Heidi Klum: totally naked, she poses for her darling Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum totally nude, she poses for her darling Tom Kaulitz


Heidi Klum posted a very sexy photo on Instagram this Monday, August 31. The model appeared there entirely nude, her forms being widely guessed behind a very thin curtain. A nice shot taken by her husband Tom Kaulitz.

While the filming of France Has an Incredible Talent is currently suspended due to a case of Covid-19 detected by the jury, that of the American version is in full swing. If Simon Cowell can not be present on the plateau – he is in very bad shape since a heavy fall from his bike – his three comrades are on the bridge. There’s Sofia Vergara, Howie Mendel and of course Heidi Klum, back on the show after a notable absence last year. Very busy during the week, the 47-year-old model takes full advantage of his breaks. Moments of happiness shared on Instagram with his 7.5 million subscribers, who love his pictures sometimes … quite daring. Heidi Klum never hesitates to appear scantily clad or even totally nude on the social network. And that’s exactly what she did on September 1st, posting a very sexy snap.

Heidi Klum photographed by her husband Tom Kaulitz

After enjoying her Sunday at home – evidenced by her photo with her dog, where she appears in a comfortable bikini in her garden – Heidi Klum spent a pleasant Monday with her husband Tom Kaulitz. This Monday, October 31, she posted on Instagram a photo visibly taken in the early morning, when the first rays of the sun filter through the windows. The host appears there entirely nude, barely hidden by a very thin curtain that lets her breast be seen transparently. This pretty photo taken from life – in which unfortunately we can see a big bag of potting soil much less glamorous – was taken by Tom Kaulitz. The two lovers then spent their day doing manual activities – painting, among other things – before Heidi Klum was due back to work on Tuesday. The model attended America’s Got Talent’s fourth night of the quarterfinals on September 1, before finally being able to join her partner and Bill Kaulitz. The Tokio Hotel twins then celebrated their 31st birthday in his very charming company.


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PHOTO Heidi Klum: topless, she wishes her son Johan’s birthday

This Sunday, November 22, Johan, the son of Heidi Klum and Seal celebrates his 14th birthday. For the occasion, the beautiful blonde posted a photo on Instagram where she poses topless.

Today Heidi Klum is the happiest woman thanks to Tom Kaulitz. The star of the Tokio Hotel group makes the model’s heart beat faster and the two lovebirds regularly post their love on Instagram. The gorgeous 47-year-old blonde isn’t afraid to pose nude for her boyfriend. She also doesn’t mind stripping in front of the latter’s brother, as she had shown last September during an afternoon by the pool. Modesty is really not a problem for her. The ex of singer Seal proved it again this November 22, the birthday of his son Johan.

Married from 2005 to 2012, the model and the singer had three children together. The year they met, Henry was born and joined Helene, the model’s first daughter to Flavio Briatore. The two lovers then welcomed a boy in 2006 and a girl in 2009. It is therefore Johan who is celebrating his fourteenth birthday today. And on this special day, he was treated to an amazing gift from his mom. What certainly annoy the teenager since Heidi Klum has chosen a photo where she poses topless to celebrate her birthday on social networks.

Heidi Klum topless for her 14 year old son’s birthday

The model’s 7.7 million subscribers were able to admire the curves of this very caring mother, who published a photo taken by fashion photographer Russell James. We discover the prominent baby bump of a pregnant and totally nude Heidi Klum. A star hides the nipple of the star who wrote his caption in German and English: “Happy birthday Johan. I love you so much and I am so proud of you ”. It remains to be seen what the teenager thinks of this particular publication …

Heidi Klum nude and pregnant, she reveals her baby bump for a very nice occasion on Instagram

Heidi Klum gets nude to wish her son Johan’s birthday via an intimate vintage photo.

Heidi Klum gets nude! The former Victoria’s Secrets angel shares an intimate and vintage photo on Instagram. Taken in black and white, the photo reveals its curves which emerge in a play of light and shadow. If her chest is hidden by a simple star-shaped emoji, her baby bump is on display. The photo of a nostalgic mom? If the 47-year-old top chooses to publish this singular portrait with his community of more than seven million subscribers, it is to send his best wishes to his son Johan who turns fourteen: “Happy birthday Johan. I love you so much and I am so proud of you ”she captions in German and English. What to mark the blow on this particular day.

This photo is reminiscent of Demi Moore posing nude, pregnant with her second Scout daughter LaRue Willis, for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991. If this portrait is now one of the hundred most influential images of all time, at the time it was a wave of scandal that floated. The actress wants to break the taboo surrounding pregnant women. She confides in the excitement generated by this legendary photo during an interview with Roger Ebert: “I represented life, but for some, I had to remain appropriate”. And to clarify: “People think that motherhood is wonderful, but that it should be left behind closed doors.” An inspiring burst that opens the way for other women. Monica Bellucci or Claudia Schiffer are no longer afraid to pose nude during their pregnancy.


Married from 2005 to 2012 to singer Seal, Heidi Klum is the mother of four children. Henry, Lou and Johan were born from his love affair with the British singer. Born in 2004, Hélène Boshoven, eldest daughter of Heidi Klum, was adopted by the singer in 2009. In March 2018 Heidi Klum was spotted in the company of German musician Tom Kaulitz, guitarist and pianist of the group Tokio Hotel. Their relationship was formalized in 2018. The couple married in 2019 on the island of Capri in Italy.


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