Barack Obama found Baby George "adorable"

Barack Obama found Baby George “adorable”


His parents Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, say he is stirring. Barack Obama found Baby George “adorable”.

This Friday evening, April 22, Kensington Palace in London was the setting for a historic handshake. The 44th President of the United States Barack Obama tightened the handcuffs of little Prince George, destined to one day wear the British crown. The scene was all the more publicized as Kate and William’s son, ready to go to bed, was then in pajamas, a dressing gown embroidered with his name and slippers.

In the photo immortalizing their meeting, Baby George looks quite intimidated by the US statesman kneeling in front of him. But two more pictures show him much more relaxed afterwards, as he rides, before their eyes, the rocking horse that Barack and Michelle Obama gave him for his birth in 2013.

Baby George made a great impression to Obamas

Baby George made a great impression to Obamas

To see these images, Georgie, who will be celebrating her 3 years in three months, looks like a real model boy. A hundred leagues from the confidences that his parents make from time to time to the press, describing him as a particularly restless child. In any case, he made a very good impression that evening on the American president. The next day, referring to him in a speech to 550 young Britons, Barack Obama made it clear that George “was adorable”, as can be heard in a video posted by the “Telegraph”.

As for the great-grandmother of the little prince, Queen Elizabeth II – with whom the American presidential couple had lunch that same Friday, April 22 at Windsor Castle where she had celebrated her 90th birthday the previous day with her family -, Barack Obama has stressed, during his visit to London, that she was one of his favorite people.

When Barack Obama meets Baby George in his pajamas

When Barack Obama meets Baby George in his pajamas

From the height of his 2 years and 9 months, Prince George of Cambridge met Barack and Michelle Obama during the visit of the American presidential couple to the United Kingdom.

On an official visit to the United Kingdom, US President Barack Obama did not stop at talking about geopolitics. The one who said he was opposed to a possible exit from the kingdom of the European Union also took advantage of his visit to England to spend time with the royal family. Accompanied by his wife Michelle Obama, who will soon be seen in the NCIS series, the Head of State first went to Windsor Castle for lunch with Queen Elisabeth II, who had celebrated her 90th birthday the day before. .

On Friday evening, after an official meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street, it was Kensington Palace that Barack and Michelle Obama visited. Arrived in the rain, the couple were greeted by Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Prince Harry, who planted a kiss on the cheek of the American First Lady while Mister President held not the candle, but the umbrella.

Before dinner, Barack Obama met Kate and William’s eldest son, baby George. It is in pajamas and dressing gown that the little prince, who will celebrate his 3 years next July, greeted the presidential couple. If the young heir to the crown was not dressed in formal attire, he did not fail to thank the American head of state for the magnificent wooden rocking horse he gave him at birth. How? ‘Or’ What ? By playing with it, of course! Adorable images to find in this slideshow.

When Barack Obama advises Tim Howard to shave his beard

When Barack Obama advises Tim Howard to ... shave his beard

Author of 16 saves against Belgium in the round of 16 of the World Cup (2-1, after extra time), goalkeeper Tim Howard, although heroic, could not prevent the elimination of his country in Brazil .

The performance of the last rampart marked the spirits and in particular those of Barack Obama. Which congratulated the captain of the US selection on the phone.

“I wanted to call you in person to tell you that you made us proud,” said the President of the United States. Before continuing: “Tim, I don’t know how you’re going to survive that you’re going to get home. You should cut your beard to go unnoticed,” Obama continued.

Obama’s blunder during his toast to Queen Elisabeth II

Obama's blunder during his toast to Queen Elisabeth II

Clearly, Barak Obama’s trip across the Atlantic will not have been without surprise! This time it is a Great moment of solitude that awaited the president on Tuesday during his toast for the Queen of England.

According to the rules of the art, the Queen of England is supposed to toast her guest first. When finished, that guest’s national anthem is played by the orchestra. Then the guest makes his speech to the Queen, followed by the British national anthem. For Barak Obama, things did not turn out exactly that way …

The American President’s toast was interrupted by the orchestra who played “God save the Queen” before he finished. The orchestra’s confusion arose from the fact that Obama began his toast by saying “to Her Majesty the Queen”, while he also ended his speech with the same phrase.

Barak Obama therefore delivered part of his speech during the national anthem, under the contrite gaze of the Queen …

As expected, he concluded by saying “to the queen” and turned to her as he raised his glass. Great moment of solitude for Obama: no question for the queen to raise her glass before her hymn is finished.

Confused, Obama turned to the assembly, put down his glass and folded his hands, like a punished child, waiting for the orchestra to finish …

It wasn’t until the Queen reached out for her glass that Obama dared to do the same to conclude the toast.

“It was like giving a speech with a soundtrack. Like in a movie!”, Commented Barak Obama with humor.

what is barack obama’s middle name

Obama will use his two first names, Barack and Hussein, for the nomination
“I would do what everyone else does,” said the president-elect. His middle name, Hussein, had been used during the campaign by some of his opponents.

In an interview with an American daily, Barack Obama indicated on Wednesday December 10 that he would follow the tradition in force for the swearing in of the presidents of the United States and would use, on January 20, his two first names, Barack and Hussein.
During a few meetings at the end of the presidential campaign, some of his opponents presented the Democratic candidate as Barack Hussein Obama, insisting on his middle name, in an attempt to feed the rumor that he was secretly Muslim and close to the Islamists.
Long-time Christian Barack Obama told the Chicago Tribune that he would follow the tradition of investiture ceremonies.

“What everyone does”

“The tradition is to use the three names (two first names and last name, editor’s note) and I will conform to it,” he assured. By planning to do so, “I am not trying to make any statement, I will do what everyone else does,” added the president-elect.
His Republican opponent John McCain had also criticized his supporters who used the middle name of Barack Obama.
In October, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had supported the Democratic candidate, also criticized those who spread false rumors about the religion of Barack Obama, stressing that it reflected prejudices against other cultures.

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