kris wu exo relationship, Kris Wu girlfriend, exo kris wu

kris wu exo relationship, Kris Wu girlfriend, exo kris wu


SHANGHAI, August 01 – Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, former member of K-pop boy band Exo, has been arrested in China on suspicion of rape.

Beijing police said in a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo on Saturday evening that they had placed the 30-year-old man, whose legal Chinese name is Wu Yi Fan, in criminal detention for rape after he investigated allegations that he repeatedly seduced and had sex with minors.

Police did not give further details on the rape charges.

The detention follows charges brought by an 18-year-old girl named Du, who claimed to be the Kris Wu ex-girlfriend. In a July interview with an online outlet, the woman said Wu lured many women, including two minors, into sex.

Wu filed a threat complaint against the woman, prompting the police to look into the two cases.

In an interim investigation announcement, police said that although there was one person threatening Wu, it was not Du but a man posing as her.

Police added, however, that it had been confirmed that Wu invited Du to his home in December to have an interview for a lead role in his music video and that he had since been in contact with her. Authorities said investigations into allegations involving other women are ongoing.

Wu has denied the allegations. In an article posted to Weibo after the initial charge, the pop star claimed he would “go to jail on his own” if the suspicions were true.

The 30-year-old idol made his debut as a member of Exo in 2012 before leaving the group in 2014 amid a legal dispute with South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment. He has since become a star in China with successes in singing and acting.

Kris Wu (ex EXO) would be in a relationship

Kris Wu (ex EXO) would be in a relationship

Former EXO member and C-Pop star Kris Wu is said to be in touch.

Even though the young man is no longer part of the group, he is still loved and adored by fans around the world.

The news appeared that he would be in a relationship, photos to back it up.

Kris Wu girlfriend is said to be a young woman named Luna, who has been identified as a first year student at the Beijing Film Academy, preparing for her debut as an actress.

Kris Wu (ex EXO) would be in a relationship

WEIBO, China’s leading social media platform, reportedly shows news of the latter’s relationship trending.

Media said, “Kris is caught up in rumors with a mysterious, unnamed woman.”

Representatives for Kris were not available for comment. Stay tuned for more information.

Kris Wu (ex EXO) criticized for rumors of deception and would have left one of her friends in depression.

Chinese-Canadian artist Kris Wu (吴亦 凡) has been confronted with dating rumors over the past week. The ex-exo member reportedly spent a good week dating and cheating on girls. However, Wu denied everything.

The chaos began on May 28 when netizens claimed Wu had rented a movie theater for a date. CCTV footage showed Wu and a woman entering and exiting the cinema. Internet users speculated that the woman was Chen Ziyi (陈紫怡), an Internet celebrity.

However, Wu’s company later denied the rumors, claiming that he had actually hung out with a group of his friends. Although they entered the cinema one by one, Wu did not have a date. Wu’s company also announced that it would take legal action against those involved for invading Wu’s privacy. In addition, they accused the perpetrator of the rumor of editing the CCTV footage.

Shortly after, another rumor surfaced. This time the rumor centered around an 18-year-old college student named Du Meizhu (都 子 竹). On June 2, an internet user claiming to be Du’s friend announced that Wu had already dated her friend. “She only told me about it because she was afraid it would affect Wu’s career development,” said the friend. She shared that the couple’s love life had been going well until April. “I didn’t expect Wu to suddenly disappear in April,” she said. Apparently Kris would have ghosted her. “(Du) was depressed long afterward and was in no mood to go to school. She explained that Du had been “a sane and well-behaved girl” until she started dating Wu. The friend also included screenshots of the couple’s conversations as proof.

Kris Wu (ex EXO) criticized for rumors of deception and would have left one of her friends in depression.

As the message rippled through internet users, another internet celebrity, Xiang Yunjie (象 韵 洁) was caught up in rumors. Netizens claimed that Xiang was seeing Wu, but she was quick to deny it. “The rumors are not credible. I’m single, thank you, ”she said. To further explain their relationship, Xiang posted an article on Weibo. “We got to know each other as friends and not as some internet users have suggested,” she wrote. “In my opinion, (Wu) is just someone who is looking for love. There is no right or wrong in relationships. Xiang also tagged the artist at the end of his post.

The next day, Du Meizhu herself took the floor to clarify the situation. First, she said her friends hadn’t exposed Wu for fun. Du explained that she realized Wu was cheating on her when she heard rumors about the movie date. Her friends apparently couldn’t sit and do nothing. As such, they have tried to defend her online. Du stressed that she had no interest in becoming popular, she hoped to continue her education and have a normal love life like other girls.

Kris Wu (ex EXO) chat with girlfriend

The artist’s company answered questions on June 3. They reposted a legal opinion, which had been published by a law firm, and made their own statement about it. “Recently, many users have posted extremely inaccurate comments. There are also people with ulterior motives who have mischievously photoshopped screenshots of cat recordings, ”they said. “(This was done) to deceive the public, to intentionally obscure the facts, to defame Mr. Wu, and to cause extremely harmful effects. ”

Wu himself also commented on the dating rumors. “No snowflake is innocent,” he wrote on Weibo. “(I) once again kept everyone entertained all day. Hope you got everything you wanted. As payment for the entertainment, the artist asked internet users to listen to his song. “Thanks, the link is here,” he added.

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