Linde Merckpoel

Linde Merckpoel


Linde Merckpoel (Hamme, October 17, 1984) is a vlogger and radio host at the Flemish radio station Studio Brussel.


Linde Merckpoel attended secondary education at the Sint-Lodewijkscollege (Lokeren) and then continued studying at the Herman Teirlinck Institute in Antwerp. In 2006, as a final year student, she won the Radio 747 Audience Award that is awarded at the RVU Radio Prize with her reportage “Yellow boots”.

Merckpoel had a relationship with presenter Gilles De Coster for about 10 years.



Her career with VRT radio started in July 2007 at the VRT news service as a newsreader at Studio Brussel and Radio Donna. From September 2008 she became active at Studio Brussel as a radio host.

In December 2008 she collected money at Music for Life by hitchhiking with a made-up bed together with Sam De Bruyn from the Swedish glass house in Malmö to the glass house in Ghent. In December 2009 she toured with Tomas De Soete in a small glass house for the next edition of this promotion. In December 2010 Merckpoel sold scarves for Music for Life.

In the sports summer of 2012, she presented Studio Sport at Studio Brussel every weekday between 12 noon and 1 pm, together with Stijn Vlaeminck. The sports program followed The afternoon runs on, the music program of Lisa Smolders at the time. After the summer, from September 3, 2012, she could be heard as co-host of Sam De Bruyn in his pre-evening program Zet ‘m Op Sam. A few days later, on September 7, her own program started at Studio Brussels: Café De Linde, which made the transition to the weekend program every Friday evening.

In the autumn of 2013 Linde Merckpoel had her own late night program on Studio Brussel: Linde Late Night. The program could be heard between 10 pm and midnight. In December she was one of the three presenters of Music For Life 2013. From January 6, 2014 she presents Linde Live, the channel’s eve block every working day from 4 pm to 6 pm. Joris Lenaerts is her sidekick.

During the radio season 2015-2016 she presented the program At Your Service on Studio Brussel.

From the radio season 2016-2017, she presented Linde Staat Op every working day, the morning block from 6 to 9 am. In the first two seasons she was assisted by sidekick Bram Willems, and from September 2018 by Jonas Decleer. In January 2019, Merckpoel announced that the renovation of Studio Brussel in February of that year also marked the end of its morning show. She will focus entirely on making vlogs and will hand over the torch of the morning show to Michèle Cuvelier. [7] #Linde is the label for biweekly videos on her YouTube channel. It deals with stories that intrigue her and thus introduce substantive themes from which the interaction with the Studio Brussel followers flows.


She participated in the seventh season of the television quiz De Slimste Mens ter Wereld on the VRT television channel One. She competed again in the fifteenth season in 2017. With 4 participations (and 3 wins) to her name, Linde was allowed to return in the finals, where she lost in the first episode.

Her television debut followed in 2014, as one of the reporters in the reality and travel program Manneken Pis.


Together with rap duo Safi & Spreej, she released a first single under the pseudonym Lighthouse, entitled “Appels van Oranje”. The song contains a sample of Poor Joe, a song by Will Tura.
In 2017 Merckpoel participated in De Slimste Mens ter Wereld. Her participation ended with the first episode of the finals.
Linde started a weekly vlog, Linde Vlogt, on August 25, 2017, with a new episode appearing every Saturday.

Linde Merckpoel (35) pregnant with first child

Linde Merckpoel (35) is pregnant. Her first child is the culmination of her relationship with her boyfriend Jef.

The radio host revealed the joyful news in her program #BijLinde at Studio Brussel. “It’s still a very small project now, but it’s getting bigger. It should be finished by the beginning of December ”, she said about the life that has been growing in her stomach for more than three months. “I’m not alone. It’s a project with my love. And it is one for life. ”

Merckpoel has been together with Jef since 2018, who keeps them out of the spotlight. This weekend she said in our newspaper: “My love is 4.5 years younger and sometimes even more spontaneous and louder than me. Really all over the place. I never thought it could be my type, but now I love having someone next to me who says, Come on, let’s go for it. It’s different than it’s ever been, but I’m enjoying it very much. I am enthusiastic and Jef is enthusiastic. We are probably exhausting together, but very happy. ”

Merckpoel announced her pregnancy at the same time as she announced a new step in her career. Starting this fall, she will be making videos for the site and social media of One. She is already doing this for Studio Brussel under the name Linde vlogt / follows. Merckpoel had previously been together with radio and TV colleague Gilles De Coster for ten years. That relationship broke down about three years ago. Afterwards she went through, according to her own words, “the saddest period of my life”. She never thought she would be happy again.

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