Biz markie wife, death, heath

Biz markie wife, heath, death


Who is Biz Markie’s wife? Rapper in hospital due to complications from diabetes! -.

Biz Markie has been reported to have been in hospital for weeks with an illness linked to his type 2 diabetes.

The rapper, whose real name is Marcel Theo Hall, is best known for his 1989 single, “Just a Friend”.

Fans are worried about Biz’s condition and want to know how his wife, Tara, is doing.

Why is Biz Markie in the hospital?

Biz Markie is reportedly in hospital with diabetes-related illness.

His representatives told TMZ that Biz was not hospitalized with coronavirus, but that the trigger for his illness was type 2 diabetes.

Biz is currently in a Maryland hospital and has reportedly been there for weeks. Its representative told TMZ:

“He receives the best care from an amazing team of healthcare professionals and we remain positive about the outcome.”

In 2014, Biz lost 140 pounds to get his diabetes under control.

Who is Biz Markie’s wife?

Biz Markie’s wife is Tara. Biz posted several photos of his wife to social media, most recently for her birthday in April. He captioned the image:

“I want everyone to wish my lovely wife Tara a happy birthday.”

He also uploaded a selfie of the two of them, which he captioned: “IM IN THE HOUSE WITH MY PARTNER IN LIFE SHE MAKE SURE EVERYBODY IS SANITIZED AND SAFE, PLEASE STAY IN THE HOUSE !!!”

Tara is identified in several Biz photos as @ taradise_25, where she posts pictures of herself, friends and her daughter Averi.

Biz Markie Dies Aged 57, Wife Tara Says Fake “Biz Didn’t Die”

Reports say, Biz Markie, the “Clown Prince of Hip Hop,” has passed away at the age of 57. As journalist Roland Martin recently said on social media, this is not the case with Markie’s wife, Tara:

“Guys, @BizMarkie is NOT dead. I have been in contact with sources who text and talk to his wife. My source spoke to Biz TODAY. By his wife, Biz DID NOT die. Please stop responding to non-credible sources. It hurts family, friends and fans.

In a fairly recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Big Daddy Kane provided an update on Markie’s health after a stroke months ago:

“He’s in rehab now. It is improving and getting stronger every day. The last time I spoke to him on the phone he had a very light voice, but the last time I spoke on the phone. He pointed his middle finger at me, so I think he’s coming

Biz Markie’s health would improve

After some alarming reports about his health in recent months, New York hip-hop veteran Biz Markie is on the road to a potential recovery. Fellow rap legend Big Daddy Kane has provided good news on the Biz.

Biz Markie Update Looks Positive

At the end of last year, things weren’t going well for Biz Markie. The “Just A Friend” hitman is said to have fallen into a diabetic coma and then suffered a stroke while in a coma. His friend and collaborator Big Daddy Kane was recently on The Breakfast Club and updated fans on the current state of Biz.

“He’s getting better. He’s in rehab now. It is improving and getting stronger every day. The last time I spoke to him on the phone – he had a very light voice – but the last time I spoke on the phone he stuck his middle finger towards me, so I think he’s coming.

Biz Markie Suffering From Diabetes

Biz Markie, 57, started having serious health problems in 2020, taking him to hospital for an extended period. Sources close to Biz have said his diabetes has become dangerously problematic for the veteran rapper and DJ.

Fans and the hip hop community have lent their support and love, sending Biz best wishes. In the latest report, Hip Hop DX said the 56-year-old rapper suffered a stroke while recovering from a diabetic episode in hospital. A source told the publication: “He’s not doing very well, but it’s not as outrageous as it felt at first. The little story is that Biz is diabetic, he had fallen into a diabetic coma, but it has happened to him in the past and it would only last a short time. He went to the hospital, got his discharge, and checked his medications. This time he had a stroke while in the middle of a coma. (Hot 97)

Fat Joe shares memories of Biz Markie

Back in July, it was reported that Biz Markie was hospitalized and in poor condition. New York rap veteran Fat Joe showed Biz some love on social media while wishing him luck.

Hip-Hop ‘Friend’ Biz Markie Dies Aged 57

Known for his beatboxing talents and his self-deprecating lyrics, Marcel Theo Hall in the civil registry had propelled his career in 1989 with the tasty Just a Friend.

They are millions to have, like him, sung out of tune on the chorus of Just a Friend, his greatest hit: Biz Markie, the “friend” of hip-hop, died Friday at 57, according to his entourage.

“Biz left an artistic legacy that will be celebrated forever by his peers in the industry (music, editor’s note) and his beloved fans whose lives he has been able to touch through music for over 35 years”, his representative Jenni Izumi wrote in a statement to AFP.

Biz Markie died with his wife by his side, she said. No information on the cause of his death was provided. “I will miss you so much my friend, it hurts.” So many memories, ”responded rapper Q-Tip, also a native of Harlem, New York.

Known for his beatboxing skills and his self-deprecating lyrics, Marcel Theo Hall launched his career in the mid-1980s. The release in 1989 of the tasty “Just a Friend” had propelled the career of the “Clown”. of Hip-Hop ”in the light. His autobiographical song “Vapors”, in which he recalled his teenage ambitions, was covered by Snoop Dogg in 1997.

He also played a small alien role in the movie “Men in Black II” starring Will Smith.

“New York humor”

More recently, Biz Markie had distinguished himself for his talents as a DJ. He had participated in musical shows with several new rap stars like Cordae.

Biz Markie had also made several appearances on the big screen, often to play a humorous take on himself and even lent his voice to the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.

His fame went far beyond the borders of New York or the United States, the artist performing regularly abroad, such as at the Bataclan, in Paris.

“Biz Markie turned hip-hop upside down and introduced New York’s sense of humor to audiences around the world,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter. “We are mourning a real son from Harlem tonight.” A few months ago, Biz Markie himself was moved by the death of another great New Yorker, the rapper DMX.

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