Matt Gaetz : Biography, Political positions

Matt Gaetz : Biography, Political positions


Matthew Louis Gaetz II, known as Matt Gaetz, born May 7, 1982 in Hollywood (Florida), is an American politician. A member of the Republican Party, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s First Congressional District in the 2016 election.

Matt Gaetz Biography

Matt Gaetz is the son of Republican Senator Don Gaetz1. He received a BA from Florida State University in 2003 and a Juris Doctor from the College of William and Mary in 20072. He practices as a lawyer.

In 2010, Gaetz ran for the 4th District of the Florida House of Representatives in a by-election prompted by the resignation of Speaker Ray Sansom. He won the Republican primary with 635 votes ahead of the former mayor of Destin Craig Barker4. He is elected representative of the district, which encompasses the southern part of Okaloosa County3. He was re-elected in 2012 and 20145. During his mandate, he notably passed a law imposing a mandatory penalty of 50 years for the rape of children, the elderly or disabled.

In 2016, he first ran for succession from his father, Don Gaetz, to the Florida Senate in the 1st District. In May, however, he announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, where outgoing Republican Jeff Miller was not running. The winner of the Republican primary is almost guaranteed to be elected in November, in this conservative district of northwest Florida. He won the primary with 36% of the vote3, easily ahead of his six opponents8. In the November election, he defeated Democrat Steven Specht with nearly 70% of the vote9. He was easily re-elected in 2018 (67.1%) and 2020 (64.6%).

In 2017, Matt Gaetz and other elected members of the Florida House were criticized for having created a “game” to note their “female conquests”, among interns and collaborators, assigning them a grade.

He is implicated from the end of 2020 in a sex trafficking case, being suspected of having had a sexual relationship with a minor for money. According to the police, this case could be linked to a larger system; in 2020, one of his relatives, Joel Greenberg, was indicted for child sex trafficking1.

Political positions

Matt Gaetz is a conservative Republican. He is opposed to abortion “without exception” and speaks in favor of lower government spending and taxes3. He supports Donald Trump during the Republican primaries of 20165, criticizing in particular “illegal immigrants” and “Muslim terrorists”.

A climatosceptic, he is opposed to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which he proposes to abolish in 2017.10 He also opposes a law in 2017 which provided for giving the federal government more resources to combat human trafficking. humans.

In 2020, he affirmed his support for the neofascist group of the Proud Boys, before retracting1. Following the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump in January 2021, he assures that the attackers were in reality “antifas”.

US congressional investigation into Conservative-elected Matt Gaetz accused of having sex with a minor
The one who was one of Donald Trump’s greatest supporters during his presidency denies these accusations, speaking of “slander”.

Rare body counting as many Democrats as Republicans, the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States announced, Friday, April 9, the opening of an investigation against the elected Republican pro-Donald Trump Matt Gaetz. She “has become aware of the charges in the public domain” against the 38-year-old ex-lawyer, its members write in a statement.

The US Department of Justice is investigating suspicions of “underage sexual exploitation” against the parliamentarian, rising star of the conservatives, according to several US media.

Federal police are reportedly looking into the nature of his relationship with a 17-year-old Florida teenager, and whether he paid her for sexual favors. The law in that state, which he represents in the House, sets the age of majority at 18.

“Wacky conspiracy theories”, according to the person concerned.

Matt Gaetz strongly denied the charges and has not been charged. Despite the scandal, he spoke on Friday at a meeting held at Donald Trump’s golf club in Miami, where he told a group of pro-Trump women that he would go “zero. go “.

“The slanders I am subjected to range from distorting my personal life to outlandish conspiracy theories – and I mean outlandish,” Matt Gaetz told his Republican supporters. “I will not be intimidated by lying media,” he added. The truth will prevail. ”

In addition to these facts, the committee says it is examining other allegations against the parliamentarian, suspected, she lists in her press release, of “illicit use of narcotics, of having shared displaced images or videos in the chamber,” misappropriating identification documents, using campaign funds for personal use, and / or accepting a bribe, improper sum of money or unauthorized gift in violation of House rules ” .

“The commission recalls that the mere fact that it is investigating these accusations, and disclosing it publicly, does not in itself mean that an offense has been committed,” she continued.

Tom Reed also under investigation

As soon as the first articles on the investigation against him appeared last week, Matt Gaetz claimed that his family had been the victim of an attempted extortion, and that these “false accusations” had been exposed for the sole purpose of make him sing.

His press service reaffirmed on Friday that the “completely false” accusations had not been “validated by any human being willing to” publicly reveal his identity.

In parallel, the House Ethics Committee announced the opening of an investigation against another Republican, Tom Reed, 49, accused by a young woman of having sexually harassed her in 2017. The parliamentarian also rejects these accusations.

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