Daryl Morey will become the president of the Sixers!

Daryl Morey will become the president of the Sixers!


The former Rockets Daryl Morey is in advanced talks with the Philadelphia franchise to take over athletic management and become president of the Sixers.

It had been known for a few weeks that the Sixers were on the hunt for a new president, a position that had been vacant for two seasons now. They obviously found their man… in the person of Daryl Morey!

According to ESPN, the former Rockets GM, who resigned his post in Houston two weeks ago, is in advanced talks with Philadelphia executives.

The two camps would have started trading as soon as Daryl Morey left Houston and everything has accelerated in recent days. So the manager should quickly become the new president of the Sixers.

The arrival does not push Elton Brand towards the exit as Adrian Wojnarowski assures that the former player will keep his GM position.

Change was expected this fall on the Philadelphia side and with Doc Rivers on the bench and Daryl Morey in the office, it took place and this double recruitment is flashy, on paper. It remains to be seen how the three men will coexist on the sports policy to be followed and the identity of the team to be determined.

Daryl Morey resigns!

Woj Bomb! ESPN reporter announces that Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has stepped down!

After the Houston Rockets defeat we wondered what was going to be next for him, and following the departure of Mike D’Antoni, owner Tilman Fertitta had made it clear that he was not in danger. We learn that Morey approached the owner shortly after the team’s elimination to discuss the idea of ​​resigning. Since then, the two camps have negotiated the terms of this departure.

Morey was of course the architect of this ultra small ball, which turned out to be a bitter failure, the Lakers dominating them steadfastly in 5 games. GM therefore assumed its share of responsibility for this failure.

Recall that he was leading the search for a new coach, so this job will be assigned to someone else. Now he will temporarily advise the Rockets on the subject to lend a hand. The Rockets are reportedly planning to promote vice president of basketball operations Rafael Stone to GM. The latter had a very important role in building the team. Eli Witus should be his GM assistant. To see if the philosophy will remain the same or if a 90 ° turn will be made.

Morey had been GM of the Rockets since 2007-08 and signed a 5-year contract extension in March 2019. Under his leadership the Texans have gone through the conference finals twice and the semi-finals twice.

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