Jamie Lynn Spears Nude photos, Net worth

Jamie Lynn Spears Nude photos, Net worth


Jamie Lynn Spears biography

Nude appearances: 1

Real name: Jamie Lynn Spears

Place of birth: McComb, Mississippi

Country of birth: United States

Date of birth: April 4, 1991

PHOTO of Britney Jamie Lynn Spears: the singer poses nude on Instagram, a detail worries the fans

This Wednesday, July 7, Britney Spears posted a new photo on her Instagram account, revealing herself from behind and nude in her bathroom. But a detail of the cliché alerted the very attentive community of the singer who has embarked on a new controversy.

June 23 was a historic date for Britney Spears and for fans of the singer. While she has been under guardianship since 2008, the singer went to court in Los Angeles for the first time, denouncing among other things the influence of her father: “I just want to take back control of my life, that’s thirteen years and that’s enough, ”she began, also claiming not to be“ happy ”. Speaking of her controversial parent, she let go, desperate: “He loved having control to hurt his own daughter, 100,000%. I’m not sleeping, I’m so angry, and I’m depressed. My dad and all the people in charge of this supervision, including my management, should be in prison “.

If Judge Brenda Penny, in charge of the case, rejected the singer’s request to remove Jamie Spears from the guardianship, she nevertheless informed the princess of pop that she could ask for an end. A new hope for the interpreter of Toxic and for the many fans of the “Free Britney” movement.

Britney Jamie Lynn Spears Nude in her bathroom? The fans wonder

But now the relief was short-lived for them. On this Wednesday, July 7, on the official Instagram account of Sam Asghari‘s companion, a cliché was published which attracted many Internet users but which worried the hard core of fans. We see what could be the singer from behind, nude, ready to dive into her bath, blonde hair pulled up to the back of her neck. An ultra sexy cliché but one which poses a major concern to its fans: where are Brit-Brit’s tattoos?

“Free Britney”, “It’s not Britney”, “We know it’s not you”, “Where’s the tattoo on your neck?”, “What happened to your fairy tattoo”, “Where are the tattoos?”, “How could it be her when her tattoos are missing…. », Were many to be alarmed by the publication inexplicably accompanied by three emojis dance shoes. “Who manages this account?”, “If it’s her, did she even consent to this photo? », Asked other Internet users. For many, however, no doubt, it is the mother of Jayden and Sean Preston, but the photo would have a few years, which would explain the absence of tattoos. Or – hypothesis not to be neglected – Britney would have abused Photoshop … If Kevin Federline’s ex thought to please his admirers, it’s a half-won bet.

Jamie Lynn Spears nude photos stolen and posted online

While Britney Spears’ little sister’s boyfriend takes steps to develop family photos, a clever kid steals them … …

Nude photos, apparently stolen from the cell phone of Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ sister, have been circulating online since Saturday. It is only for the sake of information that we reproduce them here, in their entirety.

And one more ! Jamie Lynn Spears is the latest celebrity to add to the now long list of stars whose phones have been hacked. Very personal photos belonging to the 41-year-old American actress were indeed released on the internet on Saturday (July 17) where they triggered an earthquake that never ceases to make waves.

An intrusion into privacy?

“No, we are not a celebrity magazine” assures the editor of the first American magazine to have published the nude photos. “It’s information about a public figure that piques people’s interest.” He assumes his approach: “Yes, that sells! I write newspapers to be bought and read ”. As for the use of stolen photos of Jamie Lynn Spears, he denies any invasion of privacy.

Exclusive: All nude pics of Jamie Lynn Spears

In total, there are five nude photos circulating on the internet. Aware that these images of nudity can offend the sensibilities of the youngest, we have covered some parts with a black band.


According to our expert, Jamie Lynn Spears would have likely taken these nude shots with his cell phone during a visit to the Louvre on Wednesday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. (July 14). We would have recognized Ingres’s nude “Grande Odalisque”, Gregor Erhart’s nude “Sainte Marie Madeleine”, the Roman sculpture of a nude “wounded Gaul”, a nude Egyptian earthenware doll and most likely Spinee playing ball. .

Jamie Lynn Spears, in addition to his talents as an actress and singer, therefore maintain a secret passion for fine art and nude photography? The police are investigating this new case of stolen photos.

Jamie Lynn Spears Net Worth: How Much Is Britney’s Sister Worth?

Although he hinted that Britney’s family was taking advantage of her, the article did not name Jamie Lynn. But on July 6, the 30-year-old took to social media to solve any mystery surrounding her salary, according to E! New. Jamie Lynn took a screenshot of a Daily Mail headline that read, “Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn shares photos of her life at home… after it was revealed that she is the ONLY member of the family not to be paid by the singer, ”and wrote on her Instagram story:“ The facts… now leave my broke ass alone. ”

This is the second time Jamie Lynn has spoken of Britney since Brit revealed that his 13 years of guardianship had “traumatized” her. Jamie Lynn had previously responded to complaints in an Instagram video, saying she “supported” her sister and had always been financially independent. “I mean I’ve been working since I was 9 and have paid my own bills since I was 10, not that I owe anything to the public because my sister knows I do.” love and support her and she’s the only person I owe anything to. While it’s not clear if Jamie Lynn has always fought for herself, we have determined if the star is really ‘broke’.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ show was Nickelodeon’s top rated when it premiered

Jamie Lynn Spears' show was Nickelodeon's top rated when it premiered

While everyone has a different idea of ​​financial freedom, maybe Jamie Lynn Spears should check out the definition of “broke”. Jamie Lynn first stepped in the door thanks to his sister, playing a younger version of Britney’s character in the 2002 coming-of-age film, “Crossroads,” by Parade. And as Britney started out as a Disney star, Jamie Lynn became a Nickelodeon icon. She started out with regular appearances on “All That” from 2002 to 2004, then at age 12, Jamie Lynn scored her own show with “Zoey 101”, by Celebrity Net Worth. When it premiered, it was the highest-rated Nickelodeon in nearly a decade.

The show was a commercial success, seeing Jamie Lynn garnering numerous awards and nominations, including a Kids Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress. The show ended in 2008 around the time the star welcomed her first child at 16. But that wasn’t a goodbye to showbiz for good, the mother-of-two had a stint in country music, appeared in the TLC self-titled special: “Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out.” ”, And is featured in a multitude of advertisements for brands, such as Kraft and Pepsi.

And although she is now married to another Louisiana native, who describes himself as a “normal guy with a normal job,” her long career in the entertainment industry – as well as her role in the Netflix hit “Sweet Magnolias “- sees Celebrity Net Worth estimating her wealth at $ 6 million … far from” broken “if you ask us.

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