Maria Bakalova

Maria Bakalova


How old is Maria Bakalova, the actor who plays Borat’s daughter?

Aged 15, on their new mission in America. Maria Bakalova plays Borat’s daughter in the new movie, but how old is she in real life?

‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ star Maria Bakalova is much older than she looks Maria Bakalova could play an innocent 15-year-old in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, but in reality she is much older . The Bulgarian actor is 24 and has been acting since 2015. Bakalova has starred in a handful of film and television projects over the past five years, including the Italian series Gomorrah and the Bulgarian movie Transgression.


According to her IMDB biography, Bakalova is a well-trained artist. She specialized in theater for theater and minor in flute at the National School of Arts in Burgas. Bakalova then graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia in 2019. The sequel to “Borat”: how Rudy Giuliani defends his unconscious cameo She auditioned for the film with a vehicle-made tape In a job interview with Good Morning The Us, Bakalova revealed that she sent her audition tape hoping for the best. She was then invited to audition in London, where she had to prove that she could pull off Cohen’s brand of comedy. “We started with an automobile-band,” Bakalova said. “It was an open call. Sent another one and then went to London, England a few times and we even started with real people at the first audition. It was crazy. Most vital was that people believe in me – that I am real. In the same interview, Cohen suggested that Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’s casting directors auditioned over 600 women for the role of Tutar Sagdiyev. But he noted that Bakalova’s daring and fearless performance was what set her apart. “She’s hilarious, she’s one of the most courageous most-over-the-top actresses in history,” Cohen told GMA. “If she’s not nominated for an Oscar, it’s a travesty. And she has the ability to deliver a scene and make you cry, which ultimately earned her the role. “Borat 2” is coming, but where are the sequel to these 2000s comedies? One of her scenes from “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” brought her to the limelight Just before Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was released, a scene starring Bakalova made international headlines. Along with Cohen’s team, Bakalova tricked former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani into meeting her for a job interview. In the movie, an unwitting Giuliani walks into Bakalova’s hotel room, where she removes her microphone. He touches her in the back then lies down on the bed, slowly reaching for his primary in his pants. Cohen then rushes into the room in lingerie, sending Giuliani into a panic. Did Sacha Baron Cohen just joke twice on an Alt-Right rally on the same day? In a tweet, Trump’s lawyer denied he had done anything wrong and claimed he was just educate to mend his shirt. “The Borat video is a complete fabrication,” Giuliani wrote.

“I was coaching putting my shirt away after removing the recording equipment,” he added. “At no time before, during or after the interview, was I ever inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen is implying otherwise, he is a stone cold liar – it is a work to blunt my relentless exposure of the criminality and depravity of Joe Biden and his whole family. Speaking to GMA, Cohen revealed that he closely monitors Giuliani’s scene with the producers to make sure it doesn’t go too far. Bakalova doubled down on her comment and said she really appreciates how far the crew has come to keep them safe. In a recent posting infiltrating the White House with OAN. In the clip, the Bulgarian actor meets Donald Trump Jr. in disguise. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is currently airing on Amazon Key Video clip

Maria Bakalova borat

She (almost) steals the show from Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat 2, available on Amazon Prime Video. We present to you the actress Maria Bakalova.

If his name means nothing to you, his face, on the other hand, could quickly become familiar to you if you appreciate the wanderings and other escapades of the legendary Kazakh reporter, Borat Sagdiyev. Imagined 15 years ago by troublemaker Sacha Baron Cohen, this wacky and satirical character, who has become a real phenomenon with $ 260 million in revenue, is back in Borat 2, subtitled: “Delivery of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan “(translate:” Delivering an extraordinary bribe to the American regime for the benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan “). In this new feature, available on Amazon Prime Video, the actor and director has enlisted the services of a young, highly promising actress: Maria Bakalova. Indeed, Borat is here sent to Donald Trump’s America. But upon his arrival on American soil, he discovers that he has been followed by his daughter, Tutar, whose existence he did not even know a few days before.

Who is Maria Bakalova?

Chaining provocations and other deliberately embarrassing sequences – Sacha Baron Cohen went so far as to infiltrate a far-right demonstration – the feature film above all allows to reveal the talent of the earthy young actress Maria Bakalova. The public was also able to taste a preview in a sequence unveiled a few days ago, where Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is trapped in a particularly embarrassing posture, by Sacha Baron Cohen and his young accomplice who then pretends to be a journalist.

Born in 1996 in Bulgaria (according to information provided by the Imdb website), the young woman, initiated very early on to singing and the flute, studied drama at the National School of Arts in Burgas, then at the Sofia National Academy of Theater and Cinematographic Arts. She graduated in 2019. The young lady has made several appearances in productions in her native country. We saw it in the films Transgression in 2018 and Last Call. In 2017, Maria made a foray into Italian television, in the series Gomorra. We can bet that his explosive performance in Borat’s sequel will open doors for him.

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