Marjorie Taylor Greene biography, privat life

Marjorie Taylor Greene biography, privat life


Marjorie Taylor Greene, born May 27, 1974, is an American politician and businesswoman from the state of Georgia. She is the Republican candidate for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in the 2020 election, an election she wins. She is drawing attention on the US national scene for her support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory in Facebook videos. She then tried to distance herself from them2. She nevertheless continues her unfounded innuendos. In early 2021, his positions inciting violence against American elected officials earned him the mistrust of his political opponents.

Marjorie Taylor Greene biography


Marjorie Greene was born in Milledgeville, Georgia on May 27, 1974. She graduated from South Forsyth High School in Cumming, GA4, and the University of Georgia.

Political career

Marjorie Greene launches her candidacy for 2020 in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, but shifts her campaign to District 14 after incumbent Tom Graves announced he would not stand for re-election. In the days leading up to the primaries, Facebook removed one of its videos for violating its terms of service. In the video, she holds an AR-15 style rifle and warned “anti-fa terrorists” to “stay out of northwest Georgia”.

She finished in first place in the primaries and faced John Cowan in the second round7. She defeated Cowan to win the nomination on Aug. 11 and is considered a general election favorite, as the 14th District generally votes Republican8. The 14th district has a Cook Partisan voting index of R + 27, making it the 10th most Republican district in the country and the third most Republican district in the Eastern time zone. Of the Georgia House of Representatives districts, only the neighboring 9th district is more Republican. Donald Trump won 14th with 75% of the vote in 2016, his eighth best performance in the country9. The day after Greene’s second-round victory, Trump tweets her support, describing her as a “future Republican star” who “is strong on everything and never gives up – a true WINNER!” “10.

By winning the election, she is the second Republican woman to represent Georgia in the House. The first, Karen Handel, was elected to represent the 6th district in a special election in 2017.

Marjorie Greene is initially scheduled to face Democratic IT specialist Kevin Van Ausdal. However, on September 11, 2020, Van Ausdal withdrew from the race and this left her unopposed for the general elections12. Since the creation of the 14th District in 2012, no Democrat has won more than 30% of the vote.

On November 3, 2020, she won the election and was elected to the House. It sits from January 3, 2021.

Support for conspiracy theories

Marjorie Greene supports the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming in videos posted in 2017 on Facebook that the theories “are worth listening to” 14,15. She publishes 57 articles found in the archives of the American Truth Seeker website16. Marjorie Greene subsequently distanced herself from these theories and rejected the label of “candidate QAnon” 2. She declares in a video: “There is a unique opportunity to bring out this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, and I think we have the president to do it” 17.

In a 2017 video posted to Facebook, Marjorie Greene expresses her doubts that the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting acted alone. She calls George Soros, a Jewish businessman and Holocaust survivor, a Nazi19,20. After the 2018 midterm elections, she declared that the election of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib was part of “an Islamic invasion of our government” 21.

In 2018, she voiced support for a conspiracy theory that no planes hit the Pentagon during the September 11 attacks, saying “it’s strange that there is never any evidence of the plane at the Pentagon ”, despite the video evidence22. She later admits on Twitter that the 9/11 conspiracy theory was “not correct” 2.

She believes that the Parkland shooting, perpetrated in 2018 in a Florida school (17 dead), could be a stunt to infringe the right to carry firearms.

She argues that the 2018 fires in California were started by solar rays directed from space by work at the Solaren company.

After the first ballot in the 2020 election, Politico is reissuing videos posted by Marjorie Greene in which she expresses racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic views. The videos were then condemned by Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise and criticized in the media.15,20

On September 3, 2020, Marjorie Greene shared a meme on her Facebook page depicting herself holding an AR-15 style rifle alongside a collage of photos of Democratic Women in the House of Representatives: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. She affirms that it is time for the Republicans “to commit crimes against these socialists who want to tear our country apart” 24. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounces the meme as a “dangerous threat of violence” and Ilhan Omar demands that the meme be removed after claiming it has already triggered death threats. In response to questions from Forbes about whether the meme is a threat, a spokesperson for his campaign called the suggestion “paranoid and ridiculous” and “conspiracy theory.” 25 Facebook removed the meme the next day for violating its incitement to violence policy, prompting Marjorie Greene to claim that Democrats “were trying to cancel before I even took the oath.”

On February 3, 2021, she was subjected to an investigation by the Republican Party to determine if she can continue to occupy two positions of responsibility following her unfounded and much criticized allegations. The majority of members present placed their trust in him27. The next day, again because of his extremist remarks, the United States House of Representatives overwhelmingly votes for his exclusion from two committees (budget; education and work). She denies not expressing herself thus for years but Steny Hoyer (leader of the majority in the House) presents in front of the chamber the enlargement of an image in which she is photographed with, in the form of a montage, three elected representatives of the Democratic Party (Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib). She is holding an AR-15 rifle, while the caption is written: “The squad’s worst nightmare”, an informal group to which these three parliamentarians belong.

Calls for imprisonment, execution or hanging of elected Democrats

In a January 2019 Facebook video, created by Marjorie Taylor Greene to defend an online petition to the White House, she calls for the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi for alleged treason (due to her opposition to building the Trump Wall ). She adds: “It’s a crime punishable by death, that’s what treason is …” In several videos posted live on Facebook in February 2019, Greene also suggests that Pelosi “will suffer death. or be jailed ”for“ treason ”, without discussing a trial. Greene also considered that Democratic Representative Maxine Waters was “just as guilty of treason as Nancy Pelosi” 29.

On her Facebook account, in 2018 and 2019, Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed support for the execution of key Democratic politicians, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President of the Nancy Pelosi room. It also supported the execution of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, as reported by CNN in January 2021.

For example (in April 2018), to a Facebook user who asked: “Now can we hang them ?? “(” Now do we get to hang them ?? “), Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account replied:” The scene is being prepared. The players are in the process of settling down. We must be patient. It must be done perfectly or progressive judges would let them go ”29. When questioned by CNN, Greene did not deny the authenticity of the comments reported but asserted that these contents did not represent his opinions, that the channel had focused on the time preceding his electoral candidacy, and that “teams of people ”manage its pages29,30. In January 2019, CNN adds, Greene “liked” on Facebook a comment that “a bullet in the head would be faster” to impeach House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She then also “liked” comments about the execution of FBI agents who she saw as part of the “deep state” working against Trump29.

In late January 2021, the progressive advocacy organization People For the American Way formally called for the expulsion of Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House of Representatives over her comments, a process that would require the support of two-thirds of the members. Room for success 31.

Obstruction behavior

On March 11, 2021, CNN reported that after being removed from her post [Which ones?] By the House the previous month (following revelations about various of her anti-Semitic and Islamophobic comments made before being elected to Congress), Marjorie Taylor Greene plays the obstruction: from February 24 and 4 times in 15 days, she thus, without reason, called for a motion to adjourn the House. The rules of procedure of the chamber mean that this motion implies that each member of the chamber must speak to vote on whether or not the chamber should adjourn its sitting32. This does not stop the work of elected officials, but slows it down considerably. Greene thus seems to want to draw attention to her32. But even his Republican colleagues are getting bored. The fourth time, 40 of his fellow Republicans voted against his motion, up from 18 the previous time (March 3), and while the first two times it had been followed by almost all Republicans.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Private life

Marjorie Greene and her husband, Perry, have owned Taylor Commercial, a construction company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, since 2002. She has long lived in Alpharetta, which is in District 6. While House members are required to live in the state but not the constituency they represent, Marjorie Greene says, shortly after entering the nomination contest for the 14th District, that she intends to move there. She then bought a house in neighboring Paulding County.

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