Jesse williams grey's anatomy

Jesse williams grey’s anatomy


Jesse Williams has announced that “Jesse williams grey’s anatomy” will be leaving too!

The actor arrived in Season 6 and played Jackson, a wealthy and handsome doctor who has been in hospital for over a decade.

Who will be there after season 17? Grey’s Anatomy You lose yet another major character in this cast. Dr. Jackson Avery will no longer appear in medical dramas when he is updated in Season 18. Jesse Williams Exit the show as confirmed in the US press today:

“I am always grateful for the endless opportunities that Shonda Rhimes and the studio have given me. As an actor, director and person, I have rarely had the opportunity to learn a lot from so many people. I take great pride in my work, in our influence, and for the rest of my career moving forward with so many tools, opportunities, peers and true friends. ”, I write an actor in an official press release.

Jesse williams grey’s anatomy : April comeback trailer seriously teases fans

Jesse Williams joins Grey’s Anatomy In Season 6, rival trainee Mercy West joined his counterparts decisively at Seattle Grace. For years, her love affair with April Kepner captivated fans at the end of Season 15 before ending in black pudding. But if you’re lucky, Sarah Drew made a comeback at this week’s medical show. ..

“Jesse brings so much heart, deep care and so much intellect to his work. He will be sadly missed and Jackson Avery will be missed. ”Part of showrunner Krista Vernoff is cowardly.

Having said that, he’s not gone yet. According to EW, the last episode of Glaze Anatos Jesse Williams In Grey’s Anatomy It will air on May 20 on the American channel ABC.

Jesse Williams leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ after 12 seasons – Deadline

SPOIL ALERT: The story includes information revealed during the May 6 episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
EXCLUSIVE: A beloved doctor is leaving Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams is leaving the blockbuster ABC medical drama after 12 seasons. The pending release of his character Jackson Avery from the series is revealed in tonight’s episode, “Look Up Child.” Williams’ final episode, titled “Tradition,” will air on May 20.

“Jesse Williams is an extraordinary artist and activist. Watching his development over the past 11 years on screen and off has been a real gift. ” Grey’s Anatomy executive producer / showrunner Krista Vernoff said in a statement to Deadline. “Jesse brings so much heart, such depth of care and so much intelligence to his work. Jesse will be sorely missed and Jackson Avery will be missed – performed to perfection for so many years.

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In recent years, Williams has branched out beyond acting. He has directed episodes of ABC’s The Anatomy of Gray and Rebel and has built a tremendous resume as a producer. He most recently produced Two Distant Strangers, which won the Oscar for Live Short last month.

Vernoff and the Gray’s writers had long conversations about how to end Jackson’s story to make sure it was satisfactory to fans. Ultimately, the idea everyone supported is to bring Sarah Drew back as April Kepner for a proper sendoff, giving closure to one of the show’s most popular couples, “Japril.” .

Williams’ farewell begins with the Jackson-centric “Look Up Child,” in which he visits his father Robert (Eric Roberts) and has a heart to heart with his ex – and the love of his life – April ( Drew), the mother of her daughter Harriet who lives in Seattle with her husband Matthew (Justin Bruening).

The episode juxtaposes Jackson’s conversations with Robert and April, in which he tells them about his decision to take over the family foundation and exactly the change, bringing equity to health care, which it was not. able to do this by working within the system. This would involve moving to Boston and April, Matthew and Harriet uprooting their lives to follow him there so he can be there for his daughter.

“I’m not running away from something, I’m running towards something, I’m trying to do something on my own,” said Jackson, who was also stopped by his mother, Dr. Catherine Fox (series EP Debbie Allen ), to give him the news. “I have the opportunity to do everything.”

Robert and April are skeptical at first. (“You’re not that guy, I don’t think you ever will be,” April said) But in the end, they both support her decision. (“You are that guy, Jackson.” April said.)

In the end, April threw a bombshell that she and Matthew had separated, giving fans hope Japril could be back.

Grey’s long-awaited return of former Drew is reminiscent of the surprise appearance of George Clooney in Julianna Margulies’ latest episode on another classic medical drama series, EST.

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