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Charlotte Church


Charlotte Church (born Charlotte Maria Reed on February 21, 1986 in Cardiff) is a Welsh soprano singer and television presenter known internationally since she was twelve years old for her classical music records. She has turned to pop music since 2005.

In 2007, she had sold over 10 million albums; most of the sales are from his first three classical music records.

First years

Charlotte Church was born in Llandaff, a district of Cardiff in Wales. She was brought up in Catholicism by her mother, Maria, separated from the child’s biological father. She was officially adopted by her mother’s second husband, James Church, in 1998.

She began to make herself known at the age of eleven by singing Pie Jesu in the Talking Telephone Numbers show in 1997, then in the Big, Big Talent Show (the show of the very great talents of the ITV channel) in 1998. This leads to concerts at Cardiff Arms Park, the Royal Albert Hall and opening act for Shirley Bassey in Antwerp. She also received a scholarship to study at Howell’s Girls School in Cardiff, where she entered in 1998. She divides her time between singing and school with the help of tutors when she traveled to do concerts.

Classic career

He is introduced to Jonathan Shalit, a Cardiff-based businessman, who will help him start his career, becoming his manager. So at only 12 years old, the singer signed a record contract with Sony Classical. Her debut album, Voice of an Angel, in which she performs sacred and traditional songs, will sell millions of copies around the world, making her performer the youngest artist to ever be numbered. one of the classical music sales in Great Britain.

We see her later on several specials of the American channel PBS. Her second album, Charlotte Church, includes, as on the first, sacred and traditional songs as well as operatic. One of the songs, Just Wave Hello, was the focus of an advertising campaign for the Ford Motor Company. The music video for the song is very popular at the Detroit Auto Show, introducing it to a different audience. The song will reach No. 31 on the sales chart in its native UK.

In 2000, she released Dream a Dream, an album composed mainly of Christmas carols, but also including Church’s first attempt in the world of pop, Dream a Dream, song to the melody of Fauré’s Pavane and featuring the young American singer. country, Billy Gilman. Church will perform a duet with Gilman, Sleigh Ride, for his Christmas album, Classic Christmas.

In 2001, Charlotte Church added pop, Broadway and swing notes to her repertoire in the album Enchantment. That same year, we hear for the first time Charlotte Church in a film: Celine Dion not being available, the composer James Horner entrusted the interpretation of the final theme of the film An exceptional man, All Love Can Be, to the very young British girl, for whom the song was adapted. Church also recorded other vocal passages for the film.

In 2002, Church was 16 years old. She released a best of Prelude album and took part in a Christmas tour alongside Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, marking the end of her classic releases. His next album, Tissues and Issues, will be very different.

She sang in ceremonies of the Taizé Community as well as before Pope John Paul II and Bill Clinton, then President of the United States.

Pop career

She first ventured outside the world of classical music in February 2003 singing on Jürgen Vries (better known as Darren Tate) single, The Opera Song. She will be credited under her initials CMC (Charlotte Maria Church). She will climb to 3rd place in the British rankings.

His first pop album Tissues and Issues enjoyed some popularity in the UK: the first four singles were in the country’s pop charts, including Crazy Chick (# 2), Call My Name (# 10), Even God Can ‘ t Change the Past (n ° 17), and Moodswings (To Come at Me Like That) (n ° 14). These songs will be released in Australia but will not have the same success there; in March 2006 it was announced that her pop albums would not be released in the United States until she had a No. 1 song in the United Kingdom.

In April 2006, she gave three concerts (in Glasgow, London and Cardiff), in halls with 2,000 to 3,000 seats; those in London and Cardiff sold out. She will sing, with the Irish group New Druids, several of her pop songs as well as covers of Prince (Kiss), and Gloria Estefan (Rhythm is Gonna Get You). No tour has yet been planned, although Church herself has raised the possibility.

In November 2006, it was announced that she was leaving Sony. According to her agent it was a decision of mutual agreement since she was probably at the end of her contract of five and six albums. There were rumors that she might be temporarily quitting music to focus on her TV show and others claiming it was the result of poor sales of her latest albums.

Career on screen

She made an appearance in the television series Les Anges du bonheur (Touched by an Angel), in episode 7 of season 6, and a Christmas special on the Heartbeat show in 1999 as well as an episode of Have I Got News For You in 2003. She did a sketch on the Catherine Tate Show in 2005.

In 2003 she made her big screen debut in Craig Ferguson’s film I’ll Be There. The film did not have much success in the UK, only being in theaters for ten days, and was only released on video in the US.

The Charlotte Church Show

In the summer of 2006 she started working on her own TV show, The Charlotte Church Show. After a pilot episode which caused controversy and was never broadcast2, it began broadcasting on Channel 4 on September 1, 2006. The show, presented by Charlotte with two guests per week, is a mixture of skits, reality TV, interviews and music. , as well as a recurring Welsh theme (the first episode included a competition, Wales vs. the World, and a Welsh remake of Will and Grace). Among the first guests are Denise van Outen, Michael McIntyre, Ruby Wax, Billie Piper and Patsy Kensit.

The show attracts around 1.9 million viewers, or around 10% of the audience. On October 6, 2006, Channel 4 announced that it was planning two more seasons of the show. However, she still faces competition with the well-known Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, which airs on BBC One at the same time. According to its official website, the filming of the final season, originally scheduled for summer 2007, was postponed until after Church gave birth. However, on December 18, 2007 Church declared in an interview not to think about filming the final season, being too busy with her daughter.

Church was awarded a British Comedy Award in 2006 for Best Female Comedy Newcomer3, and a Funniest Personality Award by Loaded magazine the same year.

Private life

We often talk about his private life in the British tabloids, a situation that inspired the song Let’s Be Alone from his album Tissues and Issues.

She released an autobiography called Voice of an Angel (My Life So Far) at the age of fourteen (so before the release of Enchantment and shortly after the release of Dream a Dream). His next change of style is foretold in the final chapter, “Turning Corners”. Church recounts the intricate details of his eventful career quite clearly through his photographic memory.

His love life is often the target of tabloids. In 2002, at the age of 16, she moved to her friend Steven Johnson, model and DJ, inspiring the song Casualty of Love from the album Tissues and Issues; the couple separated in 2003. The press would later follow their relationship with Kyle Johnson (not related to Steven), which ended in February 2005. The couple claim to have remained friends, but Johnson will later reveal intimate details to the press. of their sexual relations, which led to a slap in the face from Church.

Other aspects of her private life have been criticized in the press, including the discovery in 2002 that she smokes; she will admit that she used to smoke. She alludes to it in the song Confessional Song from the album Tissues and Issues. She has since reported in several interviews that she has quit smoking and has been calmer5,6.

The press is paying particular attention to his relationship with his companion Gavin Henson, player of the Wales rugby union team. The couple mentioned the possibility of marriage, 6 but rejected it during Church’s pregnancy. She has 2 children: Ruby born September 20, 2007 and Dexter born January 11, 2009. They got engaged for a few weeks in 2010 and then separated that same year.

The couple are nicknamed “the Welsh Victoria and David Beckhams” 7. In 2007, the couple were ranked 49th on a list of the UK’s richest young people, with a fortune of £ 10million8 – most of it from Church, with rugby players earning little compared to football players.

After having formalized her third pregnancy on stage on May 28, 2017, she revealed that she had had a miscarriage in June 20179.

In September 2017, she married her longtime companion, musician Jonathan “Johnny” Powell10 whom she has been dating since 2010.


Church has supported the production of a limited series of t-shirts for a campaign by the Breast Cancer Care organization, which donates money for breast cancer research. It has also long supported the construction of a children’s hospital in Wales11,12.


There is controversy over the circumstances of the dismissal of Church’s first manager, Jonathan Shalit. He was reportedly fired with a faxed letter from Church’s mother. The Church family would later report “inappropriate tactile behavior” on Shalit’s part. The latter will sue for breach of contract; An out-of-court settlement ensued where he would have received £ 2million13 (details will not be made public because one of the parties was a minor; these cases are protected by UK law).

Church has provoked controversy on several occasions with his comments and critiques; in an interview with Davina McCall she admits that being a diplomat “is not in [his] nature” 5. Her remarks during the attacks of September 11, 2001, where she said that New Yorkers were overdramatizing, caused a scandal14.

The pilot episode of the Charlotte Church Show elicited a backlash from some religious groups, as Church reportedly mocked the Catholic Church and made controversial comments about Pope Benedict XVI, calling him “a Nazi” in reference to his time spent in the Hitler Youth and the Wehrmacht15. A Catholic distributor of books, CDs and other products, Ignatius Press, allegedly removed Church’s products from its catalog.

In her video blog of March 22, 2007, she strongly criticizes the British group chosen for Eurovision Song Contest, Scooch, which provokes a violent reaction from the singers of the group.

She says she’s better than the judges on the X Factor reality show. She says she is “upset” when their remarks are wrong, saying that “they just don’t understand the ins and outs of a voice or the music” 17.



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Charlotte Church gave birth to a baby boy

Singer Charlotte Church is engaged!

English singer Charlotte Church gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday.
At 22, Charlotte Church gave birth to her son at home, assisted by her companion, rugby player Gavin Henson.

Shortly after midnight, the young woman gave birth in a swimming pool provided for this purpose and according to her website, both mother and baby “are doing wonderfully.” The little guy weighs 3.3 kg. If his parents intended to call him Alan Lloyd as a tribute to Gavin Henson’s father, we don’t have any confirmation yet.

This is the couple’s second child, their daughter Ruby is now 16 months old.

We wish this lovely family the best of luck.

Singer Charlotte Church is engaged!

Singer Charlotte Church is engaged!

Charlotte Church has confirmed her engagement to her partner and father of two, Wales rugby player Gavin Henson. “I thought I was going to be his girlfriend for the rest of my life!” The young Welsh singer told a British magazine.

It was the day after his 24th birthday, at the end of February, that the athlete made his request, in front of a seaside restaurant in Cornwall. Gavin Henson knelt down and presented his sweetheart with a two-carat, heart-shaped diamond he had purchased on their recent vacation in Dubai.

“We both had good times and bad, but I only remember the best and that’s why, I want you to be my wife for the rest of our lives,” Gavin said with emotion. “It was amazing and I still can’t believe it. I was happy and completely overwhelmed,” the soprano continues.

Currently a jury on the BBC show Over The Rainbow, Charlotte Church has not revealed anything about her future plans, even if she is seriously thinking about marriage.

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