Michael Conlan

Michael Conlan


Michael Conlan is an Irish boxer born November 19, 1991 in Belfast.

Amateur career

His amateur career is mainly marked by a bronze medal won at the London Olympics in 2012 in the flyweight category and by a world champion title won in Doha in 2015 in the bantamweight category1.

In December 2015, Michael Conlan was named Irish sportsman of the year by Irish television RTÉ2

Michael Conlan participates in the Olympic tournament in Rio de Janeiro. In the quarter-finals, when he was the reigning world champion in the bantamweight category, he was eliminated by arbitration decision by the Russian Vladimir Nikitin. This decision is particularly controversial given the turn of the fight3. Conlon at the end of the fight sends a finger of honor to the judges4 and as soon as he comes out of the ring accuses the international boxing federation of cheating and corruption5,6. After his elimination, Michael Conlan is accused of betting on other matches in the box tournament, thus violating IOC regulations. He was then punished with a severe reprimand by the IOC disciplinary commission7. Three years later, The Irish Times reports that the Irish boxing team had been warned even before the Conlon / Nikitin fight that it was lost.

Professional career

Michael Conlan began a professional boxing career in 2017 and won his 15 fights in super bantamweight and featherweight for the next four years.

Michael Conlan : I have to beat Doheny but it will be a tough fight

Michael Conlan will face TJ Doheny on Friday August 6th, in a bout at the main event in Belfast. Sign up for ESPN + and watch all the action live!

Irish junior featherweight Michael Conlan (15-0, 8 KOs) is set for his next fight on Friday, when he faces veteran TJ Doheny (22-2, 16 KOs) in a bout in Belfast.

And as Michael Conlan seeks to keep his unbeaten record intact, he also readily admits he’s about to face a tough and skillful fighter in Doheny. Michael Conlan tells RingTV it’s the best way for Doheny to get back to the top of the division while Michael Conlan himself says he needs the win to propel him into a world title fight.

“He’s coming to get back to the top and I’m the fastest and best way for him to do it. For me, he’s the next guy on my path to being world champion and I have to beat him. I’m very confident, but I know I know it’s a very, very hard fight.

Michael Conlan will go on to say that this fight is a huge opportunity to make a statement being the first big fight staged in Belfast since the start of the pandemic. And with two Irish fighters vying for the pride of their country, there will certainly be some explosive action between the ropes.

Even still, Conlan says he’ll be well prepared for whatever Doheny brings at night and expects to be better than his counterpart in every aspect of the game. And if Conlan wins in this fight, he says that ‘He has his eye on the winner of another top fight in the division, the Showtime 9/11 fight between title holders Stephen Fulton Jr and Brandon Figueroa.

“The winner will be next, whether it’s winter or St. Patrick’s Day, whatever. I’ll be watching [Fulton-Figueroa], but first I have to keep an eye on TJ because he’s a very tough competitor.

Michael Conlan , 29, last made a majority decision against Ionut Baluta last April while Doheny, 34, abandoned a decision to Baluta in his last appearance in March 2020.

Tonight, European Championship Gallo and Michael Conlan against TJ Doheny

Tonight, European Championship Gallo and Michael Conlan against TJ Doheny

Scotch Lee McGregor (10-0, 8 KOs) makes the first defense of the European Bantamweight Championship tonight in Belfast, in an event co-sponsored by Top Rank and MTK.

The one from Edinburgh won the continental belt last March, dethroning in the first round with an astonishing and impactful performance the previous champion, Karim Guerfi. Another Frenchman will be his rival today, he is also undefeated Vincent Legrand (32-0, 17 KOs). This left-hander from Pas de Calais has an experience and a background that will put the European monarch to the test, and is an old acquaintance of Spanish fighters like Xavier Urpí, or Juan Hinostroza, whom he fought for. the title of the flyweights of the Old Continent. . From now on, he will seek his second category to master him.

McGregor’s victory is paid at € 1.07 per euro wagered, while Legrand’s at € 9.00, but there are also options to bet on multiple results of the fight, by clicking on the title of the fight.
Here you have the option to bet in our betting section. Fortunate!

The main fight of the evening will be that of Michael Conlan (15-0, 8 KOs), local hero after his medal in London 2012 and his current status as contender for the WBO World Super Bantamweight Championship. He faces in Irish derby the former world champion of the category, TJ Doheny (22-2, 16 KOs), a veteran who seems on the downward slope of his career after the last defeat against the Romanian resident in Spain Ionut Baluta, that Michael Conlan he won with some difficulty also in his last fight. He shared with us his feelings a few weeks ago exclusively and his options for winning the world champion’s belt at his next meeting at the end of the year. In fact, the WBA entered the fight with an interim belt… in the featherweight category. Surrealism on the part of the pseudo-organism, one more day.

The event is broadcast tonight on FITE TV from 9:00 p.m. in Spain, at an exchange rate of 8.40 euros. It can be rented here.

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