Liverpool vs Arsenal Sadio Mané elected man of the match, here is his rating

Liverpool vs Arsenal: Sadio Mané elected man of the match, here is his rating


Liverpool won without much shaking against Arsenal 3-1 thanks in part to a goal by the inevitable Sadio Mané who was also voted Man of the Match by Footmercato’s editorial staff.

The man of the match: Sadio Mané (7.5): warned after only three minutes for an elbow on Tierney, the “Senegalese genius” according to Stéphane Guy, had fire in the legs. Tonic, he managed to make differences on powerful support and sometimes daring gestures (65th). Scorer (28th), he could even have afforded a brace with more success (64th). He also drops an excellent ball for Firmino (75th) and hinders the defense on Liverpool’s second goal (34th). Replaced by Jota (80th) who was playing his first minutes with his new club. The Portuguese had time to make a first acceleration where he did not make the right choice (82nd), then misses the mark after this enormous work by Salah (83rd). He ended up scoring a good run (88th).


  • Alisson (6.5): he had absolutely nothing to do in the first period, apart from conceding a somewhat lucky goal from Lacazette on which he was surprised by the rebound (24th). In the second half, however, he stood out more, saving his people ahead of Lacazette (63rd). A real turning point in the game. The goalkeeper also made some valuable outings outside his area.
  • Alexander-Arnold (7): a quality of right foot always magnificent as on this center to Van Dijk (12th) then to Mané (15th), before being rewarded with this decisive ball for his left-wing counterpart Robertson (34th ). His shot on this corner poorly cleared by Arsenal would have deserved a better fate (21st). He deserted his side on Lacazette’s goal (25th) and committed an inconsequential alignment error (63rd). Warned (49th).
  • Gomez (6): The defender is still the victim of a certain nonchalance which sometimes plays tricks on him (14th) but he made a consistent performance. The England international has mastered his subject, releasing the rare offensives from Arsenal (50 ‘). On the restart, he was rather satisfactory, not trying to complicate the task.
  • Van Dijk (6.5): his long balls still hurt the opponent (19th, 51st). Liverpool’s first goal came from his own feet. A little surprised by Arsenal’s block on Lacazette’s goal (25), the center-back was able to make differences in the two penalty areas. His framed header has also caused a wind of panic to blow in the defense of the Gunners (12th).
  • Robertson (6): as usual, he largely occupied his lane, regularly bringing the excess. Problem, he had trouble getting to the technical level. Its centers have rarely found a taker. Worse still, he is guilty of a terrible mistake that allowed Lacazette to open the scoring (25th). But, the Scottish quickly makes up for it by offering the advantage to his team (34 ‘).
  • Wijnaldum (5.5): we didn’t see him much tonight but he was still invaluable for his team. A too soft shot (24 ‘) but the Dutchman made efforts that we do not always see, where he slides, takes depth and presses when necessary. We must also recognize in him a certain sense of timing, such as this good ball in space for Mané (48 ‘).
  • Fabinho (7): The clock is ticking and the Brazilian is increasingly establishing himself as a vital part of the English champion. Lowest midfield aligned on the field, he recovered a lot of balls. Very sure with the ball, he struggled to find solutions forward, not hesitating to take risks in the axis. The former Monegasque did not hesitate to set foot as well (58th, 67th).
  • Keïta (6.5): holder as since the start of the season, the Guinean had a good match tonight. Very mobile, he offered many solutions to his partners, always asking for the ball and putting his own in good situations. Mané took advantage (15th), just like Wijnaldum (24th). It was also on one of his races, which ended in a favorable counter, that the second goal intervened (34 ‘). The environment has disappeared a little later. Replaced by Milner (79th).
  • Salah (6.5): difficult to judge his meeting because the Egyptian was generally discreet. We did not see much with the ball in the end, but he dropped his direct opponents twice on his own two goals (28th, 34th). We have also seen him involve in the pressing and make two defensive returns that have helped. The winger disappeared in the second half, before standing out with this perfect offering for the incoming Jota (83rd).
  • Firmino (4): that’s a bit of a downside to this night in Liverpool. The forward will have been one or even two tones below his partners. He tried little and did not achieve much, such as this clever delivery of the chest that fails by a hair (41st). The Brazilian has often put himself at the service of the collective and has had almost nothing to eat (75 ‘). He still hasn’t scored this season. Replaced by Minamino (90th +1).

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