Hanna Stankówna

Hanna Stankówna


Hanna Stanek-Lisowska (born May 4, 1938 in Poznań, died December 14, 2020 in Warsaw [1]) – Polish theater and film actress.

Curriculum vitae

A graduate of Secondary School No. 5 in Poznań [2]. At the age of 19, she appeared in Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s drama The Real End of the Great War.

In 1959, she graduated from the PWST in Warsaw. In the years 1959–1999 she performed at the Polish Theater in Warsaw.

One of her most important theatrical roles in the Stara Prochownia Theater in Warsaw in Marian Pankowski’s Chrabąszcze – dir. Tomasz Wolańczyk. She appeared in the radio novel W Jeziorany.

She played in about fifty performances of the Television Theater, Polish Radio Theater and dozens of films and TV series, such as Loneliness for Two, Leper, 07 Come In, Sexmission, Panna with a Wet Head, Colors of Happiness or Na Wspólnej [3].

Wife of the literary critic Jerzy Lisowski (died 2004), with whom she had a son, Kacper Lisowski.

Hanna Stankówna is dead. The actress was 82 years old

Hanna Stankówna was a film and theater actress. Viewers associate him with roles, among others in “Sexmission” or in the series “Na Wspólnej”. The actress was 82, reports “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

The news was confirmed by the son of actress, screenwriter and cinematographer Kacper Lisowski.

Hanna Stankówna graduated from the PWST Acting Department in Warsaw. She made her big screen debut at the age of 19 in Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s “The Real End of the Great War”. Viewers recalled her signature role in “Sexmission”, where she played Dr. Tekla: the relentless and relentless boss of “Genetix”.

Below is a fragment of the film – the actress can be seen in 3 minutes 39 sec. records.

The actress has also appeared in many popular series, incl. “Enter 07” or “Na Wspólnej”. In this latest series, Hanna Stankówna played the role of Ludwika Sobczak, proving how well she coped with the roles of characteristic and very specific characters. Due to her original beauty, she was often given the roles of determined and imperious women, for example, aristocrats.

For decades, Stankówna could also be seen on the stage of the theater. In 1959, she joined the team of the Polish Theater in Warsaw, where she performed for more than 40 years. Viewers were able to watch her renditions of the roles of Rachel (“The Wedding” by Dejmek), Julia (“Romeo and Juliet” by Braun) and Doryna (“Świętoszek” and Wołłąk).

As “Wyborcza” recalls, although the actress retired in 1999, in 2006 she appeared at the Polish Theater in the role of the Mother in the play “Kordian” directed by Paweł Passini.

The actress will be buried at the Powązki Military Cemetery on December 23.

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