Eric Adams: a favorite former policeman for mayor of New York

Eric Adams: a favorite former policeman for mayor of New York


Eric Adams: In New York (United States), Tuesday, June 22, residents vote to choose the next Democratic candidate for mayor. The favorite is Eric Adams, a former black policeman, victim of police violence. The election will take place in November.

In the race for mayor of New York (United States), Eric Adams is the favorite of the Democratic camp. At 60, this child from working-class neighborhoods with a predominantly black population has made his story a campaign argument. Fighting racism from within has become his obsession, he who claims to have been the victim of police violence. The son of a housekeeper who had six children, he served in the New York police force for over 20 years.

A city plagued by violence

In a city where violence is exploding – 777 gun deaths since the start of the year, 250 more than in 2020 at the same time – his program resonates. “The proliferation of arms in our country is what destroys us,” he said during a debate facing his opponents. If elected, he will become the second black mayor in the history of the city. For now, the polls put him at the top of the Democratic primary. The results of the first round are expected next month.

Eric Adams, a former policeman favorite for mayor of New York

The Democratic primaries for the town hall of this city of 8.5 million inhabitants take place on Tuesday. Against a backdrop of police violence and rising crime, the African-American and former police officer Eric Adams is the favorite.

Do not talk to him about systemic police violence or disinvestment in the police force. Eric Adams, 60, was almost born into this cauldron of racial inequalities, a discriminating judicial system and a police force that has never ceased to experiment with cures of austerity or the militarization of its resources. “No one is going to want to come to New York to fuel our billion-dollar tourism industry if a four-year-old girl can be shot dead in Times Square,” he said at a rally on last month, days after a shooting in broad daylight near a toy store in the heart of Manhattan.

It must be said that in the first six months of the year alone, according to statistics from the New York Police Department (NYPD), 721 people have already been victims of firearms, a figure that has almost doubled compared to last year. However, already in 2020, the police had listed 462 murders, up 45% compared to 2019. It is in this context that the candidacy of Eric Adams gained momentum, he who spent more than twenty years in the transport police, after placing second in the police academy, and who has never stopped walking in uniform the New York subway and the streets of Brooklyn, of which he is now president district, by trying to prevent violence and delinquency.

Implement a policy to fight crime

The one who will lead New York will indeed have to implement a policy of fight against crime. Independence of justice requires with an elected attorney general, the mayor of New York has on the other hand authority over the NYPD: 36,000 police officers in uniform assisted by 19,000 civilians for an annual budget of 6 billion dollars! Much of the Democratic primary campaign for the city – which includes the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island – has pitted progressive candidates in favor of a revision of current policy and a drop in this colossal amount, to supporters of the status quo or even an increase in police resources to deal with the upsurge in crime.

Andrew Yang was one of them. This 46-year-old billionaire, born to Taiwanese parents, a short-lived presidential candidate last year, was of the opinion of launching a “vast recruitment campaign” to increase the workforce in order to reassure New Yorkers. Dianne Morales, a 53-year-old teacher of African-American and Latino descent, claimed instead that the resurgence of violence was due to the “brutality of the economic and social crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic” and that it was better, according to her, to initiate a decrease in the budget of the police force, of the order of 3 billion, that is to say of half, over the duration of the mandate. Since then, Dianne Morales, like Andrew Yang, have fallen in the polls of voting intentions.

Would New York Democrats therefore prefer a stronger discourse on this sensitive issue, after twelve months of a heated national debate on the methods of the police in the United States? A year after the murder of George Floyd by the police officer Derek Chauvin and the hundreds of demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter movement, Eric Adams comes to bring his voice in this context, that of a black man and a policeman on the ground.

The youngest of a family of six children, with a butcher father and a cleaning mother, he was 15 when he was arrested with his brother for burglary. Beaten up by several white police officers, it took the intervention of one of their black colleagues to get him out. Supported by a pastor who sought to put him back on the right path, he came to understand that being a police officer, as an African-American, was a way of reforming things from within.

Hounded by the deputy mayor in charge of roads

“At the academy, all trainees are told that they shouldn’t look at blacks and mestizos as separate individuals, and that’s what we do,” he told the conference. one of the first political campaigns. But we all know that the majority of the people we arrest are blacks, it is not us who invented this and it is up to us to do our job in this context. to be honest and have a real debate on the subject. ” So, Adams displays his convictions: yes to more police officers in the metro, yes to a strengthening of means for prevention and for repression but while having strong acts to work politically and socially against discrimination.

In New York, Eric Adams is favorite to become the next mayor

The Democratic municipal primary opened on Tuesday in New York. Eric Adams, a former police officer, is in the lead in a city preoccupied with insecurity. But the ballot is uncertain. 

Thirteen Democratic candidates are competing in the race to succeed Bill de Blasio, the city’s mayor in office since 2014 and extremely unpopular.

To lead the first city of the United States, New York and its 8 million inhabitants, 2 women and 2 men stand out. Kathryn Garcia, from the New York City Administration. And Maya Wiley, a black lawyer specializing in civil rights, star of the Democratic Party’s left. It would be a first to have a woman as mayor of New York.

There is also Andrew Yang, a millionaire of Taiwanese descent and former presidential candidate. Finally a more centrist candidate, Eric Adams, African-American and former police captain. The 60-year-old is now president of the Brooklyn neighborhood. Born and raised in New York, Eric Adams is a self-made man, a police officer for 22 years who worked against the discrimination that plagued the New York police.

Crime at the center of concerns

Even though crime figures remain at historically low levels, shootings are up 73% since the start of the year, and a spate of incidents on the metro has recently increased the pressure. “New Yorkers are concerned about delinquency,” said Doug Muzzio, a professor at Baruch University, “and if they vote based on their perception, Adams has an advantage.”

Andrew Yang collects 20% of the voting intentions in an Ipsos poll published on Monday, against 28% for Eric Adams, who is ahead of Kathryn Garcia (15%). The progressive candidate Maya Wiley, supported by the elected star in Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is now behind Kathryn Garcia (13% against 15).

The current concern of many New Yorkers about the supposed insecurity could also play against Maya Wiley, who proposed to cut part of the police budget, as claimed by many activists of the movement born after the death. by George Floyd. New York has also been hit hard by the pandemic, with more than 30,000 dead. Unemployment, the economic crisis and especially crime have settled in the city, which has seen an increase in the number of shootings and homicides.

A very uncertain ballot

But nothing is settled, because New York adopted this year, for its primaries, the so-called preferential vote. Voters can nominate five candidates, ranked according to their preferences. With redistribution of votes when a candidate is eliminated. The count will take time and the winner may not be known until mid-July. A primary “unique” in the history of the city, “according to Doug Muzzio. The winner should succeed, at the end of the year, the mayor of New York Bill de Blasio who is finishing his second and last term.

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