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Lauren Boebert: Biography, Political positions and private life


Lauren Boebert, born December 15, 1986 in Altamonte Springs (Florida), is an American politician and businesswoman1. A member of the Republican Party, she has served in the United States House of Representatives for Colorado since 2021.

On November 3, 2020, she won the election in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, covering the western part of the state, defeating Diane Mitsch Bush, Democratic Party candidate and former elected to the Colorado House of Representatives (2013- 2017) 2. She previously defeated incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton in the Republican primary, becoming the first person to beat a sitting federal rep in a Colorado primary in 48 years. Boebert owns Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, where staff members are encouraged to openly carry firearms

Lauren Boebert Biography


Lauren Boebert was born in Altamonte Springs, north of Orlando, Florida, in 19861. At age 12, Boebert moved with his family to the Montbello neighborhood of Denver and later to Aurora, before settling in Rifle in 20034,5 .

Boebert says his parents vote Democrats6,7 and live in poverty in Denver, where his mother is on welfare. His mother registered as a Republican more recently8. Boebert credits his first job at age 15 at a McDonald’s restaurant with changing his outlook on the need for government assistance.4,9

She left high school during her final year to start her family. She obtained a GED certificate in May 202010,8.

Entrepreneurial career

Boebert and her husband opened Shooters Grill in Rifle in 2013 after her husband was fired from his job. After an assault in a nearby alley, Boebert obtains a permit to carry a concealed weapon and begins to encourage his restaurant waiters to come armed11,12. They also opened a restaurant called Putters on Rifle Creek Golf Course in 201513.

In mid-May 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Boebert violated the state’s containment order by reopening Shooters Grill for a catering service14. Although she received a formal notice from Garfield County, Boebert said she refused to close her restaurant. The next day, she moves the tables outside, on the sidewalk and in the parking lots16. The next day, Garfield County suspended its food license. At the end of May, with the state allowing restaurants to reopen at 50% of their capacity, the county abandoned its temporary ban18.

Arms activism

In September 2019, Boebert became involved in arms activism, challenging former Federal Representative Beto O’Rourke at a town hall meeting in Aurora, Colo., Exclaiming: “Hell, no, you won’t take our guns” 19. Later that month, Boebert opposed a gun control measure at a city council meeting in Aspen20.

Campaign for Congress

In December 2019, Lauren Boebert announced his candidacy for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District for the United States House of Representatives in the 2020 election, starting with a challenge to incumbent Scott Tipton in the Republican Party primary. During her campaign, Lauren Boebert criticizes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of The Squad, positioning herself as a conservative alternative to Ocasio-Cortez22,23,24. Seth Masket, professor of political science at the University of Denver, suggests that Lauren Boebert wanted to motivate Republican voters to participate in the primary, during a slow electoral cycle, by stoking their anger against Ocasio-Cortez and others.

Lauren Boebert criticizes Tipton on his record, which, according to her, does not reflect the point of view of the 3rd district because he voted too often with the Democrats25. During the campaign, Lauren Boebert called Tipton not supporting the president22 and backing the amnesty for undocumented immigrants by voting for HR 5038, the 2019 farm workforce modernization law, claiming that the law contains a provision that leads to citizenship and also provides funding to undocumented agricultural workers for housing26. Boebert also criticizes Tipton’s efforts to fund the Paycheck Protection Program, saying he did not fight hard enough to get more money27. During his campaign, Boebert raised just over $ 150,000 until the primary on June 3028.

On June 30, 2020, she won the primary with 54.6% of the vote against 45.4% 29. This is the first time the incumbent has been beaten since Democratic Representative Wayne Aspinall lost to Alan Merson 48 years ago. Boebert pledges to join the Freedom Caucus if elected to the House.

Lauren Boebert takes on former Democratic State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush, a retired sociology professor from Steamboat Springs, Colo., In the November general election. Boebert accuses Bush of having a “socialist agenda” 30. At the end of July, Boebert was considered the favorite to win the November election against Bush4 but a poll taken in September gave Bush a point winner32.

During the campaign, Lauren Boebert expresses his support for QAnon’s conspiracy theory by appearing on a webcast promoting this far-right conspiratorial movement. She states in it that “Everything I’ve heard from Q, I hope it’s real because it just means America is getting stronger and stronger. “. QAnon is classified as a threat of domestic terrorism by the FBI and is described as a cult.

Political positions


Lauren Boebert supports a “global energy” policy, which refers to the development and use of a combination of resources to meet energy demand. Resources include non-renewable resources (including crude oil) and renewable resources (including solar energy). But she wants the markets to decide, not the government37.

Electoral College

Lauren Boebert opposes the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would abolish the electoral college for presidential elections.


Boebert opposes the Green New Deal which, according to her, would cost 93 trillion dollars and lead to the bankruptcy of the United States38.


Boebert supported the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the United States and opposed the immigration amnesty39.

Social problems

Lauren Boebert is anti-abortion11. She opposes comprehensive sexuality education and federal funding for Planned Parenthood11. She is a proponent of carrying guns and opposing the expansion of gun control regulations. It is against Colorado’s red flag law, which was passed in 2019 by the state’s General Assembly and allows for the temporary confiscation of firearms under the control of a judge.

Health care

Lauren Boebert supports health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions41. She wants health care to be affordable and prices to be transparent41.

It calls for the repeal by Congress of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, promulgated by President Barack Obama42. Boebert does not support a single-payer health care system, arguing that the system would bankrupt small businesses like his because of its prohibitive cost43.

Private life

Married to Jayson Steven Boebert since 2005, the latter is originally from Silt, Colorado44. Before running their business, Boebert’s husband worked in the oil and gas fields7. They have four sons11. Boebert is an evangelical Christian12.

She is the subject of numerous complaints for her aggressive behavior and repeatedly “forgets” to appear before the judge45. In 2016, she was subpoenaed to appear in court for dangerous driving of a vehicle, but did not appear at the hearing. Arrested, she will be released on bail.

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