Meghan Markle: her sister "shocked" by her behavior

Meghan Markle: her sister “shocked” by her behavior


As Meghan Markle and Harry face fierce criticism following the Remembrance Sunday ceremony they held at the Los Angeles cemetery, Samantha Markle, the actress’ half-sister, has added fuel to the fire to TalkRADIO’s microphone.
Criticized from all sides for having organized a ceremony at the Los Angeles cemetery on the occasion of Remembrance Sunday, Meghan Markle and Harry seem more isolated than ever. If Kate Middleton and William are insensitive to the controversy surrounding the Sussexes, Samantha Markle does not hesitate to drive home the point. Guest of Dan Wootton’s show on TalkRADIO this Thursday, November 12, the actress’s half-sister, quoted by The Sun, said she was “shocked” by her behavior.

Samantha Markle, who criticizes in particular the wife of Prince Harry for not worrying about the state of health of their father who could “die tomorrow”, does not mince words. “I think what is most important about Remembrance Day is not only to remember those who sacrificed their lives, but also to remember that life is precious and short and that we should be grateful.” Which, according to her, is absolutely not the case with Meghan Markle, who would have seen on this Remembrance Day “an opportunity for a photo shoot”, which “shocked her a little”.

An “opportunistic” and “sad” attitude

Meghan Markle’s older sister, who readily describes her younger sister as “manipulative”, believes that what some consider “a publicity stunt” was “very inappropriate”. “I told myself that it was not only opportunistic, but also that it was sad that instead of paying tribute, there was a photo shoot.” A harsh opinion shared by many Internet users. Faced with this surge of hatred, a friend of Harry nevertheless wanted to prove his good faith.

“I don’t think he’s the type of person who commemorates Remembrance Sunday for publicity,” he explained in The Sun columns, recalling the Duke of Sussex’s military past: “it doesn’t It’s no surprise that the military community is and always will be one of the most important things to the Duke, having been on the front line, serving overseas, serving in the military for ten years, [and] he created the Invictus Games. ” Arguments that have, it seems, not convinced the Web.

Harry and Meghan: Their staging “in bad taste” does not pass

They hadn’t donned their “Royals” costumes since January 2020 and the shocking announcement of the Megxit. On the occasion of Remembrance Sunday, which took place this Sunday, November 8, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marched to the Los Angeles cemetery in a seemingly discreet, but completely official, manner. A posture to which the Sussexes had disused us since their controversial arrival in the United States.

The Prince, who still has the army in his blood, pinned his prestigious medals on the lapel of his dark suit and the former actress opted for a fitted Brandon Maxwell blazer dress. There, the couple honored the memory of two Commonwealth soldiers, including an Australian Air Force pilot. It wasn’t long before the micro-event was relayed by Omid Scobie, their unofficial voice in US media and co-author of the explosive biography Finding Freedom, on social media. Supporting theatrical photos.

It didn’t take much more to indignant the British, including a Piers Morgan wound up like an electric battery. “Treat Remembrance Sunday like a publicity stunt, and try to steal the headlines from the real royals doing their duty at home,” he tweeted angrily as the Daily Mail took care to specify that the Los Angeles National Cemetery had been privatized for the needs of the photo shoot. A detail deemed “in bad taste” and “inappropriate” by some Internet users. Between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and public opinion, the spell seems to be broken forever.

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