Armie hammer shirtless

Armie hammer shirtless


Shirtless Armie Hammer Would Definitely Sexier, Poll Says

Makeover – At 34, Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger, Snow White, The Social Network) is considered one of the most talented actors of his generation. But above all, and that does not spoil the pleasure, it is beautiful.

Asked at the beginning of May on the clothing that would allow him to be more, if at all possible, a large majority of respondents (70%) simply suggested that our attractive American go topless.

Data sheet: Survey conducted online for the Celebrity Post, among 540 people constituting an international sample representative of the world population.

Armie Hammer: “I want to get out of my comfort zone”

When he arrived in the Italian countryside he was an actor, when he left he was an artist. As “Call Me By Your Name” continues its film-event life, it tells us about this inner journey.

“I had this feeling of being an outsider, this feeling of being misunderstood, while projecting an image of ease and confidence in me to change the scene.” Armie Hammer, 31, an actor who seemed set for a career in action films, speaks with disarming frankness about his role in Call Me by Your Name, one of the most critically acclaimed romance films in recent memory. In the film, directed by Luca Guadagnino, Armie hammer is Oliver, an American graduate student who is spending the summer in Italy. There, he falls in love with his host’s son, Elio, played by Timothée Chalamet *. Or it might be fairer to say that it’s Elio who falls in love with him, almost on the spot, and spends the rest of the film courting him with the stubbornness you only find in 17 year olds and those who fall in love for the first time – Elio fits these two categories perfectly. Guadagnino’s film follows a tempo that is both languid and poignant, awaiting a hopefully inevitable union. “It’s a mask … But it feels very authentic to me,” explains Armie hammer, referring to Oliver’s relaxed attitude, his way of leaving every scene (mostly dinner parties) with a nonchalant, annoying “See you later”. seduces both its European guests and their son. “I don’t know if it’s because I’ve moved so many times in my life, or because I’ve lived in so many different places – I changed schools every other year … very well recognized in this attitude. ” That’s how Armie hammer talks today – it might not be how we know him, but maybe that’s how he always saw himself. We are sitting in the courtyard of Chateau Marmont, the place that most resembles an Italian terrace in LA He has a face that we recognize, but without necessarily knowing where: since his first big role in The Social Network in 2010 (he played the two Winklevoss twins), he held one of the leading roles in Very Special Agents – Code UNCLE, Guy Ritchie’s underrated spy prank, and a major role in Lone Ranger. None of the latter films have particularly marked people’s minds, which Armie hammer has referred to in several interviews with his sense of self-deprecation. With Call Me By Your Name, it seems like this is the first time that she has been asked to play a real, deep role to her measure. As in the film, he is exceptionally tall and handsome (in real life, his six feet are no less impressive). However, it also gives the impression of having a whirling inner life, populated with literary quotes and flashes of introspection. Of course, it was perfect for Oliver, who, although he likes to clown a little while dancing and giving neck massages, has a panicked fear of falling in love. Undoubtedly, Hammer found the role a little terrifying the first time Guadagnino exposed it to him – though not for the reasons one might assume. He laughed, “It wasn’t playing a gay character, not at all. I’ve done that a lot of times, played almost as much as I played straight characters, actually. I don’t have a problem with gay characters. ” What made him hesitate was the emotional rawness of the film: the inner lives of the characters would be completely exposed. “[Guadagnino] told me that we were going to shoot the entire film with the same lens, so that the viewer felt like they were seeing the scenes with the naked eye,” he said, wincing slightly. And that made me a little nervous, because it’s intimidating, for an actor, to know that he has nothing to hide behind, and that if something doesn’t work, the audience might not. follow it from scene to scene. Guadagnino adores those moments of grace, as Armie hammer calls them, where a look or the touch of a hand says it all. The director’s two previous films, A Bigger Splash and Amore, starred drama mistress Tilda Swinton. Call Me by Your Name, on the other hand, is almost unbearable natural. Watching the film, it is as if you too found yourself in the small Italian town of Crema in the summer of 1983.

A pivotal moment

“The heart of the film,” explains Armie hammer, “is the emotional honesty between these two characters, and the fact that there is no effect: there is no crucial scene, nothing that does not move the characters, apart from those moments of authenticity that occur between them. It was really trying. I had never made a film so raw and so spontaneous. ” In what looks like an extension yard, the director apparently persuaded Armie hammer to take on the role by convincing him that “fear and desire are brother and sister, almost twins, and it’s understandable that they are inseparable. If you’re afraid to do something, it means you want to, somewhere. ” Armie hammer laughed, denying his seriousness. “It’s like vertigo, if you’re afraid of heights, it means you want to throw yourself into the void, more or less.” The film, however, is notable for its lack of fear. Elio and Oliver fall in love, and there are consequences, of course, but there does not occur a terrible catastrophe – a rarity in films relating to a homosexual love story (especially if it is set in the 80s). “There is no opponent, no one gets sick,” as Armie hammer says. It was intended of Guadagnino, and the actor in particular recalls one meaningful take: “There’s the scene where Elio has a nosebleed. Oliver goes to find him and asks him if everything is okay. In the first take, I played it like I was really, really worried. Luca interrupted me: ‘Why are you playing it like that?’ And I said to him: ‘Well, we are at the beginning of the 80s, it is the beginning of the epidemic, there were a lot of people who got sick. ‘Luca looked at me, bemused:’ Ha, I hadn’t even thought about it. Do it another way. “So he didn’t even want it to be there, even in the form of a brief tug.” In fact, it looks like if there were any painful moments during the filming of the film, it was off-camera, when the crew realized that their summer in Italy was going to have to end someday. “Luca and I started arguing, we were very angry with each other,” Armie hammer recalls. And I did not understand until much later the reason for these disagreements: I did not want this experience to come to an end. ”
Obviously, the film represents a pivotal moment in Hammer’s life. “I was lucky enough to have summer loves, very, very strong stuff – I don’t know if it was love or runaway, but I was lucky to know that,” says it looks inhabited, but in a way this movie overshadowed them all. Just being there, with these people who have become like family to me – and the promotion, which has now been going on for a year now, because we were selected at Sundance. ” The film was a hit on the festival circuit, nominated for Best Picture at both the Golden Globes and the Oscars. “It’s quite an odyssey,” he recalls when asked whether it is important to win or not. If you had asked me that question a week before awards season, I would have said ‘Absolutely not. The ultimate reward is to have had the chance to make the film. ‘If you had asked me the question after a month or two of presentations, on the other hand, I would have said:’ Yes, we have to. we win, we have to win these prizes. ‘And now, like Paolo Coelho’s alchemist, I came back to our starting point, when we didn’t feel like we needed a prize to feel like you were lucky to have made the film. ”

Armie hammer shirtless 3

Teenager in Cayman Islands

After the Oscars, the Call Me By Your Name adventure is not over (there will be a sequel, as Guadagnino mentioned). While waiting for this new equipment, Armie hammer has already shot in several other projects. One of them, Hotel Mumbai, shot immediately after, talks about the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Change of atmosphere. “I went from the Italian countryside, where we rode our bikes topless, eat fruit and laze around, to chases with snipers in hotel corridors,” he jokes. It shocked me for sure. ” He says, however, that despite the rave reception given to Call Me By Your Name, the role proposals he receives have not changed. “I couldn’t answer that question,” he says, when asked about the film’s effect on his career. I can tell you that, because I haven’t learned anything from the other times I’ve experienced times like this. ” We can imagine that there must have been openings of the same style after The Social Network and Very Special Agents – code U.N.C.L.E. “I was like,‘ Ah, things are going to change now. My career is really going to take off. “Except no, it never, ever happens like this.” Armie hammer looks pleased at the winding path that led him to his first real big role. As a teenager, he lived in the Cayman Islands, where his grandfather had made his name in petroleum. As one can imagine, his parents did not jump for joy when he announced to them, as a young man, his ambition to become an actor, but they quickly overcame their apprehensions by noting his seriousness: one can hardly imagine more devoted to his art than him. In school, he was told that the roles created by authors (like Guadagnino) were a must for an actor, and he considers himself very lucky to have had that experience. “I saw it as a challenge, and I really wanted to be in danger as an artist,” he reveals. Now, at a dinner party, if someone asks me, ‘What do you do for a living?’, I find it much easier to answer, ‘I’m an artist’ – I want to put myself in danger, I want to find things that take me out of my comfort zone. ” Even though he no longer lives in the Cayman Islands, Armie hammer still has something of a Robinson Crusoe. He is married to journalist and TV presenter Elizabeth Chambers and they live in L.A. “He’s an extraordinary being,” he says of his wife, “to put up with the ups and downs inherent in my acting life. It’s really a roller coaster to live with me, especially as my job is to live in my emotions. As writer Kurt Vonnegut said, actors are like canaries in the coal mines. We are so sensitive that everything affects us first. ”

One guy kisses a fruit, another eats it

If his propensity to quote Vonnegut wasn’t enough, let us point out that Armie hammer is a little more tortured than his appearance as a well-behaved young man would have led us to suppose. “And [Elizabeth] knows how to demonstrate incredible empathy when necessary.” He gives a big smile. “But when you have to, she doesn’t hesitate to shake me: ‘Stop it now. Take it back. ”His working relationship with Timothée Chalamet, tied lead in Call Me By Your Name, with whom he enjoys a relaxed, fraternal relationship off-camera, has also received much comment. “He’s one of the few actors that I still talk to all the time after shooting a movie together. He is the most open human being in the universe. It could play tricks on him, but it is also a wonderful gift that he offers to the world, because he lets the other enter, that’s why we manage so well to follow his emotional journey in the world. lm. ” In order to build this alchemy, Guadagnino brought his actors to Italy three weeks before the shooting for a few hours of daily rehearsals. “But the rest of the time he wanted us to stay together. ‘You two go cycling. Get on the bikes and go for a cup of coffee. “This is what captivated viewers when they saw the film. How far do you have to go back in your memories to find a summer that lasted so long, the last time we rode a bike, the first time we fell in love? “In a way, I felt so safe on the set – and so comfortable with Luca, Timmy, Michael, Amira, Esther, Victoire and all the other actors, he muses, that the fact of m ‘opening up, making myself vulnerable, felt quite natural to me. ” It’s really great that such a sweet, sensitive film arouses such public enthusiasm. “That’s right, what, ultimately – if you get down to the daisies – we made a movie where there is a guy kisses a fruit, and another guy who eats the fruit. So I thought to myself that maybe no one would want to see this. That this was something the American public was not going to accept. But it didn’t turn out like that at all, because people were touched to see such a celebration of love in movies. And Luca’s stroke of genius was to bring it all back to the most basic human emotions, so that anyone, regardless of their orientation or gender identity, can remember the first time they experienced such feelings. ” You can guess that these feelings about the film did not let go of Armie hammer. He continues on the theme of love. “The first time we were head over heels in love, or the first time we revealed ourselves and made ourselves vulnerable to each other, we said to ourselves: ‘This is who I am, and this is you. that I want. ‘”There, it is the artist Armie Hammer who speaks, the one who returned metamorphosed from his summer in Italy. “And the first time the other receives and shares your feelings. These are emotions that everyone understands. ” For those who don’t want to get rid of it right away, there is an audiobook, said by Hammer, this time as Elio, narrator of the novel, and listening to it is a bit like reliving it all. history a second time. “Every time I finished a recording session I would call Timmy and Luca and say, ‘I miss you guys. Let’s talk about it a little more. Let’s go back to it again. “” If only he could take us with him.

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