Lily Allen, half naked on the web, creates controversy

Lily Allen, half nude on the web, creates controversy


After Miley Cyrus, it’s Lily Allen’s turn to be talked about and not in a good way. The singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Sunday. And not just any photo: in Eve’s outfit, her chest hidden by her long brown hair and her lower body obscured by her laptop, Lily Allen in dizzying heels, appears smiling and amused, as the caption posted under the photo: “Warming up my pants. A chance that @PanospHair [his hairdresser, note] is there to immortalize these kinds of moments behind the scenes. ”


The posting of this photo quickly made the rounds on the Internet and soon aroused controversy among Internet users. The latter were indeed shocked by this photo which they considered too sexy, especially coming from a mother (Lily Allen is the mother of a little Ethel, born in 2011, and of Marnie, born in January 2013). “It is inappropriate, Lily Allen should be ashamed” or “She should not publish photos of this kind”, could one read in the comments under the photo. The star also uploaded a photo, a few hours before, in which she wears an ultra-tight black outfit and very low-cut. Have these sexy photos been posted by the singer for the sole purpose of promoting her upcoming album “Sheezus” due out in May?

Lily Allen nude

Lily Allen: Completely nude, engaged to David Harbor and … pregnant?

It is said that confinement is a great time to take care of yourself. It seems that, in many ways, Lily Allen needs it. On social networks, she hinted that the pretty news could follow one another for her …
Times are tough and everyone needs to be reassured. Each in their own way. To assert themselves online, some have embarked on the Pillow Challenge – or the art of wearing a pillow – others have opened a Tik Tok account to dance on Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage. Lily Allen, meanwhile, simply shared a photograph in which she appears completely nude. Facing the bathroom mirror, the 34-year-old young woman’s only accessory is a bath towel on her head to dry her hair, a bracelet … and a ring that shines on her left ring finger .


Looks like containment will have its fair share of good news. Not only is Lily Allen sporting a new jewel on her engagement finger, but she shared a cryptic message in the stories of her Instagram account. On April 28, 2020, the singer played the mystery by publishing the image of a keychain on which is annotated the phrase “Clean and serene for nine months”, or “clean is serene for nine months”. Mother of two daughters – Ethel Mary, 8, and Marnie Rose, 6 -, fruits of her love with Sam Cooper, Lily Allen could therefore wait for a third happy event …


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Marriage and baby would only be the logical continuation of the story. The pretty Briton formalized her relationship with comedian David Harbor – Sergeant Jim Hopper in the Stranger Things series – on October 17, 2019 on the red carpet of the Champions for Change gala. After having chained the sentimental misadventures, she seemed to have found the smile … even if it meant saying goodbye to her native land out of love and conviction. “I will be leaving England right after Brexit, she announced on her Instagram account. Good luck children.” However, it is difficult to say whether or not she kept her promise. Confined with her daughters, Lily Allen recently celebrated her companion’s birthday by baking him a cake worthy of an episode of The Best Pastry Chef. In New York or London, it is therefore with family that she faces the coronavirus pandemic … with the Smile.


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Instagram: Shy’m exposes her buttocks, Lily Allen still nude.

Sacred Shy’m! To make the buzz, Shy’m is definitely the best. And this time, it is thanks to her shapely buttocks that she makes people talk.

Would Shy’m have read our article on Jen Selter, the most beautiful butt on the web? Perhaps ! Indeed, the singer has just posted a snapshot of her buttocks in a swimsuit. A photo that makes you dream … Of course we want to talk about the incredible view that the singer reveals in the background. On vacation, she has a good time. And she is very lucky …

The holidays are more complicated for Kim Kardashian. In Thailand, she took a monumental wind from an elephant. While she wanted to take a selfie with the animal, he kindly asked her to go and show off. But that’s not all. On her account, she posted a photo of a dream beach. A photo that she did not take herself but found on Google like everyone else. Well after all, she never said she took that famous photo but the whole planet is already laughing at Kim.K!

In short this week: we saw that Anaïs des Anges from reality TV was always very close to Benjamin, her ex. These two are no longer together but they like each other and even kiss each other. We also like Alyssa Milano’s baby-bump, Mr. Pokora’s racing car and Malika Ménard’s readings. And we also love the new friends made in Secret Story, Emilie Nef Naf and Capucine Anav, who even meet at the Parc des Princes …

Lily Allen Nude In “Harper’s Bazaar”

Lily Allen Nude In "Harper's Bazaar"

On the cover of the Australian monthly, the Brit-girl “dares” to pose in the simplest device. Or almost.

The May Australian Harper’s Bazaar coverage has already leaked online. In the spotlight: a half-nude Lily Allen (the bottom is Vivienne Westwood) and devil’s horns on her head. Oh the scandal!

In fact, it is an illustration signed by artist David Bromley and taken from a photo that appeared in a photo series published in January in … Harper’s Bazaarrusse. So it stays with the family.

A small point of comparison between the two images? The cigarette that was burning between the fingers of Lily – the “fashion rebel” according to the cover – has been skipped from the Australian edition. Oh censorship! This time, whether she likes it or not, the English singer will keep pace with the anti-smoking law.

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