Jana Ina Zarrella Love Island

Jana Ina Zarrella Love Island


Jana Ina (* December 12, 1976 as Janaína Vizeu Berenhauser Borba in Petrópolis, Zarrella Civile Janaína) is a German live Brazilian presenter and singer, also known as model works.

Life and early career as a model

Jana Ina grew up as the daughter of a taxi driver and clerk [1] with a brother in Petrópolis, Brazil. She began to train in ballet, jazz dance, samba, and other Latin American dances. In addition, she took singing lessons and sang in the Meninas Cantoras choir in Petrópolis for eleven years. At the age of 14, she was discovered as a model. [3] At the age of 15, she obtained an Elite modeling agency contract in Rio de Janeiro. After graduating from school in 1994, she started journalism- Studied at one of the Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso in Rio de Janeiro. [4]

In 1997, she won the Miss Petrópolis [5] and Miss Rio de Janeiro beauty pageants. [6] In the same year, she participated in the election for the part of Miss Brasil 1997 where she entered the semi-finals. In 1998 she was elected Miss Intercontinental in Bad Lausick near Leipzig. [7] There, he was offered to work in Germany. [3]

In 1999 she moved to Germany, the home of her great-grandparents. There she received offers for recordings (eg Yo te quiero). In addition, she has been found at many Miss elections and international events such as the Miss Intercontinental 2000 election as a presenter. Jana Ina has been married to former Bro’Sis singer Giovanni Zarrella since August 30, 2005. The couple have a son, born in September 2008, and a daughter, born in January 2013. [8th]

Television career in Germany

Jana Ina first worked at GIGA, a program window of NBC Europe, and hosted the five-hour afternoon NBC GIGA show there from 2004 to 2006. She then worked for the independent TV channel later for Stars Channel and, after moving to Berlin, for Backstage Channel, where she reported on the GIGA format, broadcast and operation of the website. From August 22, 2006, she became presenter of World League eSport Bundesliga matches on DSF.

On the occasion of their wedding, the documentary series Just Married was broadcast once a week in the lifestyle magazine taff of the ProSieben TV channel from October 2005. [9] In 2007 and 2011, Jana Ina was one of the models for the Das Model und der Freak program on ProSieben. In 2007, a special of the docu drama We Are Family was broadcast. The celebrity documentary Jana Ina & Giovanni – We’re Pregnant on ProSieben, which documented her pregnancy and the birth of her son, followed in August 2008. [ten]

In January 2009 Jana Ina was seen in the production of Sat.1 Mister Perfect – Der MännerTest. There she sat next to Kim Fisher and Britt Hagedorn on the jury. [11] In January 2010, another celebrity documentary titled was Jana Ina & Giovanni – Pizza, Pasta & Amore shown on ProSieben, which documented privacy after the birth of their first child and in the search for a suitable home. . In addition, the couple were accompanied to the opening of their restaurant Settantotto in January 2010.

Additionally, Jana Ina and her husband were part of the Holiday on Ice Review set between November 2010 and March 2011. From January 2011 she acted as styling expert and jury member in the third season of the eight-part documentary Soap Ending with Hotel Mama on Kabel 1 and in May 2011 she appeared on the family show Sat.1 Der Bastelkönig. In early June, she and her husband were also on Saturday 1 in a celebrity edition of Mein Mann kann. A little later, in July 2011, she and her husband participated as a presenter of the casting show Sommermädchen 2011 on ProSieben.

In October 2013, she took part in the PokerStars.de total televised party, where she won a prize of 50,000 euros in the final duel with two members of the group The BossHoss. [12] Since 2014, Zarrella has also been the sponsor and advertising face of the women’s channel TLC. In June 2014, she worked as a reporter for RTL Punkt 12 magazine on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup in her home country, Brazil. In June 2015, she participated in the design documentary Promi Shopping Queen and won with 37 points. [13] In June 2016, she hosted with her husband to transfer the wedding celebrations of Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis. In 2017 and 2018, Jana Ina was a juror in the second and third season of Curvy Supermodel on RTL II. Zarrella has been a fashion expert at HSE24 since 2017. Since September 2017, she has hosted the Love Island dating show on RTL II.


  • 2002: Yo Te Quiero
  • 2003: Make My Day
  • 2003: Dance Samba with me (with Hape Kerkeling)
  • 2019: So sei tu (So are you) (with Giovanni Zarrella)


  • 2004: Samba in Mettmann
  • 2006: M. Nanny (TV movie, ZDF)


  • 2004–2006: network reporter at GIGA
  • 2007, 2011: The mannequin and the monster
  • 2008: Jana Ina & Giovanni – We are pregnant
  • 2010: Jana Ina & Giovanni – Pizza, Pasta & Amore
  • 2011: Finished the Mama hotel – the roommate
  • since 2014: Catwalk 30+ (TLC)
  • 2016: Daniela and Lucas – The wedding (moderation)
  • 2017-2018: Curvy Top Model – Really. Well. Curved
  • since 2017: Love Island
  • since 2017: fashion expert at HSE24
  • 2020: The animal seeks the heart

Everything is off! Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella leaves “Love Island”

After five successful seasons of “Love Island”, presenter Jana Ina is leaving the series. On Instagram, she reveals that it’s not a decision against the format, but for her family.

Fans of the “Love Island” dome show must now be very strong: host Jana Ina Zarrella (44) is leaving the show after five seasons. She announced it on Sunday night on her Instagram channel.

The reason for her departure is obvious: she wants to spend more time with her family. The mother of two was separated from her family for several weeks for the shoot. She doesn’t want that anymore. Read also: Pietro Lombardi causes a huge surprise on “Love Island” For the finale, the pretty brunette will be in front of the camera one last time, but it’s over. The reason for her departure is obvious: she would like more time with her familyA to spend. The mother of two was separated from her family for several weeks for the shoot. She doesn’t want that anymore.

“It’s a decision for my family and not against Love Island”
Jana Ina posts a moving video on Instagram with highlights of herself from the last seasons of Love Island. Underneath, she writes: “After 5 successful seasons, several happy couples and countless sequined dresses, I say goodbye.”

“I love my job and look forward to new projects soon. But above all, I am LAM. This long stay in Tenerife without my family made it clear to me that I had made the right decision – even if it was incredibly difficult. It’s a decision for my family and not against Love Island, ”she announced in her post. “I love my job and look forward to new projects soon. But above all, I am LAM. This long time in Tenerife without my family A d made me realize that I had made the right decision – even if it is incredibly difficult. It’s a decision for my family and not against Love Island, ”she announced in her post.

Farewell is difficult for many fans

The farewell is not only difficult for the presenter, but also for the many fans of the show. Many comment under the video on how sad she is about this news. Pietro Lombardi, for example, posts several sad emojis. Influencer Anna Johnson writes: “It will be difficult to replace your seat!”

“Oh no. The island of love without you is not an island of love … But I understand your decision,” is another comment. “You are going to be missed on the Island of Love. You did a great job,” praised another presenter.

She stops at “Love Island”

Jana Ina Zarrella is an integral part of the dating show “Love Island” as a presenter. It has now been announced that she will be leaving the show.
Surprising news for “Love Island” fans: Presenter Jana Ina Zarrella, 44, will be quitting her job after the current season of the dome show. The broadcaster announced it on the dating show’s official Instagram page on Sunday (March 28, 2021).

Jana Ina Zarrella says goodbye to “Love Island”

The finale of Monday’s show (March 29, 2021) will be the last edition for the Brazilian native, he said there. “After five seasons, she says goodbye to us so that she can spend more time with the family.” However, the presenter and wife of singer Giovanni Zarrella, 43, remains loyal to the station. Other projects with the 44-year-old are already planned.

“But above all, I am MAMA”

On her Instagram account, Zarrella said it was not easy for her to separate from her family for several weeks a year. She thanked her for the “amazing time” and wrote: “Love Island gave me great moments that I will never forget. I love my job and look forward to new projects soon. But before everything, I’m MAMA. ” The time in Tenerife showed her that she had made the right decision when she left, even though it was very difficult for her.

The reality show “Love Island” originates from Great Britain and has been airing on RTLZWEI since 2017. The format has since been moderated by Jana Ina Zarrella.

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