Demi Lovato nude photos were shared by hackers on Snapchat

Demi Lovato nude photos were shared by hackers on Snapchat


SCANDAL The singer has yet to react to this intrusion into her privacy

Demi Lovato nude : its the latest star to be hacked. According to The Daily Beast, hackers took control of her Snapchat account and took the opportunity to leak photos of the singer into the simplest device.

Fortunately, the artist’s communications team quickly picked up on things and the photos have since disappeared. But they have already been downloaded by other users, who are circulating them on the Internet.

Demi Lovato nude photos

In the process, fans of the artist came to defend him, worried about the impact this leak could have on the already fragile mental health of the star.

New York Lovatics fan account called on Twitter not to share the footage

Demi Lovato, meanwhile, has not reacted so far. Three days ago, the Sober interpreter posted on his Instagram account a photo of his new tattoo, made in tribute to his friend Tommy, who died last week.

Demi Lovato completely naked and natural: her sexy and overwhelming photoshoot


Demi Lovato really shows it all. After posing topless for Complex magazine, the ‘Cool For The Summer’ singer decided to undress a short story to promote her album “Confident”. For Vanity Fair, the actress posed completely nude and au naturel, just days after her grandfather died. In a video, she reveals her sexy photos and tells the overwhelming reasons that pushed her to take the plunge.

Demi Lovato nude for Vanity Fair

For the release of her new album “Confident”, in stores on October 16, Demi Lovato has decided to show that she had left behind her demons which had led her – at the age of 19 – to the center detoxification. For Vanity Fair magazine, the actress and singer, former Disney star, decided to undress entirely for a sexy, makeup-free photoshoot. On the photos present in a video where she explains the reasons for this naked shooting, we can discover Demi Lovato naked sitting from behind on a bathtub or in profile. Photos much more natural than her sexy cover for Complex where she posed topless and in a thong.

An overwhelmingly natural interview

As the magazine explains, this photoshoot took place just days after the star’s grandfather died. Obviously very touched and in mourning, Demi Lovato is overwhelming when she explains why she chose to undress in front of a lens. “When I think of ‘Confident’ I think of that feeling of feeling good about yourself. I never thought I could have gotten to a point in my life where I was pretty good about myself. to do that “explains Wilmer Valderramma’s sweetheart before continuing:” It shows other women that we can overcome the obstacles in our way of perceiving our body. We can feel good about ourselves “.

Hackers release nude photos of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was shocked when hackers released nude photos of her earlier this week. Many private photos of the singer’s Snapchat account have indeed been published on the Internet.

To do this, hackers took control of its Snapchat page, directing users to join a Discord group, a platform that allows users to share content on a private chat channel.

Demi Lovato’s team eventually managed to regain control of the account, and the photos were removed.

Since then, the singer’s fans have attacked the pirates on Twitter.

“It’s never good to share someone’s ‘nudes’, and Demi Lovato has always been honest about her mental health issues, so why do this to her? It’s horrible, ”one fan tweeted.

Other users, meanwhile, attack those who repost photos online. “This attitude is disgusting, do not tweet these photos”, wrote one Internet user in particular.

Demi Lovato has yet to respond.

Demi Lovato’s nude photos leak after her Snapchat account is hacked
Thursday afternoon, naked and personal photos of singer Demi Lovato began to circulate on social networks.

Since Thursday, photos of the singer taken in an intimate setting have been circulating on social networks. Her Snapchat account first posted a link to join a “discord” server to view her “nudes”. The latter quickly disappeared, but the damage was done. Photos of the singer in the simplest device are shared between users of multiple social networks. According to the Los Angeles Times, the group that hacked the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was involved in the hack.

Friday morning, the singer’s fans quickly mobilized to report these photos and help the singer.

“Some things are meant to be special, private, hidden, secret. Be human and respectful! One of the fans said. The New York Lovatics fan account called on Twitter not to share the footage.

Singer Demi Lovato is known for the ease with which she chats privately with fans. She also shared with the general public her problems with depression and her thoughts of suicide. The hacking of his Snapchat account therefore greatly worries his fans. Demi Lovato has already spent several months in rehab and suffers from depression and eating disorders. In July 2018, she suffered an overdose.

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