Gina Carano

Gina Carano


Gina Joy Carano, born April 16, 1982 in Dallas, Texas, is an American actress, Muay Thai practitioner, and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and model.


Actress profession
American nationality
Born April 16, 1982 (Dallas County, Texas, United States)
Age 38


Little Gina Joy Carano, daughter of Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Glenn Thomas Carano, is quickly immersed in the world of high performance sport. No wonder she was named captain of her college basketball team, and played both volleyball and softball. In addition to all these activities, she manages to obtain a degree in psychology. Her practice of martial arts began with Muay Thai, and she subsequently became, in 19 victories (for only 2 losses), one of the best female fighters in the category of Mixed Martial Arts.

After a first television appearance in a reality TV program in 2006, Gina made her first real foray into the world of cinema the following year with Blood and Bone. This film on clandestine fights makes her rub shoulders with the massive Michael Jai White, and taste the experience of a real filming. An experience that should not a priori be repeated … But it was without counting on Steven Soderbergh, who decided in 2010 to hire him for his spy thriller, Trapped. The filmmaker takes her out of a simple fight film, and asks for a real performance as an actress from her alongside talented actors.

She is the youngest daughter of Dana Joy (née Cason) and Glenn Carano, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback in the NFL. She has a one year older sister, Kasey, and a younger one, Christi. She talks about her Italian origins in an interview with MMAnews1, a website dedicated to combat sports.

She graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she led the girls’ basketball team to a state title. She also played volleyball and softball. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno for a year, then the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for three years, where she majored in psychology.

Gina Carano

Career in martial arts

She began her athletic career with Muay Thai, pushed by her then-boyfriend, kickboxer Kevin Ross 2 and coached by Master Toddy. After a 12–1–1 (12 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw) 1, she was invited by World Extreme Fighting to fight Leiticia Pestova in one of the very first female MMA fights.

She then joined forces with the Strikeforce organization. She played a fight there which she won by unanimous decision against Elaina Maxwell in 2006.

Screen debuts

In 2009, she took a break after losing in a top opposition against Cristiane Justino. She will not return until 2011. In the meantime, she made her film debut in the video film Ring Girls in 2005, before being a coach in the reality show Fight Girls. She appeared on NBC’s American Gladiators in 2008, followed by the film Blood and Bone in 2009.

In 2012, she starred in Steven Soderbergh’s action film Trapped.

She has a role in the film Fast and Furious 6 released in June 2013 in France.

In 2019, she appears in the Disney series The Mandalorian, set in the Star Wars universe. She plays the role of Cara Dune, a shock trooper of the Rebel Alliance.

On February 11, 2021, LucasFilms confirmed the dismissal of the actress following tweets deemed problematic3.

Private life

Gina Carano was in a relationship with MMA fighter Kit Cope in 2008. She is officially in a relationship with British actor Henry Cavill between 2012 and 2014. She currently shares the life of Muay-Thai fighter Kevin Ross since 2015.

Her film career launched, Gina Carano joins the muscular cast of Fast & Furious 6 by engaging in an impressive fight with Michelle Rodriguez in the basement of the subway, then tastes the universe of Marvel super heroes via Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds . She plays a villain with supernatural physical abilities alongside supervillain Ed Skrein.

Star Wars: actress Gina Carano fired by Disney after her “odious and unacceptable” remarks on the Holocaust.

The 38-year-old American actress who played rebel Cara Dune in the Disney + series The Mandalorian was dismissed by Lucasfilm within hours, following controversial statements posted on social media.

“This is the way!” The cult replica of the series The Mandalorian applies perfectly to the irrevocable sentence taken against the American actress Gina Carano. The one who played Cara Duna, a rebel ally of the hero, was dismissed in just a few hours by Disney after “odious and unacceptable” remarks made in an Instagram story, in which she compared the fate of the American Republicans (pro-Trump) to that of the Jews during the Shoah: “The Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors … even by children. (…) Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government at first made them hate their neighbors simply because they were Jewish. How is it different from hating an individual because of his political ideas “, one could read in this post, quickly deleted.

A new controversial statement that immediately sparked an uproar on social networks, the hashtag #FireGinaCarano (“Virez Gina Carano”) denouncing the “anti-Semitic statements” of the actress having quickly placed itself in Twitter trends Wednesday at the end of the day . The reaction of Lucasfilm, the company producing Star Wars bought by Disney in 2012, did not drag: “Gina Carano is no longer employed by Lucasfilm and it is not expected that she will be again in the future. “said a spokesperson for Lucasfilm in a statement.

“Her posts on social networks where she denigrates individuals based on their religious and cultural identities are odious and unacceptable.”

Became unwanted at Disney

Gina Carano, who appears unfiltered as a Republican, is not at her first controversy. Very active on social networks, the 38-year-old actress, fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA) had in particular mocked, last November, the vaccine against the coronavirus but also the wearing of a mask. She also spoke of “electoral fraud” to contest the election of Joe Biden in the US presidential election in November 2020. Conspiracy remarks relayed by the pro-Trump, during the period when demonstrators had invaded the Capitol in January.

According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm originally wanted to give Gina Carano a Star Wars series derived from The Mandalorian, dedicated to the character of Cara Dune. The heroine, who became marshal of the New Republic in the last episodes of the Disney + series, could also have played a key role in the spin off Rangers of the New Republic, presented during the last Disney announcements. But still according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm had revised his project in December when he saw the unease swelling around the statements of the actress, who has since become unwanted: “They looked for a reason to fire her for two months and there it was the drop of water, ”says the magazine’s source.

His former partner Pedro Pascal will star in the series “The Last of Us”
The character of Cara Dune first appeared in Episode 4 of The Mandalorian. She was then allied with Din Djarin, the hero protecting Grogu alias “Baby Yoda”, to come to the aid of a community oppressed by looters equipped with old vehicles of the Empire. She had participated in the final assault of season 2, in which Mando goes to retrieve the “child” kidnapped by Moff Gideon. Chapter 16 will therefore mark the end of the collaboration between Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal. The actor who plays the Mandalorian has also been chosen to play the role of Joel in the HBO series The Last of Us, inspired by the famous video game. The Deadline news was confirmed by the actor himself on Twitter.

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