Megan is Missing: the very problematic horror film which is a hit on TikTok.

Megan is missing: the very problematic horror film which is a hit on TikTok.


Megan is Missing is a (very bad) low-budget horror film that is about sexual violence in an extremely awkward way … and yet is a hit on TIkTok.

The horror genre explores the worst corners of humanity: its most sinister quirks, its most ugly whims, its most evil desires …

Cathartic art? Unhealthy art? Supporters of the two schools have clashed since the early days of the genre. What is certain is that horror films, if at all received some publicity, are generally very successful. Success that often knows how to register over time.

You have only to see The Exorcist which, almost 50 years after its release, continues to make crowds yelp in reruns in the cinema or on television! More recently, we note the extraordinary audiences of the components of the Conjuring saga, or those equally consequent of Paranormal Activity.

If Conjuring is a big budget film, some other productions, much more modest, also know how to win the favor of the public …

Megan is Missing, what is this?

Megan is Missing is a creation of American Michael Goi, who follows two teenage girls who are opposed to each other. Megan is one of the most popular girls in her high school, while Amy is quite low-key and hardly garners the attention of her classmates. However, she is often mocked for her virginity and shyness (we don’t miss high school brothel).

If Megan’s friends spend their time disparaging Amy, Megan doesn’t care. Against all odds, she defends her, and makes sure that her best friend is also invited to parties.

One evening, after Megan and Amy have been to the movies, Megan is kidnapped by a certain Josh, with whom she has been chatting for a few days on the Internet. Two weeks later, it’s Amy who disappears.

His camera was found some time later in a trash can, and what it contains is absolutely abject …

The success of found footages

Found footage is the concept of making you believe that the movie you are watching is in fact a videotape that has been found. It usually captures the end of life of camera owners.

The genre was born in the 1970s and 1980s, notably with Cannibal Holocaust by Ruggero Deodato, before becoming popular in the 2000s with The Blair Witch Project by Eduardo Sánchez and REC, the Spanish film by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza.

Found footage has been on the rise for a good ten years or so, and it’s no wonder! Indeed, it is interesting from the viewpoint of the spectator, who has the impression of living the plot as close as possible to the characters, of being almost with them. In addition, the “false veracity” aspect can confuse the brain, and increase the feeling of freaking out.

It is also and often a profitable project on the side of the manufacturers, to whom the film is generally inexpensive.

So, for years, we ate morning, noon and night of found footages, until sickening. So much so that we have obviously missed some of them, yet we who are quite familiar with all the “horror” releases, seeing this genre as an underrated pool of wonders.

We therefore missed out on the controversial Megan is Missing, a low-budget fiction released in 2011. Nine years after being banned in New Zealand, this film is now all the rage on the Web, after many teenagers in spoke on TikTok.

Megan is Missing, a VERY bad horror movie

We have seen some bad films. We must even admit that we find a certain pleasure in watching them.

But Megan is Missing is not one of those sweet chicks that it is good to see while making fun of a finger still wet with ice cream: Megan is Missing belongs to the category of bad films in front of which one is uncomfortable. .

First of all because the hell … it was badly played! With the exception of Rachel Quinn who plays Megan, the entire cast is appalling.

This fiction seems to have been shot, edited and performed by broke students. Nothing goes, from the quality of the image (which in the extreme could contribute to the charm of the entire product) to the staging, quite ridiculous. From the first minutes, the quality of the film makes you cringe.

Never mind, you aren’t so snobbish that you stop a movie just because it’s ugly. Once you get used to the idea of ​​frowning for images, that’s another thing that gets in the way about Megan is Missing

Megan is Missing and her treatment of sexual violence

Upon release, Megan is Missing (whose plot is fictitious) was banned in New Zealand. The Office of Film and Literature Classification, an organization responsible for the censorship and rating assessment of films, video games and publications in Australia, explained in a press release quoted Nov. 15 by Entertainment Weekly magazine:

“The film portrays sexual violence against minors to such an extent, and in such a way, that making it available would be detrimental to the public good. ”

Indeed, the real problem of the film lies in its subject, and even worse in the treatment of it.

From the start, Megan is Missing films teens, including Megan and Amy, at a party. The boys are there kings, the girls objects; when they can’t pay the required 10 € for the party, one of the guys balances them:

“Everyone here pays. You just have to give me a blowjob later. ”

And that’s just the start.

Then the girls are sexually harassed, humiliated, and reified. One of them even took a punch in the face after pushing a guy who was rubbing against her leg.

You will understand, the horror here does not take the form of a scale watch, but a simple human appearance. The horror here is the men.

And we have no problem with that! If the film took a stand against these potential rapists and stalkers, we would have found the film interesting.

What bothers me, in Megan is Missing, is that the camera is content to play voyeuristic without providing any explanation for its project. The film therefore looks like an amateur project created by a pervert eager to put images on his twisted fantasies.

And the more the fiction unfolds its plot, the more it pours into the abominable spectacle of sexual torture, into torture porn (very badly done by the way). A choice of direction that is never criticized, whether by the moral of the film or by another scriptwriting process …

We would like to repeat: these are scenes of torture. Fictitious, certainly, but indeed scenes of torture. Rape, physical and psychological abuse. Words are not exaggerated.

Megan is Missing goes viral on TikTok

While this tiny little film fell into oblivion, it is now reborn thanks to – or because of – TikTok. Indeed, in recent days, several users of the platform have filmed themselves reacting to a film according to them “traumatic”.

Twitter is doing it too, with some 55,000 tweets recently dedicated to the horror film.


“‘Megan is Missing‘, damn it … I ended up dazed, staring at my wall, wanting to delete all my social media accounts and never come back to them again”

On our side, we wouldn’t call Megan is Missing terrifying or traumatic, but clumsy and poorly treated.

The hyper-sexualization of characters supposed to be 14 years old can be seen as a desire of the director to warn his audience against the violence of men, even very young, and against pedophiles. It can also be considered a perverse delirium.

As we speak to you, the hashtag #MeganIsMissing has in any case reached 70 million views and does not intend to stop there since all the American media deciphers it, t.

Director Michael Goi posted a video on his TikTok account to apologize to all those who were traumatized by the recent viewing of his film.



♬ original sound – Michael Goi

He specifies that according to him, it is better “not to watch Megan is Missing in the middle of the night”. It also specifies:

“If you see the words ‘Photo # 1’ appear on your screen, you have about four seconds to turn off the movie, if you’re already a little panicky, before you start seeing things that you might not. not want to see. ”

Too late: for many TikTok users, the damage is already done!

In short: we find this film bad, problematic and dangerous, but in any case it has the merit of reviving the debate on what is or cannot be shown to an audience.

What is certain is that its director would never have thought to see his notoriety (badly?) Burst so long after having shaped the rather problematic and sincerely very bad Megan is Missing

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