Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, born April 22, 1966 in Seattle (Washington), is an American actor.

He became known for the roles of Denny Duquette in the medical series Grey’s Anatomy, John Winchester in the fantasy series Supernatural, Edward Blake / The Comedian in the film Watchmen: The Guardians, the film adaptation of the homonymous graphic novel.

He confirms on television, by the role of Negan in the horror series The Walking Dead.


Youth and training

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, born in Seattle, is the son of Richard Dean and Sandy Thomas. He attended Ben Franklin School, Rose Hill College, and Lake Washington College, located in Kirkland, a suburb of Seattle.

Morgan played basketball in high school and college until he suffered a knee injury, which ended his desire for a sports career. “The only reason I went to college was to play basketball,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Online in 2003. He left school with the intention of painting and writing and he was also briefly a graphic designer.

His acting career began somewhat accidentally: he helped a friend move from Seattle to Los Angeles and planned to stay there only for a weekend, but never left. Indeed, he was spotted for his Bad Boy physique by a Hollywood agent2.


Beginnings and revelation

His career began in 1991 with the movie Uncaged. Despite the fact that this production goes unnoticed, it allows him, from then on, to multiply the castings and to chain appearances in numerous television series1,3.

Between 1996 and 1997, he won one of the leading roles in the science fiction series Burning Zone: Imminent Threat (The Burning Zone) 3.

Since 2000, he has had many roles in television productions such as Urgences, JAG, Walker, Texas Ranger, Angel, Tru Calling: Countdown, CSI, Sliders: Parallel Worlds, Monk.

During the 2005-2006 season, he appeared simultaneously in three television series5:

  • Supernatural, where he plays John Winchester, the mysterious father of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles);
  • Weeds, where he played Nancy Botwin’s (Mary-Louise Parker) late husband, Judah Botwin;
  • Grey’s Anatomy, where he played a recurring character in Season 2, Denny Duquette, who had a relationship with Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). In the third season, her character made an appearance during the Meredith Gray death scene. He returns for several episodes of season 5, his appearances are the fruit of the imagination of Izzie Stevens.

Along with his noteworthy television forays, he returned to the cinema and donned the costume of the sheriff in the horrific comedy Dead and Breakfast, released in 20041.

The independent dramatic comedy Kabluey with Lisa Kudrow and the satire Live! worn by Eva Mendes, two films released in 2007. The same year, Morgan also participated in the film P.S. I Love You, inspired by the novel by Cecelia Ahern.

The following year, he starred in the romantic comedy A Husband Too Many alongside Uma Thurman and Colin Firth.


He rose to fame in 2009 for his role as Edward Blake / The Comedian in the film adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, directed by Zack Snyder (Army of the Dead, 300). The same year, he made a notable appearance in Ang Lee’s comedy-drama Hotel Woodstock, in which he played a hippie.

In 2010, he starred in another comic book adaptation, with The Losers, an action comedy alongside Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans and Idris Elba6.

In 2011, he played a scary landlord in the thriller The Tenant, co-starring with Oscar-winning double Hilary Swank1. That year, he also defended the crime film Killing Fields with Sam Worthington, Chloë Grace Moretz and Jessica Chastain and he participated in the romance worn by Jane Fonda, Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.

In 2012, he is the main protagonist of the horror film Possessed, playing the father of a child inhabited by a demon. That same year, he was a star cast for the drama television series Magic City alongside Olga Kurylenko, Steven Strait, and Jessica Marais. However, this Starz program did not last more than two seasons and was discontinued in 20137.

Meanwhile, he stars in the war film Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson and Josh Peck. This is the remake of Red Dawn released in 19848. He is also the executive producer of the action film, directly released on video, The Specialist in which he takes the lead role and gives the reply to Mickey Rourke .

The following year, he is this time the antagonist of the western The Salvation in which he faces Mads Mikkelsen. And, in 2015, he played Anthony Hopkins in the film noir Premonitions. The first production in which he played alongside Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green was rather well received by critics9 when the second was a major disappointment10.

On the television side, he is featured in season 7 of The Good Wife playing the character of Jason Crouse3. At the same time, he takes over from Goran Višnjić to play the lead male role in the science fiction series, produced by Steven Spielberg, Extant. Sharing the limelight alongside Oscar winner Halle Berry.

In 2016, he obtained the coveted role of Negan, a character from the television series The Walking Dead appearing for the first time in the last episode of season 612. He was promoted to regular in season 713. This role gave him access to greater notoriety among the general public1. The actor then won the Saturn Award for best guest artist, the Critics’ Choice Television Award for best guest in a dramatic television series14 but also the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for best supporting actor and the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017 for best villain.

In the movies, he landed a small role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, briefly playing Thomas Wayne, Batman’s father in flashback16,6.

In 2018, he played alongside Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris, as Agent Russell, in the blockbuster Rampage17. The following year, he reunited with the character of John Winchester on the occasion of the 300th episode of the fantasy series Supernatural.

Private life

He was married to actress Anya Longwell from 1992 to 2003. In December 2006, he dated actress Mary-Louise Parker, whom he met on the set of Weeds. In February 2008, they announced their engagement, but broke off in April 2008 a few days before the wedding19.

Since 2009, he has been in a relationship with actress Hilarie Burton2, known for the role of Peyton Sawyer in the series The Brothers Scott which was introduced to him by Danneel Ackles, the wife of Jensen Ackles, who plays the role of his son in the Supernatural20 series. They were married in October 201921. Jeffrey is the father of a baby boy named Augustus Morgan, born March 10, 201022, and a baby girl named George Virginia Morgan, born February 16, 201823. He wanted to hide the sex of his daughter until birth but, on a TV show, he blunders and reveals that his second child will be a girl.



Feature films

  • 1991: Uncaged by Lisa Hunt: Sharkey
  • 1991: To Cross the Rubicon by Barry Caillier: Rod
  • 1995: Dillinger and Capone by Jon Purdy: Jack Bennett (videofilm)
  • 1995: Undercover Heat by Gregory Dark: Ramone (videofilm)
  • 1997: Legal Deceit by Monika Harris: Todd Hunter
  • 1999: Road Kill by Matthew Leutwyler: Bobby
  • 2004: Dead & Breakfast by Matthew Leutwyler (en): the sheriff
  • 2004: Six: The Mark Unleashed by Kevin Downes: Tom Newman
  • 2006: Jam by Craig E. Serling: Dale
  • 2007: Live! by Bill Guttentag: Rick
  • 2007: Kabluey by Scott Prendergast: Brad
  • 2007: P.S. I Love You by Richard LaGravenese: William Gallagher
  • 2008: One Husband Too Many Griffin Dunne: Patrick Sullivan
  • 2008: Days of Wrath by Celia Fox: Bryan Gordon
  • 2009: Watchmen: Guardians of Zack Snyder: Edward Blake / The Comedian
  • 2009: Hotel Woodstock (Taking Woodstock) by Ang Lee: Dan, Billy’s older brother
  • 2010: The Losers by Sylvain White: Clay
  • 2010: Shanghai by Mikael Håfström: Connor
  • 2010: Jonah Hex as Jimmy Hayward: Jebb Turnbull (uncredited)
  • 2011: The Tenant of Antti Jokinen: Max
  • 2011: Killing Fields (Texas Killing Fields) by Ami Canaan Mann: Brian Heigh
  • 2011: Peace, Love & Misunderstanding by Bruce Beresford: Jude
  • 2012: The Specialist (The Courier) by Hany Abu-Assad: le coursier (also executive producer)
  • 2012: Dan Bradley’s Red Dawn: Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Tanner
  • 2012: Possession (The Possession) of Ole Bornedal: Clyde Brenek
  • 2014: They Came Together by David Wain: Frank
  • 2014: The Salvation by Kristian Levring: Henry Delarue
  • 2015: Premonitions (Solace) of Afonso Poyart: agent Joe Merriweather
  • 2015: Bus 657 (Heist) by Scott Mann: Luke Vaughn
  • 2015: Desierto by Jonás Cuarón: Sam
  • 2015: The Adventures of Beatle by Donna Robinson: Bruce
  • 2016: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) by Zack Snyder: Thomas Wayne
  • 2018: Rampage – Out of Control (Rampage) by Brad Peyton: Agent Russell
  • 2020: Good Kisses from the killer of Danis Tanović: Jakob Kanon

Short film

  • 2003: Something More by Devon Gummersall: Daniel


TV shows

  • 1994: Black Sheep: Bobby Debeneke (unsuccessful pilot)
  • 1995: Extreme: Jack Hawkins (2 episodes)
  • 1995: Mystery Dance: Shay Astor (season 1, episode 1)
  • 1995: JAG: Officer at Arms (season 1, episode 3)
  • 1996: Sliders: Parallel Worlds: Sid (season 2, episode 5)
  • 1996-1997: Burning Zone: Imminent Threat (The Burning Zone): Dr Edward Marcase (season 1, 11 episodes)
  • 2000: Walker, Texas Ranger: Jake Horbart (season 9, episode 9)
  • 2001: Emergencies: Firefighter Larkin (season 7, episode 15)
  • 2002: The Practice: Bobby Donnell and Associates (The Practice): Daniel Glenn (season 6, episode 11)
  • 2002: Angel: Sam Ryan (Season 3, Episode 12)
  • 2002: Elite Division (The Division): Father William Natali (season 2, episode 5)
  • 2002: V.I.P.: Randall Waring (season 4, episode 21)
  • 2002: JAG: Wally (season 7, episodes 22 and 24)
  • 2003: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Bill Nolan (season 4, episode 2)
  • 2003: Star Trek: Enterprise: Damron, a Xindi-Reptilian (season 3, episode 11)
  • 2004: FBI: Secret Operations (The Handler): Mike (season 1, episodes 14 and 16)
  • 2004: Tru Calling: Countdown (Tru Calling): Geoffrey Pine (season 1, episode 16)
  • 2004: Monk: Steven Leight (season 3, episode 1)
  • 2005: Weeds: Judah Botwin (season 1, episodes 2 and 6)
  • 2005: Newport Beach (The O.C.): Joe Zukowski (season 2, episode 10)
  • 2005-2007: Supernatural: John Winchester (recurring role – 10 episodes)
  • 2006-2009: Grey’s Anatomy: Denny Duquette (23 episodes)
  • 2012 – 2013: Magic City: Isaac “Ike” Evans (16 episodes)
  • 2014: Shameless: Charlie Peters (season 4, episode 12)
  • 2015: Texas Rising: ‘Deaf’ Smith (miniseries, 5 episodes)
  • 2015: Extant: J. D. Richter (season 2, 13 episodes)
  • 2015-2016 :: The Good Wife: Jason Crouse (season 7, 19 episodes)
  • since 2016: The Walking Dead: Negan (guest season 6 – main since season 7)
  • 2017: Robot Chicken: Negan (voice, season 9)
  • 2019: Supernatural: John Winchester (Season 14, Episode 13)

TV movies

1996: In the Blink of an Eye by Micki Dickoff: Jesse
2005: Puzzle (Chasing Ghosts) by Kyle Dean Jackson: Det. Cole davies
2015: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe by Laurie Collyer: Joe DiMaggio


Unless otherwise or further indicated, the information mentioned in this section comes from the IMDb database


  • 6th Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2017: Best Guest Artist in a Horror TV Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 2017: Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best TV Actor in a Supporting Role in a Horrific TV Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 2017: MTV Movie Awards for Best Villain in a Horrific TV Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 43rd Saturn Awards 2017: Best Guest Artist in a Dramatic TV Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 45th Saturn Awards 2019: Best Guest Artist in a Dramatic Television Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).


  • 2017: iHorror Awards for Best Actor in a Horrific TV Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 2017: MTV Movie Awards for Best Actor in a Horrific Television Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).
  • 44th Saturn Awards 2018: Best Guest Artist in a Dramatic Television Series for The Walking Dead (2010-).

French voices

  • In France, Lionel Tua and Jérémie Covillault are the most regular French voices of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

In France

Lionel Tua in:

  • A husband too many
  • The tenant
  • Killing Fields
  • Possessed
  • Red Dawn
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Rampage: Out of Control

Jérémie Covillault in:

  • Extant (TV series)
  • Bus 657
  • The Walking Dead (TV series)
  • The Good Wife (TV series)

Jérôme Keen25 in:

  • Grey’s Anatomy (TV series)
  • P.S. I Love You
  • The Specialist

Jean-Louis Faure in:

  • Monk (TV series)
  • Good kisses from the killer

and also

  • Pierre Tessier in Burning Zone: Imminent Threat25 (TV series)
  • Jean-François Vlérick in Walker, Texas Ranger25 (TV series)
  • Marc Alfos in Angel (TV Series)
  • Patrick Béthune in Dead and Breakfast
  • Gabriel Le Doze in Tru Calling: Countdown25 (TV Series)
  • Bernard Tiphaine in Supernatural (TV series, 1st voice)
  • Luc Bernard in Supernatural (TV series, 2nd voice)
  • Gilles Morvan in Watchmen: The Guardians25
  • Laurent Hugny in Hôtel Woodstock26
  • Sylvain Hétu in The Losers27
  • Patrick Floersheim in Magic City25 (TV series)
  • Anatole de Bodinat in The Salvation25
  • Joël Zaffarano in Desierto
  • Didier Long in Premonitions

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