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Johnny Logan biography

With the feat of having won the Eurovision Song Contest three times, Johnny Logan rose to prominence with ballads like: “What’s another year? Or “Hold me now”. He now shines in many musicals and has multiplied his albums, the most recent of which, “Johnny Logan & friends”, is platinum in Denmark and Norway.

A child of the ball

Born in Australia, Johnny Logan, real name Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard, is the son of a famous tenor, Patrick O’Hagen. The latter has already performed no less than three times in the White House, under the presidency of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

At the age of three, his family moved from Australia to Ireland. In this artistic atmosphere, it was only natural that at the age of nine he began to sing. Subsequently he learned the guitar and began to compose his own pieces.
But it was especially by accompanying his father on tour that Johnny Logan developed a passion for this profession.

The young man made his debut in music in 1976 with Alan Dee’s rock musical “Adam and Eve”, in which he played the lead role.
Three years later, Johnny Logan already recorded his first album, “In London” before entering the Eurovision Song Contest under the colors of Ireland, with the track “Angie”.

If he doesn’t win the show, it’s really Eurovision that will launch his career.

“Mr. Eurovision”

Johnny Logan made a name for himself by winning the Eurovision Song Contest three times!
The young man wins twice as a performer: in 1980 with the track “What’s another year” and seven years later with “Hold me now”.

As for the third time, Johnny Logan wins the show as a composer. Performed by Linda Martin in 1992, her song “Why me” won the support of European audiences.

He has been closely linked to the competition ever since, and it was he who communicated in 2004 the results of the Irish jury at Eurovision Song Contest.

Prestigious collaborations

At the end of the 1980s, his career was launched. His album “What’s another year? “(1980) sold nearly three million copies, followed by the record” Hold me now “(1987), whose eponymous single ranked second in the UK charts and sold six million copies.

At the same time, he also participates in many musicals, including the show “Witch Witch” in Norway. It was in 1989 that he returned with the album “Mention my name”, recorded with the musicians of Mike & the Mechanics and the band of David Bowie. The artist is also used to surrounding himself with prestigious collaborations. Among them: Paul Young or Ute Lemper.

In addition, Johnny Logan performs for prestigious and influential personalities such as Pope John Paul II or Queen Elizabeth II.

Become a real icon in Ireland, he recorded in 2007 the album “Johnny Logan & Friends”, which landed a platinum record in Denmark and Norway. He returned in January 2009 with a new opus, entitled “Irishman in America”.

His father Patrick O’Hagen is a well-known Irish tenor, who has performed several times in the White House, for John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon. Johnny Logan was three years old when his family returned to Ireland. He learned to play the guitar and began to compose songs at thirteen. He left school to train as an electrician while playing in folk and blues music clubs. He plays Adam in the Irish musical Adam and Eve. He chose as his stage name that of the eponymous character from the film Johnny Guitar.

Johnny Logan is the only artist to have won the Eurovision Song Contest more than once1, three times in total, including two as a performer: in 19802 with the title What’s Another Year? (interpreter); in 19873 with Hold Me Now (performer); and in 1992 with Why Me ?, which he wrote for Linda Martin4.

The artist is popular in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Ireland, sometimes nicknamed Mister Eurovision (Mister Eurovision). What’s Another Year? has sold over three million copies and Hold Me Now has sold over one million copies. Johnny Logan has recorded 40 singles and 19 albums. He took part in musicals and toured Norway in 1993 with Which Witch, a creation from that country.

He communicated the results of the Irish jury during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. In 2007, he recorded Johnny Logan & Friends which was platinum in Denmark and Norway.

During his career, the singer has collaborated with many artists: Helmut Lotti, Mike + The Mechanics, Ute Lemper, Paul Young.

He lives in Ashbourne (County Meath) in Ireland.

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