Michael Phelps half-nude : The star's striptease in the middle of a basketball game

Michael Phelps half-nude in the Olympic swimming legend


The star’s striptease in the middle of a basketball game

The Olympic swimming legend found herself nude in a basketball court. Its goal ? Deconcentrate the opponent. With success.
Michael Phelps, half-nude in a packed gym. Without swimming pool. No, the Olympic legend did not relapse into his alcoholic quirks, but crept among the thousands of Arizona State supporters during a college basketball game. His goal, to distract the opponents. With, as usual, success.

The future husband of the beautiful Nicole, pregnant with their first child, is back at the University of Arizona. Not to study, but to train, in view of his expected comeback with the Rio Olympics in the goal this summer.

And like any good student who respects himself, Michael Phelps joined his family to support the Arizona State Sun Devils, the basketball team, in their game against the Oregon State Beavers. Although the NBA is the most powerful of basketball leagues, the college championship is arguably the most popular, draining hundreds of thousands of people into theaters.

Who are not the last to give voice and compete in imagination to destabilize the opponent. Those of Arizona State have set the bar very high with Michael Phelps as a guest star. Hidden behind a black curtain behind the basket, it appeared shirtless, swimming cap and goggles with some of his 22 Olympic medals around his neck, when Stephen Thompson Jr of Oregon attempted his first free throw .

Ditto for the second, except that this time, Michael Phelps had dropped his pants, appearing in swimming trunks, revealing his impressive musculature, framed by two students with paunchy bellies.

Results ? Stephen Thompson Jr missed both shots. Undoubtedly disturbed by the plasticity of Michael Phelps and his little dance …

Luxury nude dancer Michael Phelps at USA basketball game

Michael Phelps is out of his depression, and wants to let it know. The American swimming champion, eight-time Olympic gold medalist in Beijing, lent a helping hand to students at Arizona State University. Shirtless, the athlete improvised a dance during a basketball game between the local team and students from Oregon. A performance that ignited the room, as shown in the video at the top of the article.

An initiative which is in fact part of an astonishing tradition: since 2013, the supporters of this team have organized a “curtain of distraction” during each free throw in favor of the opposing team, in order to the basket to the shooter. As well as being hilarious for the spectators, this staging seems to have a real positive effect on the results of the home team, as the New York Times noted last year.

Video. Michael Phelps half naked during a basketball game

Video. Michael Phelps half naked during a basketball game

In the United States, when an opposing player is about to shoot a free throw, home fans never lack imagination to confuse the player. This Thursday, January 28, swimming legend Michael Phelps played the role of disruptor in the public and in swimsuits. Hilarious!

When the best swimmer ever gives his all for his college, this is what it goes for. Michael Phelps is now training in Arizona for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next summer. To decompress from his long days of training, the American superstar was asked to play the role of disruptor in a basketball game between his team of the Sun Devils and the Oregon State Beavers.

Waiting for an opposing player to show up on the free throw line, Phelps appeared with medals around his neck and in a bathing suit, please. Facing him, poor Stephen Thompson Junior missed his two throws to the delight of the public. Fortunately for the latter, the game was not played on this action since the home team did not detail in this NCAA Championship meeting (86-68).

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