Leah Isadora Behn has been confirmed

Leah Isadora Behn has been confirmed


Leah Isadora Behn has been confirmed

It was in the family intimacy that the confirmation of the second daughter of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway took place on August 29. A happy and emotional event for the 15-year-old, eight months after the disappearance of her father, Ari Behn.

Blue eyes that sparkle and a broad smile full of pride. Lovely in her bunad, the traditional Norwegian costume, Leah Isadora Behn, 15, gladly poses in a series of photos posted on the Instagram account of her mother, Princess Märtha Louise. This August 29, when a beautiful sun is shining on Olso, the teenager has just experienced an important moment: her confirmation in the church of Jar. Symbol of the coming of age, this celebration is one of the most important in the Lutheran rite.

Unlike her cousin, the future queen Ingrid Alexandra, whose confirmation, a year ago, was broadcast on television, it is in the family intimacy that Leah Isadora lived this memorable day. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, only his relatives attended the ceremony, notes the daily Dagbladet. Among them, Princess Märtha Louise, of course, with her two other daughters, Maud Angelica (17) and Emma Tallulah (11); as well as the girl’s grandparents, King Harald V, in a midnight blue suit embellished with a candy pink tie, and his wife, Queen Sonja. Also among the guests were Crown Princess Mette-Marit and her son Prince Sverre Magnus, whose confirmation was held on September 5.

“I’m so proud of you my darling”

When the ceremony was over, everyone headed for Asker, a small town near the capital. On the program for family celebrations: a meal with a breathtaking view of the Olso fjord. The reunion was no doubt warm in the heart of Leah Isadora, eight months after the disappearance of her father, Ari Behn, who killed himself in December 2019. A tragedy that shocked the whole country. Starting with the members of the royal family, unconditional support for Princess Märtha Louise and her three daughters.

For the sister of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, this day was particularly moving. This is evidenced by his declaration of love to his daughter, posted on Instagram. “I am so proud of you, my dear, she writes. You dare to follow your dreams and your intuition, you have inherited your artistic touch from your father, from your grandparents and great-grandparents, on both sides” .

Passionate about makeup and very involved on Instagram where she offers advanced tutorials, Leah Isadora is the delight of her family. “Your father would have been so proud of you, concludes Princess Märtha Louise. And would have said that you are the most talented young woman in the world.”

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