Martine Lunde

Martine Lunde


Martine Lunde Aarsrud (born 17 February 1996 in Oslo) is a Norwegian blogger and reality TV participant.

Lunde is a professional instagrammer, and runs social media full time. In addition to Instagram, Lunde also runs a blog, which per. September 2018 has approx. 17,000 daily readers (varies greatly). Lunde also runs the YouTube channel «Martine Lunde», which per. January 2019 had approx. 45,000 subscribers. Previously, she ran the YouTube channel Isabelle & Martine together with her friend Isabelle Eriksen, and when this was put on ice in the summer of 2018, it had approx. 63,000 subscribers.

She participated in the TV show Paradise Hotel in season 9, and ran away with the victory together with her partner Kevin René Gustavsson. During the “fidelity test”, Lunde chose to drop the ball of NOK 50,000, which meant that she alone won this prize, instead of her and Gustavsson being able to share NOK 300,000. She later chose to share with her friend Isabelle Eriksen and her boyfriend Aleksander Sæterstøl, so that all three of them received NOK 100,000 each.

She was in the third season of Farmen Kjendis, which aired on TV 2 from January 2019. She was also in the TV 2 program Skal vi danse in 2018, and finished in third place.

Martine Lunde in grief after her boyfriend’s sad message: – Afraid that the same thing will happen to me.

Martine Lunde sheds tears after a heartbreaking message.

Martine Lunde in grief after her boyfriend's sad message: - Afraid that the same thing will happen to me.

This week’s “Bloggers” have not only offered laughter, glitter an

d glamor. During Tuesday’s episode, Martine Lunde (24) is visiting her boyfriend Alexander Sæterstøl (24) in Bergen, when Sæterstøl receives a sad message that his grandfather has passed away.

It all becomes a very emotional moment.

– It’s damn good, says Sæterstøl in the episode.

– Every time I have been with him, I have found it difficult to leave in recent years. (…) I hope he’s better now. It has actually been the worst day of my life, he adds, choking on tears.

Never experienced death

According to Martine Lunde, Sæterstøl had a very close relationship with her grandfather. As close a relationship as she has with her grandparents, and especially her grandmother “Gullhøna”, or Anne Berit as she is actually called.

Through “The Bloggers”, viewers have become well acquainted with Anne Berit, as Lunde visits her grandmother every day. She has also expressed a number of times how much her grandparents mean to her.

– I have never really experienced death up close before. At least not in adulthood. When Alex’s grandfather died, I had a thought-provoking thought that my grandparents would also die one day, Lunde told Nettavisen during the press days of “Bloggerne” earlier this month.

Afraid that she will experience the same

She gets upset just at the thought of losing her grandparents.

– I almost start to cry from thinking about it. I’m afraid it’s going to happen to me and I’m going to experience the same thing. They are the closest I have, says Lunde.

Lunde’s grandparents are relatively young and healthy, but even though Lunde is sure that they have many years together again, the grief her boyfriend experienced has still awakened her.

– I usually visit them every single day, but now I do not take days for granted. I keep thinking that I must try to spend as much time as I can with them and remember to tell them that I love them. Even though they know that I am, it is important to say that, too, says Lunde.

Lives in different cities

For over three years, Martine Lunde and Alexander Sæterstøl have been lovers. The duo met when they both participated in “Paradise Hotel” and have since then been watching TV both together and separately.

Despite the fact that the two are determined to be lovers for the rest of their lives, they still have not taken the courage to move in together. Because while Lunde lives in Oslo, Sæterstøl has bought an apartment in Bergen.

The distance relationship has apparently gone well, but Lunde admits that it can be challenging at times.

– Especially when events like this happen, I think it would have been nice to at least live in the same city. I want to be there and show Alex that I care about him, she says and at the same time denies that she has any plans to move out of Oslo.

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