Alexandra Stan Biography

Alexandra Stan Biography


Alexandra Stan is both charms and fascinates. The singer of “Mr. saxobeat” seduces with her bewitching voice and her passion for the song that is felt in all her performances.

A fate all mapped out

Born June 10, 1989 in Romania, Alexandra Stan spent her childhood in Constanta. The singer of the 2009 hit “Lolipop” has had a special interest in song since she was little.

She started music at the age of three.

While pursuing studies in management, the future Romanian star takes part in various singing competitions.

Her time at the Mamaia Festival is the trigger that pushes her to consider a career as a singer, in parallel with her studies.

For her first steps, Alexandra Stan signs with the Maan Studio label. From the outset, the singer claims her style by releasing electro titles.

The public shunned the first single “Show me the way” but did not succeed in discouraging the singer to follow her path.

A career that starts right off the bat

Alexandra Stan records the track “Lolipop” which this time is well received by the public. This hit definitely contributes to the launch of the singer’s career and will be followed by the single “Energy” the following year.

It was around December 2010 that Alexandra Stan obtained her consecration thanks to the song “Mr. saxobeat”. This Eurodance single quickly became number one in the charts in the star’s native country.

In particular, he obtained first place in the Top 100 in Romania and is one of the top 5 in Belgium and France.

The song meets the same success in the USA and is found at the first place of many other charts.

The fiery rhythm of this title convinces the fans who are even as far as Italy and Spain.

A first album in sight

In February 2011, “Mr. saxobeat” was in sixth place in the Top 10 of the Hit des Clubs. Encouraged by the success of this song, Alexandra Stan released the music video for the latter.

This one does not fail to pass in loops on many Internet sites and is placed in good position in the European charts.

At the beginning of 2011, the singer is preparing the release of her first opus which should arrive in stores towards the end of the second half of 2011.

For this record, the artist chose to sign with Jeff Records. In the meantime, Alexandra Stan has released another single called “Get back” to keep her fans patient.

This track was first featured on the singer’s Facebook profile in March 2011. It has been on the air since March 18, 2011.

Alexandra Stan


How about we give ourselves a few minutes of pop. This daily dose of pleasure where a song transports you to land on a cloud of warm notes. A pleasant moment that will undoubtedly inhabit you. Yes everyone needs their pop music break and the one we have decided to bring you today is called TIKARI by Romanian singer Alexandra STAN in a duet with LiToo.

It’s hard to resist the whirlwind of sounds, the addictive rhythm of this song unveiled by Romanian pop star Alexandra STAN. Thanks to a successful instrumentation on which the beautiful vocal lines of the singer collide with softness, TIKARI impresses. The song, which now rolls out as a music video to watch below, is veiled in beautiful Latino bursts for some appreciable warmth, as temperatures are dropping right now. Enjoy the singer’s universe below:

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