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Kim Kardashian


Kimberly Kardashian West, born October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, is an American media personality, businesswoman, producer, stylist and television host.

Since 2007, she and her family have starred on the hit reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She created three spin-offs (Kim and Kourtney take New York, The Kardashian Sisters in Miami and Kim and Kourtney take Miami). With her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, she launched several collections of clothing, make-up, and beauty products. Together, they own three shops. In 2010, they published a book, Kardashian Konfidential, in which they revealed their secrets.

On May 24, 2014, she married rapper, songwriter, and music producer Kanye West. She creates her own video game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which grossed her $ 85,000,000 1. She was the highest paid reality TV personality in 20152. That same year, she was named to Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list, while Vogue described her as a “fashion phenomenon. pop culture ”.


Childhood and education

Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California. She is of Scottish and Dutch origin on her mother’s side, and of Armenian origin on her father’s side. She is the daughter of lawyer Robert Kardashian, who defended actor and American football player O.J. Simpson, who was then accused of murdering his wife, who is also his godfather. She has two sisters: Kourtney, her oldest, and Khloé, her youngest, as well as a brother, Rob5. Her mother is Kris Jenner, who is also her manager.

In 1989, when she was 9 years old, her parents divorced following her mother’s infidelities6. In 1991, her mother remarried to Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, who became Caitlyn Jenner in 20157. From this union were born two daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. In addition, there is a half-sister, Casey Jenner, and three half-brothers, Burt Jenner, Brandon Jenner and Brody Jenner, from Jenner’s previous union. Teenager Kim Kardashian studied at Marymount High School Catholic Girls’ High School in Los Angeles.

In 1998, she finished high school and became the assistant to her friend Paris Hilton9,10. In 2000, she married music producer Damon Thomas, from whom she divorced in 200410. Robert Kardashian died of esophageal cancer on September 30, 2003 at the age of 5911,12. The following year, she and her sisters opened a boutique in Calabasas called D-A-S-H, a derivative of their last name.


Kim Kardashian remained relatively unknown to the general public until the publication, in early 2007, by Vivid, a pornographic production studio, of a sextape that she had filmed as an amateur with R&B singer Ray J and that Vivid bought a million dollars9. She then sued Vivid by claiming the rights to the video, which she definitively ceded in May 2007 in exchange for $ 5 million9. This sextape allows the Kardashians to sign a contract with E! for the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in October 2007. This series shows his family in everyday life and has received excellent reviews from audiences.

In 2007, she made an appearance in the clip Thanks For The Memories for the group Fall Out Boy13. Also in 2007, she posed nude for the special “celebrity” edition of the December issue of Playboy magazine6.

In March 2008, she participated as an interviewer at WrestleMania XXIV, the biggest show in WWE14. On September 22, 2008, she participated in the American reality TV show Dancing with the Stars 7. She was eliminated in the second week with her partner Mark Ballas15. She plays Matt Lanter and Vanessa Minnillo in Disaster Film, an American parody released in 200816.

On January 12, 2009, she appeared in an episode of season 4 of the American series How I Met Your Mother17. The same year a book, Kardashian Konfidential, was released in which the three sisters told many secrets about them18. Also in 2009, she participated with her sister Kourtney in the show Kim and Kourtney in New York, which shows the daily life of the two sisters who open their third store in this city (after those in Los Angeles and Miami). In 2009, W magazine unveiled images from a photoshoot featuring naked Kim Kardashian. Initially, the magazine and the star had agreed to publish the retouched photos, masking Kardashian with various images to only reveal her silhouette. However, the magazine will not honor its commitments to the star and show her completely naked, causing her emotional distress.


In March 2012, Kim Kardashian launched her fourth fragrance, True Reflection. She works with the company Dress for Success to promote it28. In April 2012, E! renews the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show for two more seasons for a value of $ 40 million29.30. In October 2012, she released her fifth fragrance entitled Glam, in reference to the glamor of her Hollywood lifestyle. The perfume is sold by the department store chain Debenhams31. In November 2012, the Kardashian sisters launched the Kardashian Kollection32,33 as well as their Khroma Beauty cosmetics line in the United Kingdom34. This collection becomes a huge success around the world35. The same year, she began a relationship with Kanye West10.

On March 29, 2013, the film Temptation: Confession of a Married Woman was released, which marked its return to the big screen. In this story, she stars alongside Jurnee Smollett, Brandy Norwood and Vanessa L. Williams. The film grossed $ 53 million in the United States36. In France, the film was released directly on DVD on August 22, 201437. The same year, she appeared in season 5 of Les Anges de la Réalité TV as a guest.

Much of his income comes from his own brand, the Kardashian Kollection for the Sears brand which grossed $ 600 million in 2013, cosmetics and tanning products, his online store Dash, as well as messages. sponsored on Instagram and Twitter which earn him $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per message38,39.

In May 2014, she married Kanye West10. Also in 2014, she posed nude for photographer Jean-Paul Goude for Paper40 magazine. This artistic choice will unleash reactions as lively as they are passionate, and the star will congratulate herself on having “broken the internet” (Break the internet) 41. During the same year, Kim Kardashian was one of the victims of Celebgate, private photos of the starlet spread on the web42. On September 21, 2014, in the episode Blagsnarst, A Love Story from season 11 of the American Dad! Series, she lent her voice to a character. In 2014, she launched the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, on iOS and Android. The object of the game is to become a star in Hollywood. The game is free, but is full of paid bonuses (free to play). In the first five days of release, the game was downloaded 1.6 million times. Glu Mobile announces that the game is the 5th most downloaded in the mobile app store.


In 2015, Kim Kardashian released a 325-page selfie book titled Selfish46. This book will compile unpublished photographs of the reality TV star as well as the promise to find nude photos there47. The same year, she released an emoji app, named Kimoji, on Android and iPhone. The application is downloaded 9 million times per second and the App Store site is unavailable due to the load48. A few months before, Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Spanish Vogue. She has since released products stamped Kimojis. During the year 2015, five years after their publications, Kim says she is now proud of the nude photographs that W magazine had published of her. The star takes the opportunity to unveil a photo of her naked from the backstage of the shooting49.

With her sisters, she produces the Dash Dolls show, as well as many other shows on the E! Channel [ref. necessary].

In 2016, she released her paid application focused on fashion, the art of photography and make-up50.

She designs several pieces from her husband’s Yeezy collection for Adidas6. The same year, Kim Kardashian, then present in Paris on the sidelines of Fashion Week, is attacked by a journalist who tries to kiss his butt before being stopped by the star’s bodyguards.


With her sisters and her mother, since 2017 she has been preparing a cartoon for adults on their life52. During the month of April 2017, the press disseminated unretouched photographs of Kim in a swimsuit. These photos will feed the negative comments, pointing out its imperfections53,54. Kim responds to grossophobia by posting videos of her muscular body on Snapchat along with a commentary against her detractors. On June 19, 2017, she announced that she was launching her own makeup brand, KKW Beauty. The color palette is relatively nude, indeed suggesting a taste of her brand with Kylie Cosmetics. To promote her new franchise, she gives interviews where she discusses her rise as a businesswoman56, or even on the show The View57. She participates in many videos of American beauty YouTubers, in order to propel her brand on the front of the stage. When released, it generated $ 14 million in 4 minutes, the exact time it takes for the stock to run out.

In collaboration with her husband, she released a brand of children’s clothing called Kids Supply, inspired and designed by themselves62. The brand sold out in just a few hours63. She collaborates with her younger sister Kylie for her cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics. The collaboration has generated a great deal of enthusiasm on social networks64. The range includes 4 nude lipsticks, Kim Kardashian’s favorite color: Kimmie (Deep nude), Kiki (Pinky nude), Kim (Peachy nude) and Kimberly (True nude) 64. The collection is a success, selling out in just 90 minutes65.

It expands its cosmetics brand and launches KKW Fragance, with three first fragrances66. The launch of its perfumes allowed it to collect several sold-outs and 10 million dollars in 24 hours67. Thanks to her 115 million subscribers on Instagram, she is paid $ 500,000 to promote a brand68.

During the year 2018, she announces with her sisters Kourtney, and Khloé that they have made the decision to close their DASH stores twelve years after its creation. The first store was opened in 2006, and gave rise to two other stores including one in Miami, and one in New York which had already closed in December 2016. The sisters had no more time to give to their children. shops with a busy schedule, and wanted to devote themselves to their own projects69. In January 2018, Kim again unleashed controversy on Instagram in a series of naked pictures that she published70. Also in 2018, during the CFDA Fashion Awards ceremony, the equivalent of the fashion Oscars, the businesswoman received the first influencer award of the year intended to reward people who have transformed fashion71,72. The same year, she unveiled her makeup show Glam Master73. In 2018, she fed the stocks of her make-up brands, with a collection of nude-toned lipsticks, new highlighter palettes, a collection of nude and colorful eyeshadow in collaboration with the winner of her show. , as well as a collection to celebrate ten years of collaborations with her personal makeup artist Mario74. The same year The Business of Fashion granted him a cover and an interview to celebrate the success of his company which reached 100 million in revenues less than a year after its creation75. She is launching a new fragrance, KKW BODY, in 2018, which is widely talked about, for its inspiration from a perfume by Jean Paul-Gautier, but also because it takes the exact shape of Kim Kardashian’s body76. The perfume is promoted by a series of naked shots revealing the creation process77. This is exhausted in a few hours.

In Los Angeles, she is launching her first ephemeral boutique for her cosmetics brand KKW Beauty from June 20, 2018 to July 27, 2018. She sells all of the content of her brand as well as exclusive products in a sober decor related to the makeup created by herself79. To promote the store, she creates the event several times by going by surprise on the spot, she also gives many interviews, as well as conferences to talk about make-up80. She also attends BeautyCon Festivals 2018, where she gives a conference to talk about makeup but also how to start a business and make it successful81. For summer 2018, she is launching three new fragrances inspired by kimoji with very fruity scents for her KKW Beauty / KKW Fragance business: Kimoji Peach, Kimoji Cherry and Kimoji Vibes82. It promotes the products itself and does not spend a cent on advertising costs, but the strategy pays off since the launch generates $ 5 million in 5 minutes83. On August 5, 2018, season 15 of her program Keeping Up With the Kardashians launched, while at the same time filming of season 16 had already started84.

Forbes magazine ranks Kim Kardashian as the 30th most money-making celebrity in 2018, with $ 67 million generated. The same magazine reports that his personal fortune is now estimated at $ 350 million.


In 2019, Kim Kardashian won a plagiarism lawsuit she brought against the Missguided ready-to-wear brand. She obtained 2.7 million dollars and 60,000 euros in reimbursement of legal fees86. During the month of June 2019, many people took offense at the name the star had chosen for her new line of supportive bras and panties. Indeed, she had chosen to name Kimono Solutionwear her range of underwear and leggings87, using the diminutive of her first name. However, the kimono being a traditional Japanese garment, Internet users will accuse it of cultural appropriation, the colossal popularity of Kim Kardashian running the risk of damaging the cultural heritage of the original garment88. The mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, will call on the star to change the name of his range in an open letter89,88. After registering the name Kimono Intimates, Inc, Kim will give in and decide to change the name of its line90,91.

Now renamed Skims, this brand offers in addition to lingerie, an adhesive tape92 for the body in order to maintain the chest when a bra cannot be worn. It also offers nipple covers. An entrepreneur, Carolyn Sitt, accuses her of having stolen the duct tape idea from her93. The brand was a success and earned him $ 2 million in 2 minutes when it was launched94. She later launched several collection of pajamas95. The same year, she collaborated with her sister Kylie Jenner for her perfume brand KKW Fragrances96. Later, she collaborates once again with Kourtney, and Khloé to make a collection on the theme of diamonds97. The different collections for her perfume and cosmetics brand that she creates during the year allow her to collaborate with the Ulta Beauty brand, which will now sell its various products. She thus created a special collection sold only in the brand98. Kim Kardashian herself announces that the figures for her cosmetics brand have doubled in 1 year99.

She also participates in the show True Hollywood Story on the television channel E entertainement, which devotes a documentary entitled “Who is Kim Kardashian?” To her. This retraces her entire career, but also her childhood, her private life, she also talks about her robbery in Paris in 2016100.

She becomes the face of the Uber Eats Australia brand and partners with Facebook. She shoots two commercials alongside Magda Szubanski and her friend Jennifer Lopez to illustrate her partnerships. Kim Kardashian is also launching with her mother and her four sisters Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie a brand of vide-dressing of their own already worn clothes that they wish to sell. The brand is called “Kardashian Kloset”.

In 2019, Forbes magazine declared that she won $ 72 million, making her the 6th wealthiest woman in the entertainment world. The same year, Vogue magazine devoted its second cover to her, and her first cover alone, an accomplishment. She talks about her family life, recounts her journey in the world of justice, and takes part in the special 73 questions of Vogue which plunges spectators into her intimacy105. She also won a People’s Choice Award for her reality TV show.

Private life

Kim Kardashian dated late singer Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ Jackson for a few years. She says she lost her virginity to him at the age of 14.

From 2000 to 2004, Kim Kardashian was married to music producer Damon Thomas119. Kim will declare that she was drugged on ecstasy during her first marriage and will specify later that her ex-husband Damon was violent120,121. Before even finalizing her divorce, she began dating singer Ray J, with whom she made a sextape in 2003122, which was hacked and posted on the Internet in February 2007123,124. After filing a complaint against Vivid Entertainment, it finally sold the rights to the film for $ 5 million125. The film takes the title Kim Kardashian, Superstar. According to some rumors, the leak of the sextape would have been orchestrated upstream by the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner126. The famous journalist Ian Halperin publishes a book called Kardashian Dynasty to detail this story127. However, Kim Kardashian insinuates in the first season of her reality TV show that her first husband is behind the leak of her video.

During 2006, she dated rapper The Game129 and singer Nick Lachey130. From May 2006 to January 2007, she was in a relationship with producer Nick Cannon131,132. In 2009, after two years together, she separated from professional American football player Reggie Bush133. That same year, she bought a house in Beverly Hills for around $ 5 million [ref. necessary].

In 2010, she appeared with Miles Austin134,135. Rumors have said that as a couple with Evan Ross, Marques Houston, Cristiano Ronaldo or even Gabriel Aubry, to whom she was close for a time136. In December 2017, rapper Bow Wow admitted to having had a sexual affair with Kim Kardashian in 2007137. In October 2010, she began a romantic relationship with basketball player Kris Humphries, with whom she became engaged in May 2011. and that she marries on August 20, 2011138. Divorce is requested on October 31, 2011, after 72 days of marriage, for irreconcilable disputes139.

In February 2013, having failed to reach an amicable settlement with Kris Humphries, a judge decided that the couple’s divorce proceedings would go to trial in May 2013140,141. However, on April 19, 2013, the two protagonists reached an agreement and avoided a trial142,143. The divorce was pronounced on June 3, 2013.

Since April 2012, she shares the life of her longtime friend, the American rapper Kanye West145. Kim confessed to having dated Kanye West during her marriage to Kris Humphries or while she was in a relationship with Reggie Bush146. In 2013, after eight months of relationship, she became pregnant in Italy. North West was born on June 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, after a difficult childbirth6,147,148.

The couple got engaged on October 21, 2013 at AT&T Park in San Francisco149. The wedding took place on May 24, 2014 in Florence, Italy150.

In 2014, she was the victim, along with a hundred other personalities, of a massive hacking campaign. Some private photos will spread on the web151,152. During the month of November, Kim poses nude on the cover of Paper153 magazine.

In 2015, she announced through her show her second pregnancy, very complicated. Their second child, Saint West, was born on December 5, 2015154,155.

On October 3, 2016, during her stay at the Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris, Kim Kardashian was attacked and robbed in her suite by five individuals disguised as police officers. The cost of the theft is estimated to be around 10 million euros157. The alleged perpetrators of the robbery were arrested on January 9, 2017 thanks to a DNA trace158. The robbery was the most searched event on Google in 2017. It was the largest jewelry theft in 20 years159. In March 2016, Kim Kardashian posted a selfie where she revealed herself naked. Faced with the fierce media coverage of which she is the target, she once again appears topless on her social networks in the company of model Emily Ratajkowski in order to silence her detractors and claim her sexual autonomy160.

Under the terms of Kim’s marriage contract with Kanye West, she earns $ 1 million per year for 10 years. Kim would inherit £ 6million in the event of her husband’s blatant infidelity. The starlet pocketed 3.4 million euros per child conceived with her husband Kanye West and has earned 740,000 euros per year of marriage since the third year162. Kim Kardashian won $ 28 million in 2014163, $ 48 million in 2015164, $ 51 million in 2016165, and $ 45.5 million in 2017166. According to Forbes, in 2016 her fortune was over 150 million of dollars164,167. In 2018, she earned $ 67 million and her fortune amounted to $ 350 million85.

She reveals in her program Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she suffered a miscarriage after in vitro fertilization following the birth of her second child168. On January 15, 2018 in San Diego, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child, a Chicago girl born by surrogate mother, Kim Kardashian unable to bear her children herself at present169.

The couple’s fourth child, a boy named Psalm170, was born by surrogate mother on May 10, 2019171. The same year, she baptized 3 of her children, Saint, Chicago and Psalm in Armenia. She was also baptized172.

In 2020, her husband Kanye West is running for the American elections and during a meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, he reveals that Kim Kardashian wanted to have an abortion during her first pregnancy, qualifying this act as “murder” 173. He later followed up with numerous threats made against his mother-in-law Kris Jenner on social networks, and insinuated that his wife had cheated on him, which she denies174,175. Kim Kardashian will evoke a few days later the problems of bipolarity from which her husband suffers176. On February 19, 2021, the press announced that Kim Kardashian had started divorce proceedings against Kanye West.

Position papers and politics

Kim Kardashian is proud of her Armenian heritage178. She has advocated for recognition of the Armenian Genocide on numerous occasions and has encouraged President Barack Obama and the United States government to consider its recognition. She also frequently uses social media to educate people about the Armenian Genocide179,180,181.

In April 2015, she traveled to Armenia with Kanye West and her sister Khloé, and visited the victims’ memorial in Yerevan182. In April 2016, she wrote an article on her blog condemning the Wall Street Journal, which denied the Armenian genocide in one of its pages183.

It also takes a stand against the possession of firearms184. During the campaign for the 2016 US presidential election, she supported Hillary Clinton185.

In 2017, she mobilized for the cause of Cynthia Brown, sentenced to life imprisonment for having killed, at the age of 16, her sexual assailant. Her team of lawyers will then defend the young woman during her trial186,71. In 2018, Kim Kardashian took an interest in the case of Alice Marie Johnson, 63, imprisoned for 22 years for drug trafficking, without ever having resorted to any violence. Alice Johnson has demonstrated exemplary behavior in prison for two decades, inspiring other inmates and working hard to redeem herself. The businesswoman touched by the story of this great-grandmother, wanting to return to her family, contacts her lawyers. They work together to build a solid case, then she contacts Ivanka Trump and asks to meet with her father, the President of the United States, Donald Trump at the White House, in order to talk about his case but also prison reforms187. On May 31, the interview took place and caused much ink to flow with the media. However, a week later, on June 6, 2018, the president, convinced by Kim Kardashian, announced the release of this woman, deeming the sentence too severe188,189. After her victory, the American announced on Twitter that she wanted to “continue this important work by working with organizations that have struggled longer than me and that deserve to be recognized.”

In 2019, she returned to school and learned law to become a lawyer191. She also intervenes in the release of several unjustly convicted persons, and meets inmates in several prisons in the United States192. She intervened in particular in the release of Momolu Stewart, sentenced to life imprisonment for homicide at the age of 16193.

She also supports prisoner Rodney Reed who was sentenced to be executed for murder in the Stacy Stites case in 1996. However, there was ample evidence to prove the innocence of the man. As usual, the young woman first speaks on social networks and sees many celebrities rallying to her cause including Rihanna, Beyonce, or Meek Mill195. After a mass rally, the Texas Criminal Appeals Court finally backtracked just 5 days before the scheduled execution date (November 20, 2019) and postponed the execution indefinitely. Kim Kardashian was with the young man at the time of the announcement. Three days after the announcement, Kim Kardashian spoke on national television on the Today show to discuss the moment shared with Reed after the appeals court deliberation. Kim Kardashian expresses the man’s desire to reunite with his family, loved ones, to discover his grandchildren, but she also says she is confident about the future of this affair and the fate of the man, and asks to take into account the scientific evidence that rules out the man as a murder suspect194,196.

She also announced that she was releasing a documentary to denounce the shortcomings of American justice107. Kim Kardashian is teaming up with the Oxygen channel as producer and presenter of the documentary, which focuses on the young woman’s journey as a future lawyer, but also on her meeting with inmates and the strategies bet on hope to secure the release of Dawn Jackson, Alexis Martin, Momulo Stewart and David Sheppard194. The documentary also unveils the problem of mass incarceration of inmates, and promotes the importance of educating inmates in order to optimize their return to society. Kim Kardashian expresses being behind this project because “millions of people are impacted by the corrupt justice system”, continuing that “there are many who deserve a second chance, but too many do not have the resources to their rehabilitation works “194,197.

The same year, she went again to the White House to present the bill “First Step Act” which aims at several prison reforms, including reducing the heavy sentences for certain delinquents, giving more latitude to the judges in the determination of sentences for low-level criminals, improve the conditions of detention of women or even accompany detainees on their release from prison to guide them in their reintegration198. She is also partnering with Lyft to help future released inmates get job interviews, a cause she championed at the White House in July 2019199. She is also working with # cut50 to find premises, housing, and job offers for the released 200. During her speech at the White House, the young woman declares “while I have had the opportunity to help a small number of individuals that I have been able to meet, there are still too many obstacles which require a struggle. constant for thousands and more of people in need, and today I am honored to announce that the administration and the private sectors are moving together to create opportunities that will benefit its men and women finally back home . ”

Kim and her husband also used their connection with the White House to call on President Trump to help free A $ AP Rocky, who was arrested in Switzerland after being involved in an altercation. A source revealed to People magazine that Kim Kardashian contacted President Jared Kushner’s son-in-law, whom she became very close to after they collaborated together. The rapper is finally released after the intervention of Donald Trump, he thanked the Kardashian-West family in person194,201.

She also meets the President of Armenia with his sister Kourtney, who will deliver a speech for the two women and allow a visit to the palace and a two-hour dinner. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the Armenian genocide but also the country’s environmental problems. In addition, on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, she educates her subscribers on Instagram by tracing little by little the history of the Armenian genocide, insisting that Turkey has still not recognized the genocide more than one century later, provoking a debate on networks203.

In March 2020, she went again to the White House to highlight her new project in collaboration with Alice Johnson: helping 3 other women unfairly punished to get out of prison. She announces on March 4, 2020 on her Twitter account that President Donald Trump has shown mercy to his 3 wives. Since their release, they have joined Kim Kardashian’s team and participated in discussions around prison reforms in the United States.

Very committed to the fight against the coronavirus, she has spoken several times on social networks and on television about the importance of respecting the containment measures put in place in the United States. She also donates one million dollars to affected families, and donates 20% of the profits of her lingerie brand to the Baby2Baby association, which helps the most disadvantaged families204. With her sister Kylie Jenner, they replace the production of their cosmetics by a massive production of hydroalcoholic gel which will be distributed in American hospitals.

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