Jessica Thivenin

Jessica Thivenin


Jessica Garcia (née Thivenin) is a reality TV candidate, businesswoman, and former French hairdresser who rose to prominence at the start of 2014 in season 3 of the Marseillais: Les Marseillais à Rio. Due to her fiery temperament, her fusional friendship with Stéphanie Durant, her iconic duet with Julien Tanti and her cult phrases, Jessica quickly became one of the emblematic characters of the Marseillais.

In 2017, Jessica was voted the rising reality star of the year, being the most followed reality TV contestant on the social network Instagram (over 2M at the time) with Nabilla (over 2M at the time also), and also the highest paid in product placements. At the start of 2017, she was even refused Cyril Hanouna’s offer to join his band of columnists on Touche, not at my post!

As of 2019, Jessica is considered one of the great influencers of her generation. Married since 2018 to the former reality TV candidate turned great businessman Thibault Kuro Garcia, their couple is considered the “couple goal” among all couples of influencers.


Originally from Tarascon, a small town between Arles and Avignon, Jessica grew up with her mom, Colette Thivenin, a housewife, and her dad, Christian Thivenin, a former high-voltage lineman. She has two younger brothers, Logan (born April 8, 1993) and Bradley (born January 23, 1999). She had an older brother named Steven who died at the age of eighteen months – following an accident shortly before Jessica was born.

After obtaining a CAP Hairdressing, Jessica becomes a hairdresser, but is also a model in her spare time. At the start of 2013, casters got in touch with her, and offered to cast her for the second season of the Marseillais: Les Marseillais à Cancùn. At first, she hesitates because she was in a relationship at the time, but finally she accepts but is unfortunately not chosen.

She later separates from her long-time boyfriend, and then plans to realize her dream: to settle in England for a career there. However, her dream fell through because, in July 2013, she met Julien Tanti, an emblematic character of the Marseillais, with whom she will be in a relationship a month later. Julien and the W9 team then offered him to join the show. She accepts and flies in January 2014 for Rio de Janeiro, to join her boyfriend, who has been running the adventure for ten days already.

However, upon her arrival, candidates tell her that Julien cheated on her with another candidate, Mérylie – who is none other than her ex. Jessica goes wild on the set and breaks up with Julien. During the adventure, she is noticed by the public by her mindless bimbo side who does not have her tongue in her pocket and who does not like to work, but which is also very endearing. She fails most of her jobs and is reframed by the booker on numerous occasions who often threatens to send her back to France. Before the end of the adventure, Julien succeeds in winning back Jessica, and they even go so far as to get engaged in Rio.

In April 2014, less than two months after the filming of Les Marseillais in Rio, Jessica joined the filming of the first season of Les Ch’tis VS les Marseillais, while her fiancé had been in the adventure from the start. From the first days, Jessica realizes that nothing is going on with her relationship. Unhappy in this relationship, Jessica decides to break up with Julien for good and to continue her celibate adventure. However, his relationship with Julien will be very tense throughout the adventure, because the latter will approach dangerously Tressia Bertin, very soon after their separation.

In January 2015, she flew to Koh Samui, Thailand, to shoot Les Marseillais in Thailand, while she has been in a relationship for a short time with a young man, nicknamed Piou, who is not part of the middle of the TV. In this adventure, she gets very close to Stéphanie Durant, who very quickly becomes her pillar in the adventure, as well as her best friend in life. Her reunion with her ex-fiancé Julien is highlighted during the adventure, because they had not seen each other since their separation in Marrakech in May 2014. Many quarrels broke out between them on the set, since Julien quickly got down to business. in a relationship with one of the new candidates: Aurélie Preston. Finally, at the end of the shoot, Jessica and Julien decide to stop waging a war and become friends.

Since her adventure in Thailand, Jessica has become one of the show’s iconic characters. In spring 2015, Jessica, Paga and Adixia took part in the program “Tous Ensemble” with Marc-Emmanuel to make the dream of a family from Sète come true.

In June 2015, she flew to Palma de Mallorca to shoot the second season of Les Ch’tis vs les Marseillais: Les Ch’tis VS les Marseillais: La Revanche. She is then still in a relationship with her boyfriend Piou for several months. On the set, Jessica wins all her jobs, discovers a very competitive side that likes to win and provoke the opposing team, and forms a “quartet” with Stéphanie Durant, Julien Tanti and Kévin Guedj who become the nucleus of the Marseillais. She also gets closer to certain Ch’tis like Adixia, Tressia Bertin, Vincent, Jordan Faelens and Gaëlle Petit, but argues many times with Hillary.

In November 2015, Jessica announced that she was no longer with her boyfriend, before finally getting back to him the following month, and going on vacation to New York for her 26th birthday. The couple split for good on New Year’s Eve.

In June 2015, she flew to Palma de Mallorca to shoot the second season of Les Ch’tis vs les Marseillais: Les Ch’tis VS les Marseillais: La Revanche. She is then still in a relationship with her boyfriend Piou for several months. On the set, Jessica wins all her jobs, discovers a very competitive side that likes to win and provoke the opposing team, and forms a “quartet” with Stéphanie Durant, Julien Tanti and Kévin Guedj who become the nucleus of the Marseillais. She also gets closer to certain Ch’tis like Adixia, Tressia Bertin, Vincent, Jordan Faelens and Gaëlle Petit, but argues many times with Hillary.

In November 2015, Jessica announced that she was no longer with her boyfriend, before finally getting back to him the following month, and going on vacation to New York for her 26th birthday. The couple split for good on New Year’s Eve.

In January 2016, she left, single, in Cape Town in South Africa to shoot season 5 of the Marseillais. In this adventure, his friendship with Kim Glow is severely tested; she frequently argues with the latter on the set, but she also gets closer to her ex Julien, with whom she establishes a very ambiguous relationship, creating many tensions with Julien’s girlfriend at the time: Montaine Mounet. Julien chooses his friendship with Jessica rather than his couple with Montaine which pushes the latter to leave him and leave the adventure. At the end of the adventure, Jessica and Julien plan to get back together, but they never take the plunge, preferring not to spoil their beautiful bond and their beautiful friendship. However, candidate Rawell Saiidii claims that Jessica and Julien slept together shortly after Montaine Mounet left.

Back in France, Jessica separates from her agent for reasons of scams, and hires as a new agent Magali Berdah, the founder of the Shauna Events agency, who will also become a great friend and a great confidante for Jessica. In February 2016, Jessica took part in the show “An almost perfect dinner” with her friend Paga. In April 2016, Jessica and Kim Glow violently settle their accounts on social networks, thus ending their friendship.

At the beginning of June 2016, Jessica flew to Palma de Mallorca with the Marseillais and the Ch’tis, as well as other reality TV candidates to shoot The Marseillais and the Ch’tis VS the Rest of the World. Jessica lives her adventure badly because her best friend Stéphanie Durant is not present, and she blames her best friend Julien for ignoring her and spending too much time with his girlfriend, Manon Marsault. She then got closer to Hillary Vanderosieren des Ch’tis, as well as Gabano Manenc and Nikola Lozina from the Rest of the World. During the adventure, Jessica will fall in love with Nikola Lozina, quarrel many times with Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault, will settle accounts and reconcile with Kim Glow and also quarrel with Milla Jasmine, the ex-girlfriend of Nikola who is still in love with him.

At the end of July 2016, Jessica returned from filming and formalized her relationship with Nikola Lozina on social networks. She also opens her own hairdressing and beauty salon in Arles with her best friend, Julie Cadiere, who is called J&J Beauty.

At the end of September, Jessica clashes violently with Milla Jasmine on Twitter, and buries the hatchet with Manon Marsault who will even become a friend afterwards.

On Saturday, November 12, 2016, Jessica leaves for Buenos Aires, Argentina, to shoot season 6 of the Marseillais. Her companion Nikola joined her on the set at the end of November, but their couple experienced many crises throughout the adventure; Nikola will often criticize her for being disrespectful to him and for being too close to her ex-fiancé Julien Tanti. Filming ended on December 17, and the show airs on W9 from February 27 to May 19, 2017.

At the end of December 2016, blogger Jeremstar revealed in an article that Nikola would have cheated on Jessica during a booking in Paris on the weekend of December 23. The couple do not speak on the rumors, and appear together on Snapchat for the 27 years of the young woman. In February 2017, during an interview with Sam Zirah for the promotion of the sixth season of Marseille, she admits that she was cold with Nikola for the Christmas holidays, to the point of taking a break that lasted a week.

On February 15, 2017, blogger Jeremstar announces that Jessica and Nikola have signed a contract with W9 to participate in season 2 of Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers. Filming will take place in Thailand in early March 2017 for three weeks. Finally, on March 9, 2017, Jeremstar reveals on his blog that the couple canceled their participation in the program at the last minute, due to the fragility of their couple and because of Jessica’s health problems; they were therefore replaced by Jessica Errero and Valentin Léonard. However, during an interview at the end of March, Jessica and Nikola state that they never intended to do the show.

In early March 2017, Public magazine revealed that Jessica is the rising reality TV contestant of 2017, as well as the most followed on social networks with more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram and more than 800,000 subscribers on Snapchat, and the best paid with a salary of 24,000 euros per month, ahead of Nabilla. She earns more than 1,500 euros per booking, 2,000 euros for product placement on Instagram, 1,000 euros for product placement on Snapchat, and she receives 10 to 15 product placement requests from advertisers each week, but it only accepts about 25% of requests. She is also the ambassador for the brands Natural Mojo, Fittea and HelloBody.

On Monday March 6, 2017, Jessica made her first TV show in Cyril Hanouna’s show on C8: “Touche pas à mon poste”. Seduced by the personality of the young Marseille, Cyril offers her to become a columnist on the show, but she refuses because she is under an exclusive contract with W9.

On March 28, 2017, Jessica announced on Twitter her separation from Nikola, following an article that Jeremstar posted where he said he would have, again, cheated with a young woman of 21 years, named Jade, whom he said. met in a nightclub in Monaco during her vacation with friends the week of March 6, 2017. From then on, the press lends her a relationship with Anthony Matéo, then Thibault Kuro Garcia but she claims to be single. However, at the end of May, Julien Tanti declares on Twitter that she has had an affair with Thibault Kuro Garcia for two weeks. Jeremstar confirms Julien’s comments on June 8 via an article on his blog. Jessica and Thibault then formalize their couple on June 10. Feeling betrayed, Julien turns his back on the young couple, and the rest of the Marseillaise family support Julien by regularly tackling Jessica on social media – including his ex Nikola. Only Stéphanie Durant and Jessica Errero support the young woman.

At the end of May, she becomes the new face of the clothing brand Blooshop.

On Sunday June 11, Jessica flies to Marbella in Spain to shoot Les Marseillais vs the Rest of the World where she will find her ex Nikola Lozina, as well as Julien Tanti with whom she has been on the cold for several weeks. On June 26, her companion Thibault joined her on the set for four days just to see her. Jessica lives her adventure badly, having a lot of conflicts with some candidates. Filming ended on July 19.

At the end of the shooting, she moved in with Thibault in the latter’s house in Bandol, in the Var, and distanced herself from the majority of the candidates for reality TV.

During the broadcast of Marseille vs the Rest of the World in October 2017, Jessica was violently lynched on social networks due to her behavior towards Carla Moreau that the public describes as “gratuitous badness”. She then explains on Snapchat that she does not carry Carla or Manon Marsault in her heart for “personal reasons”.

On November 1, Jessica announced on Snapchat that she had just launched her own range of luxury perfumes for men and women, called “L’irreplacable by Bianochy” with her companion Thibault.

On Friday November 3, Jessica flies to Australia to shoot season 7 of the Marseillais, with Paga, Julien Tanti, Kévin Guedj and Carla Moreau. On the set, she reconciled with Carla Moreau and Manon Marsault, who even became friends. Her companion Thibault joined her on the set on November 24. Filming ended on December 4 and they returned to France on December 7.

In December 2017, during a stay in Dubai, Jessica and Thibault announced that they wanted to get married and have a child in the next two years. In February 2018, following a burglary attempt on January 1, 2018, as well as heavy media harassment, the couple decided to leave France to settle in Dubai with their two dogs, June and Guizmo. Together, they regularly post vlogs of their many trips, as well as their new life in Dubai on Thibault’s YouTube channel.

On June 17, 2018, Jessica flew to Spain to shoot La Revanche des Marseillais vs the Rest of the World. Thibault joins her after two weeks and ends the adventure with her.

In November, she left for Asia to shoot the eighth season of the Marseillais. Unlike previous shoots, Thibault does not join her, so she decides to leave after two and a half weeks.

In early December 2018, the couple went on vacation to New York, and Thibault proposed to her. They get married in Dubai a few days before the Christmas holidays.

In February 2019, she released her autobiography, titled C’est tout moi, in which she recounts her journey, her family life, reality TV, but she also reveals that she was a victim of domestic violence with several different men when she was younger. .

On April 20, 2019, Jessica and Thibault reveal that they are expecting their first child, whose birth is scheduled for October 27, 2019.

In May 2019, it was revealed that Thibault and Jessica are the owners of a concierge in Dubai, and a few days later, the couple announced that they had just created their own Instagram filters app – which has, moreover, created a scandal with Internet users – who call them scammers, because the filters cost € 29. They were even insulted by the couple, Jazz and Laurent, on social networks.

While she was to participate in the next season of the Marseillais vs the Rest of the World, Jessica announces on social networks on June 12, 2019, that she cannot go there because she must remain bedridden because the risks of miscarriage are too high. bred for the young woman. She then received the support of many candidates of reality TV, and influencers.

On October 7, 2019, she gave birth to a boy, named Maylone Garcia. Three days after giving birth, her son undergoes emergency surgery, having a deformity in the esophagus. Almost a month later, her son is safe and can return to the Garcias’ house. Jessica and Thibault present their son a few days later, to the Marseillais family, by agreeing to shoot a few days in their villa in Dubai for the new Marseillais season.

In December 2019, the couple suddenly disappeared from social networks for many days, which worried their community. A week later, they announced on Snapchat that their son Maylone stopped breathing for long minutes, and that it was Jessica who revived him in the back of a taxi. Since this incident, which has cost Maylone several days of hospitalization, the little boy has been in perfect health.

In July 2020, after taking a break from reality TV, Jessica shoots the fifth season of Marseille vs the Rest of the World. Her husband Thibault joined her and finished filming with her. During this season, she clashed a lot with Carla Morau from the first day because Carla would not have been fair and fair with Jessica’s parents during New Year’s Eve 2019.

On January 26, 2021, Jessica and Thibault reveal that they are expecting their second child.

In February 2021 we find her in the casting of the program Les Marseillais in Dubai where she is present at the start line with her husband. During this adventure Jessica had to solve her many problems with Julien and Manon Tanti but also with Maeva. However, in this tenth season of the Marseillais she finds that best friend of all times, Stéphanie Durant. She will leave the adventure before the end.


  • 2019 – That’s all me!


  • She measures 1m74
  • She is Capricorn.
  • She had recourse to several surgeries: she had her breasts redone in a clinic in Avignon in June 2014, much too complexed by her small breast for several years, going from an 85B to an 85E. She then had her nose redone with Thibault on January 15, 2018, then she had injections in the lips, had her teeth veneered, and had her chin redone in the year 2018 to Dubai.
  • She has been the victim of domestic violence several times
  • She was one of Stéphanie Durant’s best friends for several years (2014-2018) but, in February 2019, she revealed in an interview that they hardly speak to each other anymore. Since the birth of her son Maylone, they have seen each other frequently in Dubai.
  • She is the second most followed reality TV personality on social media behind Nabilla, with nearly 6 million Instagram followers.

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