 1). Since 2017 he can be heard again on NPO Radio 2 in the program De Wild in de Middag.

In 2006 he also acted several times as America correspondent at Talpa for the last season Barend & Van Dorp. For the VPRO he is presenter of special film evenings on Nederland 3. In addition, since 2016 he has been one of the regular guests in the talk show RTL Late Night.

In 2014 the VPRO released the television documentary My America. Vos has been living in America for ten years now and shows the country through his own eyes. He shows the world of the rich and influential, such as his own American family, but also the land of the penniless, for whom the proverbial American dream often turns out to be a nightmare. He thus contrasts the America of the super rich “1%” with that of the poor, or impoverished “99%”, and observes that as a ‘kid from Groningen’ he feels uncomfortable at the extremes of this wealth gap.

In person

Vos lives in New York and was married on June 18, 2005 to the American Alexandra Pelosi with whom he has two children. She is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and a prominent member of the Democratic Party (United States). They met at the 2002 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, where she presented her film Journeys with George, which is about the Bush election campaign of 2000. He worked with her on the later documentary Diary of a Political Tourist about the Democratic Party campaign in 2004. Presidential candidate John Kerry was closely followed.

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