Michael Jackson daughter Paris reveals new details about his childhood

Michael Jackson daughter Paris reveals new details about his childhood


Michael Jackson daughter Paris Jackson opened up about the education her famous father gave her in an interview with Naomi Campbell. The model looks back on his privileged youth with the King of Pop.

Far from being boiled down to glitter, the childhood of Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson was much richer than one might think. The 22-year-old lost her father in 2009, when she was only eleven years old. Faced with Naomi Campbell, who received her on her show “No Filter”, she looks back on her sometimes complicated journey. It is indeed difficult to grow up being the daughter of a global star like Michael Jackson. But the “rhinestones and sequins” on the red carpets did not represent the education the singer’s three children received. “My father was really great at making sure that we are cultivated and that we receive a good education that was not limited to rhinestones and sequins, like going from hotels to 5 star palaces” , she confides to the English supermodel. “We saw everything. We were going to visit third world countries. We were faced with all aspects of reality, ”recalls the Michael Jackson daughter and Debbie Rowe.


“It’s a blessing and a privilege to be able to experience so much at a young age,” admits Paris Jackson. However, while the singer’s offspring lived in his luxurious Nerverland estate, not everything was offered to them on a silver platter, explains the youngest of the clan. “If you wanted five toys, you had to read five books. We had to earn it, not take it and think, “This is mine.” The fact of working, working hard to get something, that changes everything. It is a success. The “Billie Jean” singer, who was granted custody of her children after her divorce from Debbie Rowe, was therefore instrumental in the education of her children. This was despite rumors calling him an unworthy father, especially after he dangerously carried his son Blanket over a balcony in Berlin.

Present in the lives of his children, Michael Jackson leaves a proud memory to his daughter. “I think it’s so important because you can teach it all through books, but if you can learn it from your parents, there is nothing more valuable. Bambi’s daughter has taken over as a model now, as she is also a singer. His first album “Wilted” was released in October 2020.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson confides in her suicide attempts

Wednesday June 16, 2021, Paris Jackson confided in his family, his sexuality, but also his dark years. On the show Red Talk, hosted by Willow Smith, she reconsidered her suicide attempts and the harassment she suffered.

Paris Jackson has been observed, scrutinized and analyzed by the tabloids from an early age. Michael Jackson Daughter , she fought against her demons for many years. Invited in the program Red Talk of Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith (broadcast on Facebook, Wednesday, June 16, 2021), she confided directly on her tormented past, and on the months that followed the death of her famous father as admired as controversial. She then recalled the harassment she had suffered – especially following the numerous accusations of pedophilia against the singer. “People made me kill myself every day, and I was depressed,” she said.

Hate messages that pushed her to take action: “A lot of people have regrets when they try to kill themselves, like a last minute regret. There have been times when this has been the case and times when it didn’t, I was upset that it didn’t work. ” Now, the young woman wishes to draw the line on this complicated period in her life: “I can say, several years later, that I am really grateful that it did not work out. Things have improved.”

Paris Jackson confides in her sexuality and her relationship with her mother

During this exchange, Paris Jackson also returned to her sexuality, which she refuses to define. A sexual orientation that his relatives have difficulty understanding and accepting, obviously: “My family is very religious and a lot of things, like homosexuality, are very taboo, so they don’t like to talk about it, it is not really accepted “. The top prefers to focus on the positive: “I have love and respect for my family, for what they believe in, for their culture and religion. If I expect them to put it all in that aside just to make me feel accepted, I would only have resentment. As long as I have a life filled with love, and being honest and not hurting anyone, I think everything will be fine for me. me”.

As for her mother Debbie Rowe, whom she met when she was 15, she said, “It’s cool to get to know her, to see how alike we are. Discover the genre of music. that she loves – she really loves country and folk – I send her stuff I’m working on…. We look a lot alike. It’s just cool to have her as a friend. It’s very ‘chill’ ( relaxed, in French), what I love is the perfect word to describe it… ”

Michael Jackson daughter, Paris, recalls his youth with his father

In the show “No filter” presented by model Naomi Campbell in which she was invited, Paris Jackson opened up new secrets about her youth and the values ​​dear to the King of Pop.

Missing nearly 12 years ago, Michael Jackson has been the subject of much rumor and speculation regarding his relationship with three children. Now 22, her daughter, Paris Jackson, singer, actress and model, trying to find her place in the same milieu, reveals what the star made sure to instill in her throughout her youth:

“My dad was really great at making sure you were educated and received a good education that wasn’t just about glitz and glamor, like going from hotels to 5 star palaces.” , she admits.

If the young model realizes to be part of the “privileged”, she specifies all the same that her education was based on merit, everything cannot be taken for granted. A work ethic that Michael Jackson made sure to instill in his children. “If you wanted five toys, you had to read five books. You had to earn it, not just pick it up and say, ‘This is mine.’ It’s like working hard to get something, that changes everything. It’s a success, “she says.


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Grateful children

Raised a few years on the famous Neverland ranch, famous property of the star, the young girl is also grateful to have been confronted with the discovery: “My father took us everywhere with him. We saw everything. We went to visit some third world country. We were faced with all aspects of reality. ”

In an interview released less than a week ago, Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince (24) also spoke publicly after years of silence. “I miss him more and more every year. How could it be otherwise? It was my father … I learned a lot from him,” he confessed to Fox Soul.

I am proud to have my father’s name. But a name like that brings a lot of pressure. People expect you to live up to them. And believe me, I am not an artist.

The young man also agrees with his sister’s words and says he is grateful: “He always said to me:“ the moment when you stop learning is the moment when you start to die. ”I have never forgotten it. “.

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