Claudia Tagbo

Claudia Tagbo



Actress profession
Nationalities French, Ivorian
Born 1973 (Abidjan)
Age 48 years old


Claudia Tagbo was born in Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire in 1973 and arrived at the age of 13 in Chanac, in Lozère, where she lived for two years before moving to Alès in the Gard until she was 18. From an early age she discovered a passion for art in general and for the theater in particular. After obtaining a vocational studies certificate (BEP) and a professional baccalaureate in accounting, at the Lycée Jean-Baptiste-Dumas d’Alès, she failed to enter the conservatory of Montpellier3. She moved to Paris to study Performing Arts where she obtained a Masters in Performing Arts – theater option at Université Paris-VIII4. She decides to invest in the profession she has chosen: actress3. On sets and in front of the camera, she works, among others, with Stanislas Nordey, Élisabeth Rappeneau, Julien Leclercq, Olivier Dahan… She successfully launches into stand-up.

At the theater, she plays in Appel à poète by Paul Éluard, L’Opérette imaginaire by Valère Novarina, December 13, Ligne 9 by Mata Gabin, Lucrèce Borgia by Victor Hugo and also in Marisol by José Rivera in 2002. The public has it also seen in Ask Us Pardon by Mata Gabin, directed by Claudia Tagbo and Candide by Victor Bianco4.

In the cinema, she plays in Mama Aloko and La Valse des gros derrières by Jean Odoutan and in My life is not a romantic comedy by Marc Gibaja and Chrysalis by Julien Leclercq4.

On television, viewers see her in Fatou la Malienne and Fatou, the hope of Daniel Vigne, My best friend of Elisabeth Rappeneau or even The tutor of Édouard Molinaro. She also plays the recurring character of Lieutenant Martine Forest in R.I.S Scientific Police.

In 2006, she began her career as a comedian in the Jamel Comedy Club created by Jamel Debbouze.

In 2008, she played in the mini-series Tongs et Paréo as well as in the series Toi-même tu sais by J.G Biggs, written by Stéphane Pocrain for Inpes.

In the fall of 2010, she was a columnist for several shows in Jean-Luc Lemoine’s Complaints Office on France 2. Since November 2010, she has been part of the team of hosts alongside Arthur on the show Ce evening with Arthur on Comedy! from November 2010 to July 2012, then on TF1 since May 2013.

Since 2011, she has appeared in the United Colors of Jean-Luc comedy series broadcast on Comédie! alongside Amelle Chahbi and Vincent Desagnat in particular. The co-author of this series is none other than his sidekick from the Jamel Comedy Club, Fabrice Éboué.

She is a candidate for the show On n’demande en rire between April 27, 2011 and June 28 of the same year. Since December 2011, she has participated in the program Friday, everything is allowed with Arthur broadcast on TF1 and is the most frequent guest.

In 2013, she hosted Claudia Tagbo & co, a comedy gala broadcast on television. Organized for the benefit of the CéKeDuBonheur association, it takes place at the Folies Bergère theater and features around fifteen comedians5. Then, she was chosen by CanalSat and Melody, to present Disco party [archive] (with Thierry Cadet and Pat Angeli), on the occasion of the 40 years of disco. An ephemeral chain during the end of year celebrations.

In 2014, in À nous deux on France Ô, she recalls that her experience began before humor. She also talks about her cancer. In September 2014, she participated in the new single Kiss and Love for the benefit of Sidaction.

Claudia Tagbo was born in Ivory Coast but grew up mainly in Lozère and Gard. Discovering a passion for the theater from an early age, she decides, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting, to go to Paris to enroll in the performing arts college. She obtained a master’s degree there and then proceeded to work by prestigious authors such as Paul Éluard (“Call to poet”), Victor Hugo (“Lucrèce Borgia”) or even José Rivera (“Marisol”). On the strength of her unfailing eloquence, she embarked on stand-up and joined the Jamel Comedy Club in 2006. She also collaborates twice with Fabrice Eboué for her one-woman-shows “Claudia Comedy Gospel” and “Crazy”.

At the same time, Claudia Tagbo is also active in the cinema. She thus obtained small roles in La Valse des gros derrières (2002), Chrysalis (2007), Cash (id.), Oil on fire (2011), Les Seigneurs (2012) or Love on the spot or at take away (2013). In Le Crocodile du Botswanga by Fabrice Eboué and Lionel Steketee, she plays Jacqueline, the First Lady who is the wife of the dictator played by Thomas Ngijol. The actress is then on the bill of Je suis à vous tout de suite, What is this family ?! and Les Ex, through larger roles. In the comedy La Ch’tite Famille (2018), interpreted and directed by Dany Boon, Claudia Tagbo plays the minister of culture.

Her career took an important turn in 2019 when she was chosen to join the team of What did we do again in the good Lord?, Following the lucrative What we did to the Good Lord? released in 2014 which had totaled more than 12 million admissions on French soil. She plays there the character of the girlfriend and future wife of Viviane, the daughter of the Koffi family played by Tatiana Rojo.

Claudia Tagbo is also active on television via several TV films and series. She thus began in 2001 and 2003 in the telefilms Fatou la Malienne and Fatou, the hope of Daniel Vigne alongside Fatou N’Diaye. She also plays a police lieutenant in 47 episodes of the police series R.I.S Police forensics (2006 – 2010). Very active, the actress is also present in several episodes of It’s the crisis, Almost perfect, Clem, Our dear neighbors and Holly Weed. Among the many TV films in which she appears (most of them relating to her favorite genre, comedy), we can count À vos caisses (2010), Le Client (2011), or even Merci pour tout, Charles (2015).

Claudia Tagbo as a couple: what do we know about his partner?

Very discreet about her private life, Claudia Tagbo has been a fulfilled woman for more than ten years with her darling. Interviewed in 2019 by “Télé Loisirs”, the comedian nevertheless revealed that she had a big point of disagreement with her companion: marriage.
The white dress, the arrival at the altar, the exchange of wedding rings … Claudia Tagbo has dreamed of it since she was very young. In a relationship for almost ten years with his companion, the comedian could not however convince him to take the plunge. Interviewed by Télé Loisirs in The Interview Without Filter, the 47-year-old actress had agreed to say a little more about this mysterious darling so reluctant to get married …

Besides, his couple is his rock. For many years, lovers have gone through several trials. Diagnosed with breast cancer in the early 2000s, Claudia was able to count on the support of her partner, taking care of her. Admiringly, she confided the nickname of her darling to Gala in 2015: “Stronger”.

“It’s because he’s very strong, he manages to lift me up” she revealed. Grateful, the actress of the film What have we done to the good Lord? has always found comfort with his companion present in good times and in bad times. “I’m happy, because it’s a partnership. I often say this to my little sisters: in a relationship, it’s 1 + 1, not 1 in 1. Some people forget themselves.” she confided to Télé Loisirs.

Finally, Claudia’s dream was fulfilled as she announced on Valentine’s Day in 2019: her man finally said “yes”! A wonderful news that the comedian shared on Instagram. Dressed in a white princess dress, she wrote: “the seventh was the right one …” Like what, all the dreams of a little girl can come true.

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